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(*ФωФ)ゞPose Player Download กระทู้รวบรวมท่าโพส New Poses Update Page 113!!(อยู่ในช่วงเรียบเรียง) ใครแปลได้ อ่านแล้วไม่เข้าใจ This will explain you how to create a pose list for your pose pack. Right now, you should have extracted the contents of the into your project folder. You should have the following files: PoseBoxFlareGenerator.exe cmoPoseBoxFlare.dll PoseListTemplate.package HowTo.txt Also you need to have at least the April 2011 version of S3PE.

Updated - Sims 4 Studio As you all know, object recoloring was introduced in the first version of this series. Thanks to the lovely Sims 4 Studio members, several problems with Studio's ability to recolor correctly were identified. This new version has fixed those problems. CAS creators will be happy to know that tattoos and skin detail parts are loading properly in the part category drop down menu. In addition to that we have added several new features from the member "wish list" that everyone will love. And we've added yet another feature that hasn't even made it to the wish list yet but it's pretty great and we hope you'll like it.

Sims 3:Creating Custom Clothing Stencils Another way of customizing CAS parts in The Sims 3 is by using a stencil. Stencils are a non-tiling image on a part, such as a shirt, that still allows patterns to be customized, while having an image over top. Aimed for CTU beginners. To learn how to do this yourself, and make fancy content of your own, keep reading on! - Pixicat - Dear Simblrs. Converting from Second Life is not okay. xantheanneslife: There has been some discussion in the SL community today about Simblrs “converting” Second Life content into The Sims. Start to Finish New Accessory Mesh for Beginners I-V Introduction This tutorial will show you how to create your own new Sims 4 earrings using Sims 4 Studio and Blender. It will go over making a new mesh and texture, mapping the new mesh for Sims 4, sizing and positioning the new mesh correctly, preparing the mesh for the game, and importing mesh and texture into a .package correctly and making a new color choice (swatch) for it.

Sims 3:Adding Custom Stencils Introduction This tutorial explains how to add custom stencils to CAS parts using the CAS Texture Unitool (CTU). This tutorial will not teach you how to make stencils, see Creating Clothing Stencils for that. [+載點]模擬市民3/模擬人生3/TNE SIMS3 本帖最后由 瑞雪天凌 于 2013-4-20 23:16 编辑 中文名稱:模擬人生/模擬市民3 英文名稱:The Sims 3 發行時間:2009年05月18日 遊戲類型:模擬 遊戲語言:多國語言 遊戲大小:6G 開發廠商:Electronic Arts 發行廠商:Electronic Arts 官方網站: 遊戲介紹: The Sims 4 Studio: Video Tutorial Playlist Hi celeste821, I may be misunderstanding your question and, if so, please ask it again. Sims 4 Studio is a program that allows you to clone EA items so that their images and meshes can be edited or completely changed and then packaged up to use in Sims 4. Blender, 3DS Max, and Maya are 3D editors that allow you to edit or make meshes. You will only need one if you want to learn to make meshes. Of the 3 Blender is free and works very well with Sims 4 Studio.

Merging mods to increase Performance! (Manually creating .dbc archives) I found quite a lot of mods, even those from popular sites contain a multitude of errors, and this has been a major factor of errors while saving, CTDs, black textures and slow-downs. I'm now quite careful which mods I install. Anach, if you have the time and inclination, could you describe the types of errors you've found? Not in any great detail or necessarily naming the mods, just in point form, perhaps in a new thread. This could serve as a handy "things to watch out for" checklist for new Sims modders such as myself.

Patch Table The Sims 3 patch series tabulated The base game, EPs, SPs, and Tools must be patched to the same level, when they first appear. Which means when a pack is first released, the minimum base game version has to be on the same row as that pack. Kitty Klan Tattoos Tattoos Site Info SenpaiSimmer darkwinterrose whispered: Hey. Are there any skins that takes over all Ea skins tones? love you! I haven’t seen anything like that yet, only skin details overlays! Lunar Lakes Fact Sheet + Official Photos The Crystal Mine is at the heart of the storyline of Lunar Lakes. When the Sims first crash landed on Lunar Lakes they found the crystal mine they used it’s crystal tech to help begin their lives on the new world. The Lunar Lakes that you’ll see now is a few generations after the initial landing. World Description: Stranded on a foreign world after their spaceship became disabled, the survivors, led by their captain Anthony Cross, utilized home well technology and foreign planet crystal tech to survive at the edge of space. As the Generations have progressed, these intrepid Sims have built roads and established a driving colony. Cost: Around 2400 Simpoints