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Dose. Which is to remind us that this is precisely how some young women see themselves - gross and revolting - as they navigate through womanhood and its many natural challenges.


Celiac Disease and Gluten: The War Inside Your Body. Celiac Disease and Gluten: The War Inside Your Body by Jordan Reasoner, guest author (Note: We asked Jordan if he would share this article with us, as we knew it would be particularly helpful to the newly diagnosed celiac (as well as some “seasoned”).

Celiac Disease and Gluten: The War Inside Your Body

Many newly diagnosed patients leave their doctor’s office with little or no information about their new auto-immune disease diagnosis, other then knowing they now have it! You may have never heard of “auto-immune” let alone “leaky gut, villi, and gluten” .. all of which have suddenly become part of your everyday language! Thanks for summing it up and sharing with our visitors Jordan … Paula, CeliacCorner) Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. Disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. [Enter Jordan] #Meninapodetudo e se junta contra o machismo. Como explicar pra uma menina de 12 anos que ela pode ser assediada sexualmente?

#Meninapodetudo e se junta contra o machismo

Que ela pode ser estuprada se andar sozinha à noite na rua? Que ela é socialmente inferior a um homem só por ser mulher? Bom, eu não sei. Mathematics and sex. Uma animação poderosa sobre o vício. Elizabeth Pisani: Sex, drugs and HIV. Yoga Exercises : Ayurvedic-Colon-Cleaning. Eating to Balance Your Mind-Body Type.

Eating to Balance Your Mind-Body Type Ayurveda teaches that all health-related measures—whether an exercise program, dietary plan or herbal supplement—must be based on an understanding of an individual’s unique mind-body type, known as a dosha.

Eating to Balance Your Mind-Body Type

Your dosha reflects your innate tendencies, including your temperament, metabolism, energy level, learning style, and many other aspects of your body, mind, and emotions. To figure out your dosha, you can take the Chopra Center’s Dosha Quiz. Once you know your dosha, you can nurture balance in your mind and body by making choices that balance your dosha type. Here is a brief summary of the three primary dosha types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 19 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth With Pictures. Chewing on Ice It’s natural and sugar free, so you might think ice is harmless.

19 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth With Pictures

But munching on hard, frozen cubes can chip or even crack your teeth. And if your mindless chomping irritates the soft tissue inside a tooth, regular toothaches may follow. Hot foods and cold foods may trigger quick, sharp jabs of pain or a lingering toothache. Next time you get the urge for ice, chew some sugarless gum instead. Playing Sports With No Mouth Guard Whether you play football, hockey, or any other contact sport, don't get in the game without a mouth guard. Un segundo cerebro funciona en el abdomen y regula las emociones. Un “segundo cerebro” funciona en el abdomen y regula emociones.

Un segundo cerebro funciona en el abdomen y regula las emociones

Su red neuronal no elabora pensamientos, pero influye en el estado de ánimo y hasta en el sueño. Que se use la palabra “entripado” para referirse a un enojo podría no ser del todo metafórico. Que el estómago “se cierre” en una situación estresante o que parezca poblado de mariposas ante el amor también tendría una explicación científica.El aparato digestivo está tapizado por una red de neuronas (células nerviosas) de tan amplio alcance que algunos científicos la han denominado “segundo cerebro”. Ese cerebro, según estudios científicos recientes, influye en nuestro estado de ánimo, carácter y hasta en el ritmo de sueño.

The <em>Other</em> Brain Also Deals With Many Woes. Correction Appended Two brains are better than one.

The <em>Other</em> Brain Also Deals With Many Woes

At least that is the rationale for the close - sometimes too close - relationship between the human body's two brains, the one at the top of the spinal cord and the hidden but powerful brain in the gut known as the enteric nervous system. For Dr. Michael D. Gershon, the author of "The Second Brain" and the chairman of the department of anatomy and cell biology at Columbia, the connection between the two can be unpleasantly clear. In fact, anyone who has ever felt butterflies in the stomach before giving a speech, a gut feeling that flies in the face of fact or a bout of intestinal urgency the night before an examination has experienced the actions of the dual nervous systems. The connection between the brains lies at the heart of many woes, physical and psychiatric.

Photo. Jet Lag Calculator - How To Beat Jet Lag. Esta família come apenas comida orgânica por 2 semanas Eu fiquei espantado quando vi o final. Doença celíaca: intolerância ao glúten ou ao glifosato? Fertility is an integral part of sex. About Fertility We want to get pregnant, try and do not succeed.

Fertility is an integral part of sex

Pregnancy doesn't happen instantly. Neither does the doctor succeed to recognize the reasons for infertility. What is wrong with us? If you thought that all that is necessary for getting pregnant is disposing of birth control and starting to have fun, but then suddenly discovered that achieving the awaited pregnancy isn't as easy as you thought, you are welcome to read the following article and understand what has happened. Throughout the past twenty years, infertility problems have grown dramatically. Fertility is the main social topic, in which we succumb to nature, and we do so due to lack of confidence in our abilities. Why do we swallow our food hastily? For several years we at the Nei-Jing Clinic see great importance in the topic of fertility, emphasize research on the subject, and provide treatments for it. Artistas fotografam viciadas em drogas vestindo roupas de luxo. As fotos poderiam ter saído de algum editorial de moda; elas são magras, andróginas, até mesmo os cortes dos cabelos são legais.

Artistas fotografam viciadas em drogas vestindo roupas de luxo

Porém, o visual magro vem do uso de drogas pesadas e foi batizado pela indústria fashion nos anos 90 de heroin chic. What I Learned from 50 Naked People - 17 imagens reais demais para todas as meninas abaixo do peso. These Time-Lapses Show How Beauty Retouching is Done for High-End Campaigns. Want to see how the world’s biggest fashion and beauty magazines retouch their photos?

These Time-Lapses Show How Beauty Retouching is Done for High-End Campaigns

Here’s a set of time-lapse videos that show many hours of retouching compressed into a matter of minutes. Photographer Elizabeth Moss is the founder and head retoucher of Rare Digital Art, a high-end NYC-based retouching company that has worked with some of the most influential magazines and brands in the world, including Vogue, Elle, GQ, Vanity Fair, and more. Moss has created three behind-the-scenes videos showing the retouch work that went into three photos her company worked on. This one shows 6 hours of retouching in 90 seconds: This one shows 4 hours of retouching in 90 seconds: And this one shows 90 minutes of retouching in 90 seconds:

TEDxCampos - Biel Baum - Ensinando crianças a comerem melhor. Mãe Nutricionista. Harvard retira leite e lacticínios da pirâmide alimentar. A Harvard School of Public Health acabou de lançar uma bomba no campo da nutrição, ao limitar da pirâmide alimentar os lacticínios e os seus derivados.