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Watch Anime Online | Watch Japanese Drama Online | One Piece Fansubs Group | Your Fast and Reliable Source. "Drama" en japonais (streaming) Enquête 2014 sur Mozilla Firefox - Lundi, 14 Avril 2014 Question : 1 sur 4 De quel sexe êtes-vous ? Question : 2 sur 4 À partir d'où utilisez-vous Mozilla Firefox ? Question : 3 sur 4 Combien de fois utilisez-vous Mozilla Firefox ? Question : 4 sur 4 Naviguez-vous sur Mozilla Firefox sur ​​votre téléphone mobile ? Envoi de réponses ... ©2014 All Rights Reserved. Your privacy is important to us.

A Akihabara, les Maids réchauffent les coeurs et refroidissent Tokyo ! - Blog photos du Japon - voir le Japon autrement ! Alors, pour ceux qui ne seraient pas au fait des news d'Akihabara, le quartier organise régulièrement des petits évènements et autres Matsuri. Mais comme j'ai pas toujours le temps de répondre aux invitations, j'en rate pas mal... sauf le week-end dernier car ça faisait longtemps que je voulais photographier cette coutume ! Ainsi, j'ai eu droit à une belle brochette de Maids (vous savez ces jeunes filles habillées en soubrettes -mais pas seulement- et qui servent le café en faisant plein de roupoutou et dessins de coeurs -bon après y'a plein de variantes-, aux Otaku et autres Salaryman en manque d'affection.... mais aussi aux nombreuses jeunes femmes -oui c'est surprenant- qui y viennent prendre un café -et choper un futur mari docile ? ) jetant de l'eau dans la rue pour rafraîchir la ville en ces périodes de fortes chaleurs. PS : pour ceux qui se demandent... on a bien ressenti le tremblement de terre...

Jim Breen's Japanese Page - Minefield Introduction Welcome to my Japanese Page. As many readers of this page will know, I have an on-going interest in Japan, its people and language. This has led to a number of activities bringing together Japanese and my professional activities in computing and telecommunications. I have assembled this set of pages: (a) to provide information about a number of my projects in the area of Japanese computing and dictionaries, (b) to provide links to some of the resources available on the WWW on Japanese matters. In The News These pages were mentioned in an article in the Asahi Evening News, by Andrew Horvat, whose pages have a link below. Contact and Links Feel free to email me at: about the various Japanese projects described on this page. Most of this page is made up of links to some interesting Web sites relating to Japan and Japanese information. Some of the links are dead; I am may try to re-establish them, but in the meantime I have marked them with a (thumbs-down.)

camen design · Video for Everybody! Video for Everybody is simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 <video> element, falling back to Flash automatically without the use of JavaScript or browser-sniffing. It therefore works in RSS readers (no JavaScript), on the iPhone / iPad (don’t support Flash) and on many browsers and platforms. Thanks to the rapid adoption of HTML5 video happening right now, Video for Everybody isn’t the only solution around. How It Works If your browser supports it, HTML5 video is used. If HTML5 video is not supported, Adobe Flash is used. Finally, if all else fails, a placeholder image is shown and the user can download the video using the links provided. VfE different than any other Flash video embedding method. This is all done without JavaScript and requires two video encodes, one Ogg file, and one MP4 file. It’s compatible with HTML 4, HTML5 (valid markup), XHTML 1 and additionally also works when served as application/xhtml+xml. The Code IMPORTANT Notes Using

Anime-Source.Com Posted by : kevinchaosvs Posted on : 2010-07-15 Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba, a third and new anime adaptation of Mahou Sensei Negima, is a more faithful adaptation of its manga. It can hence be seen as an alternate continuity from the previous two series (the first being the 2005 version by Studio XEBEC and the second being the 2006 version by Studio SHAFT). As such, this OAD is recommended only to those who have been following the manga, rather than those who have only watched the anime series. With that said, there isn't much character development or story to speak of in this OAD; you’re supposed to already know of it. With a huge cast like Negima's, it'll be too ambitious to hope to get all the characters to fit with their voice actress. On the whole, there is not much that can be said for Ala Alba since this release is more of in preparation for Sekai.

Tokyo Toshokan You need to be logged in to use the chatbox. [Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here. See you in the 'verse! [04-18, 08:32 UTC] <Senji_Q> And yes, aers is watching you. Always watching you [04-18, 08:31 UTC] <aers> Anyone caught watching Daimidaler will be executed. [04-18, 08:29 UTC] <TSL> Good evning. [04-18, 08:17 UTC] <[FALSE]> Everyone should watch Daimidaler because it's a wholesome show with good family values and doesn't involve the exploitation of lolis. [04-18, 08:17 UTC] <Senji_Q> I don't think anyone was forcing the NGNL loli to do anything [04-18, 08:15 UTC] <[FALSE]> Not just Black Bullet. [04-18, 08:12 UTC] <xmanga> Good Morining Everyone ^__^ [04-18, 08:11 UTC] <Abunja> By that [FALSE], do you mean Black Bullet? [04-18, 08:09 UTC] <Abunja> Maybe you give that as a gift to one of your girl friends, Rob. [04-18, 08:07 UTC] <[FALSE]> It must be stopped.

About Bento Bento, or o-bento, refers to a packaged, single-portion, portable meal that is usually eaten at lunch, but also comes in larger sizes meant for use at picnics, dinner, and parties. A bento generally consists of rice or noodles and some form of protein (e.g., meat, poultry, fish, tofu) accompanied by side dishes of raw, simmered, or pickled vegetables. There are many different types of bento boxes, ranging from traditional handcrafted wooden lacquerware to disposable containers – see Bento Boxes and Accessories for examples. Most bento boxes have compartments or internal dividers for separate dishes. Bento is an art form in Japan. The bento I pack are not quite so fancy. If you haven’t tried making bento yet, you should give it a go! Back to the top

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