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One Billion Pixels

One Billion Pixels
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Updated - Sims 4 Studio As you all know, object recoloring was introduced in the first version of this series. Thanks to the lovely Sims 4 Studio members, several problems with Studio's ability to recolor correctly were identified. This new version has fixed those problems. CAS creators will be happy to know that tattoos and skin detail parts are loading properly in the part category drop down menu. In addition to that we have added several new features from the member "wish list" that everyone will love. Multiple items can be selected from the mesh and recolor thumbnail lists and these are all added into a single clone .package. Tattoos and Skin Detail parts correctly load in the part category drop down menu. Objects A debug "cheat" code has been added to Studio. To access this feature push Control + Shift + C while on the main screen and type in the code buydebug. Fixed the shadow and checker issues Christmas items have been added to the clone list.

My Sims 4 Blog The Sims 3: Furniture, Objects, Fashion, Make-up, Houses, Walls, Floors, Terrains Sims 3 Technical Support All our items come in a sims3pack format which means if you can install them with The Sims 3 Launcher. For those who don't want to use the Launcher, or prefer to use package files, sims3packs can be easily opened with a number of different community created programs (please use your search engine of choice to find one to suit your particular needs Please be aware, however, that you can only re-use our items as part of your shared artwork, if they were installed from a sims3pack directly into the game, otherwise they will not attach themselves to your creation. Sims 3 Furniture ALL objects available to download here require the 1.26/1.27 or later patch The furniture section consists of single objects categorized by function. Each object lists the poly count totals for all meshes included in it (Sims 3 objects typically contain 2-4 individual meshes for close up and distant view and shadow rendering). Related Links Sims 3 Support: Adding Downloads To Your Game View All

Start to Finish New Accessory Mesh for Beginners I-V | Sims 4 Studio Introduction This tutorial will show you how to create your own new Sims 4 earrings using Sims 4 Studio and Blender. It will go over making a new mesh and texture, mapping the new mesh for Sims 4, sizing and positioning the new mesh correctly, preparing the mesh for the game, and importing mesh and texture into a .package correctly and making a new color choice (swatch) for it. While the tutorial looks long none of this is very tough. This is a very basic tutorial and is not meant to demonstrate expert, or even intermediate, techniques. Once you've done it though you can move on to learning more advanced meshing and mapping skills. The tutorial goes over several basic features of making a mesh using Blender. If you run into questions please post in the thread below rather than PM'ing me...if you have a question undoubtedly someone else wants to know the same thing so it helps to have questions posted. As you work through the steps of the tutorial save often. What you will need 1. 2. 3.

Willkommen | akisima sims blog Hallo liebe Simsgemeinde! Keine Angst ihr seid hier schon richtig. Wir sind nun ein Blog und sind seid langem schon glücklich damit. Aus diesem Grund haben wir uns vom Forum getrennt und wollen nun bloggen was das Zeug hält. Wie ihr seht, haben wir unser Layout etwas geändert. Wie gewohnt werdet ihr hier die neusten Informationen zu den Sims sowie unsere Downloads finden können. In diesem Sinne wünschen wir Euch viel Spaß beim Stöbern! Jetzt stellen wir uns aber mal vor: Hallo ich bin 46 Jahre, ich bin verheiratet, habe Kinder und Tiere in meinem Haushalt und Sims sind mein Hobby…seid einiger Zeit nähe ich auch wieder. Fragen bitte an richten. Ich benutze diese Add Ons und Mini Add Ons: Ich bin 27 Jahre alt und liebe grafische Darstellungen aller Art. Außerdem verwende ich Downloads in meinen Projekten. Ich benutze diese Add Ons und Mini Add Ons: Hallo, ich bin 64 Jahre verwitwet habe 3 Kinder 8 Enkel und 1 Katzen. Sims3 spielen ist mein Hobby ich färbe gerne Sachen um. Hallo ,

alexpilgrim The Sims 4 Studio: Video Tutorial Playlist | Sims 4 Studio Hi celeste821, I may be misunderstanding your question and, if so, please ask it again. Sims 4 Studio is a program that allows you to clone EA items so that their images and meshes can be edited or completely changed and then packaged up to use in Sims 4. Blender, 3DS Max, and Maya are 3D editors that allow you to edit or make meshes. You will only need one if you want to learn to make meshes., Photoshop, and GIMP are 2D editors that allow you to edit or make image resources. The easiest way to jump into making things for Sims 4 is by starting with recolors.

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