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Téléchargements gratuits pour les Sims 3

Téléchargements gratuits pour les Sims 3
Rien de "nouveau" ici, car j'ai dessiné ce café il y a un an et demi, comme cadeau de Noël pour mes du forum The Sims Daily. Mais comme on me demande souvent où trouver ces objets, Dee m'a gentiment autorisée à les partager avec vous. (Sa Sim-Self travaille dans le café, dans mon jeu, elle espère peut-être de nouveaux clients! ;)). Le set incluait un portrait de tous les membres de TSD qui avaient posté leurs sim-selves, mais je l'ai laissé en exclusivité pour TSD. :)

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Recent Entries Sims 3 « LivingSims Over time, our talented creators have presented us with amazing new exclusive objects for you to own. Here you find our Sims 3 gifts. 2010 Christmas gift Free Sims 3: Furniture, Clothing, Worlds, Patterns, Walls, Floors, Houses Sims 3 Technical Support All our items come in a sims3pack format which means if you can install them with The Sims 3 Launcher. For those who don't want to use the Launcher, or prefer to use package files, sims3packs can be easily opened with a number of different community created programs (please use your search engine of choice to find one to suit your particular needs Please be aware, however, that you can only re-use our items as part of your shared artwork, if they were installed from a sims3pack directly into the game, otherwise they will not attach themselves to your creation. Sims 3 Furniture

Pixel Pixies, Sims Addict Dean Winchester was supposed to be looking for ghosts too but instead was watching cat videos :p Sam Winchester lookin’ for ghosts…. Eva: Ready to meet my family? Elvin: Oh yes, I cannot WAIT to meet them! Eva: My new boyfriend is here, you going to come out and meet him?! Genetics « LadyFrontbum Ok I managed to get them done. Woooh. They are NON DEFAULT skins so you will need Rez Delnava’s UI mod in order to use them. They come in Faces only OR the full set which includes my anatomical skins. They come in all base flesh tones and I added a bonus rainbow tone slider. FACES ONLY – mediafire / 4shared sims 3 Customizing my painting mod to get your Sims painting images you want to see is easy. For reals. I will show you.

TS3 Store, DOWNLOADS only. Posts moved here from other threads. Make Sure CompressorizerRedux has the latest s3rc There seems to be some confusion regarding the steps you need to take to install content from the store. The answers are spread out over a few posts, so I thought I would make 1 post to consolidate them. Below is a step by step walkthrough of what I've been doing (note: I have installed a legal copy, but this seems to be working people with the RZR version as well). SimsNetwork Link to SNW If you want to link to us, save one of these buttons/banners and link it to Our affiliates & friends

Sims 3 Finds - Social Sims Newsea’s J183 Titanium hairstyle retexture Newsea’s J183 Titanium hairstyle retexture by Sims Hairs ... Skysims’s AF 197 hairstyle highlight retextured by Sims Hairs Skysims’s AF 197 hairstyle highlight retextured by Sims Hairs ... (*ФωФ)ゞPose Player Download กระทู้รวบรวมท่าโพส New Poses Update Page 113!!(อยู่ในช่วงเรียบเรียง) ใครแปลได้ อ่านแล้วไม่เข้าใจ This will explain you how to create a pose list for your pose pack. Right now, you should have extracted the contents of the into your project folder.

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