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My Blue Book

My Blue Book
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Sweet Valentine Set ~ Dress+Pendant Now the Necklace works properly on fat sims. Please delete the old one and download this new version :) Hi! This is my little Valentine's gift from me to you! ♥Dress your sims for a romantic date with this classy dress and gorgeous pendant! ~* The Dress *~ ~* The Pendant *~ ~* Extra Info *~ If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.Please, don't redistribute. Sweet Valentine Set Sweet Valentine Dress Only Sweet Valentine Pendant Only ~ Shoes from The Sims 3 Base Game

sims 3 <3 club_crimsyn | Recent Entries Modular Sofa This is one of the base game sofas turned into a modular sofa. All the modular sofas are really modern and square-ish so I thought I'd make a more country or regular shaped one. This works just as any other modular sofa, has six parts: base, center, left, right, concave, and convex. I had trouble getting the texture correct on the "base" piece, so if you want the correct texture to appear you have to make a two piece then delete one of them. The base piece is the SAME EXACT piece as the base game clone so if you need to just use that one. The sofa has two recolorable channels, the feet and the couch. You MAY need Night Life, I've replaced all of the textures and meshes but the clone is from there, so you may need it. Can be found in Comfort>Misc

animaux There's Cake in Your Hair Disaster Piece Jacket ~ Jocker Sims 3 - Your Sims with more style! -Adult/Young Adult ~ Adulto/Jovem Adulto - Everyday/Formal ~ Casual/Formal -Male ~ Masculino - Shirt Recolorable ~ Camisa colorável -Sims3pack Chris Jocker by me sims 3 Lapiz's Scrapyard untitled S_club檸檬葉 加载中… S-club sims blog [订阅][手机订阅] 首页 博文目录 图片 关于我 公告 更新1-3代3D睫毛网盘合集因求睫毛的人太多,考虑国内的部分区域网络限制,故方便大家我们整理了全套睫毛集合供下载: ※点击下载※----------------------------------如需公开分流共享,请给我们以纸条形式留言,经许可后可以考虑暂时少量分流(只限大陆地区),且需注明本站连接。 点击进入(Click to enter) 个人资料 S_club檸檬葉 Qing 微博 加好友 发纸条 写留言 加关注 博客等级: 博客积分:1814 博客访问:12,130,914 关注人气:2,759 2013模特大赛 *比基尼女神---Vanessa* *比基尼女王---古丽巴哈尔* *比基尼公主---Viola* *基尼公主---缇亚·加洛* 外建网站,IE浏览器可能会导致下载不完整,无法解压。 登记照 简版音乐播放器 柠檬肖像? 新浪微博 添加到我的博客 Explain 本站提供物品均為實物拍攝,由於個人打光出圖畫質問題,和宣傳圖上有出入屬正常現象,畫面效果太差不會打光調色者請慎用。 禁止以任何方式修改我的原创作品二次发表(包含贴图材质和网格),禁止任何形式的无授权转载甚至任何商业用途。 Site offersarticles are in-kind shooting, lighting the map quality because ofpersonal problems, and the publicity map discrepancy is normal, thescreen effect of bad lighting no color, pleasecaution Please DO NOT modify parts of mycreations ! If you needto reprint, please tell me, thank you! Banner<embedsrc If you want to addmy link to your site,You can use thisbanner: ^_^Thanks! 分类 visitors Sims3—网站site S-Club butterflysims mysims3blog cazy aWT

Floral Print Strapless Dress ~ NyGirl Sims Don't mind the name of this dress, it was originally supposed to be completely strapless but I changed and added the lace detail to the top last minute. Of course I forgot to edit the name of the file and such before uploading and I would have to redo everything and re-upload and it seemed more hassle then it is worth. Anyway onto the dress now. Available for: Everyday Formal Career Comes in both Sims3Pack and .package files. Recolorable Channels for the floral printed outfit presets. Recolorable Channels for the unprinted outfit preset. Alexis is wearing Peggy Hair 0901 Fix and Re-texture by AnubisFloral Patterns by flashtuchka @ deviant art club_crimsyn | Entries tagged with male hair I need more non-straight hair textures. I cannot for the life of me find a link to the original creator/converter/whatever of this file, but the file name is CX-hair_MYOS_fhair14_f.package. ( We are entranced... ) Mesh is by MYOS. Due to the age of the mesh and TSRW being a butt and me not being able to remember how the hell to use DABOOBS and finally giving up, this comes in a couple different variations. This is the one you want if you already have these meshes and don't mind my textures replacing the ones that were included with the original. This is the one you want if you either don't want/need all the ages, or don't want to have the original file textures replaced. This is the one you want if you don't have the original files at all.