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Updates and finds from all the Sims 3 Community - the best Sims3 downloads!

Updates and finds from all the Sims 3 Community - the best Sims3 downloads!

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Entries tagged with male hair I need more non-straight hair textures. I cannot for the life of me find a link to the original creator/converter/whatever of this file, but the file name is CX-hair_MYOS_fhair14_f.package. ( We are entranced... ) Angus! Greetings, Great clothes for the guys in the Diesel SP and so I made a new guy that I would like to share. His name is Angus and I hope you like him! EP/SP used: Showtime, Late Night, Generations and Diesel

Modular Sofa This is one of the base game sofas turned into a modular sofa. All the modular sofas are really modern and square-ish so I thought I'd make a more country or regular shaped one. This works just as any other modular sofa, has six parts: base, center, left, right, concave, and convex. I had trouble getting the texture correct on the "base" piece, so if you want the correct texture to appear you have to make a two piece then delete one of them. The base piece is the SAME EXACT piece as the base game clone so if you need to just use that one. 檸檬葉Lemonleaf 加载中… S-club sims blog [订阅][手机订阅] 首页 博文目录 图片 关于我 Peggy July '12 Special Gift ~ Retextured and fixed for Child-to-Elder Hi! I am literally in love with this hair! It looks cute on any sim and in any color, and I love with for kids too! :D~ This retexture works for child, teen, young adult, adult and elder female sims.~ Two versions available: EA's highlights and Adjust-Shine highlights (you can have both at the same time)~ Both package and sims3pack formats available.~ Polycount is mid high. Around 9000+ polys fot both HQ and LQ~ Morph states and breast slider compatible.Happy Simming! ^-^(Open the pictures in a new window to enlarge)

[+載點]模擬市民3/模擬人生3/TNE SIMS3 本帖最后由 瑞雪天凌 于 2013-4-20 23:16 编辑 中文名稱:模擬人生/模擬市民3 英文名稱:The Sims 3 發行時間:2009年05月18日 遊戲類型:模擬 遊戲語言:多國語言 遊戲大小:6G 開發廠商:Electronic Arts 發行廠商:Electronic Arts 官方網站: 遊戲介紹: 《模擬人生3》全新的遊戲引擎讓你可以指揮自己獨有的模擬市民在開放式的生活社區內活動,在包括海邊、山村及市中心在內的開放式區域內四處閒逛,探索全新的景致。整個社區像真實生活中一樣充滿互動,即使處於社區的兩端的模擬市民也可能對彼此產生影響!如果時間地點剛剛好,誰知道會觸發什麼事件? Sweet Valentine Set ~ Dress+Pendant Now the Necklace works properly on fat sims. Please delete the old one and download this new version :) Hi! This is my little Valentine's gift from me to you! Game Help:Installing Sims 3 Package Files/Setup and Files Setup Folders & Files Before you can put the .package files in your game, you'll need to set up your game to accept custom content. From patch 1.12 and up, this is very easy! The Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ folder - note the contents are folders like DCBackup, DCCache, InstalledWorlds, Saves, etc. (click the image for full size) Go to The Sims 3 Folder in My Documents: NOT in Program Files!

Patch Table The Sims 3 patch series tabulated The base game, EPs, SPs, and Tools must be patched to the same level, when they first appear. Which means when a pack is first released, the minimum base game version has to be on the same row as that pack. Subsequent base game patches would change the level of your last-installed pack accordingly. Exception is the Create-a-World tool. This program needs to be uninstalled each time there's a game patch that changes the level numbers. Disaster Piece Jacket ~ Jocker Sims 3 - Your Sims with more style! -Adult/Young Adult ~ Adulto/Jovem Adulto - Everyday/Formal ~ Casual/Formal -Male ~ Masculino - Shirt Recolorable ~ Camisa colorável -Sims3pack Chris Jocker by me