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TOP quality Content for sims games

TOP quality Content for sims games
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VitaSims 3.Download everything for your Sims3 game! club_crimsyn | Entries tagged with male hair I need more non-straight hair textures. I cannot for the life of me find a link to the original creator/converter/whatever of this file, but the file name is CX-hair_MYOS_fhair14_f.package. ( We are entranced... ) Mesh is by MYOS. Due to the age of the mesh and TSRW being a butt and me not being able to remember how the hell to use DABOOBS and finally giving up, this comes in a couple different variations. This is the one you want if you already have these meshes and don't mind my textures replacing the ones that were included with the original. This is the one you want if you either don't want/need all the ages, or don't want to have the original file textures replaced. This is the one you want if you don't have the original files at all.

Clothes and Faces by Around The Sims 3 June 19, 2009 – by Dave – Category The Sims 3 I have not played The Sims 3 yet but when I found this site I got shocked, I have seen some updates about Sims and CC of this new game but everything I see look so NORMAL and Random but then I found this Around The Sims 3 site and I cant wait to play the game. Maybe is about the graphics but I am totally in love of this site.

Stylist Sims [ Desk, Office chair, Armchair, Canvas deco, Table deco, Bookcase ]Bookcase is not functional yet due to beta program versions [ Chair, Table, Sideboard (3 parts), Sculpture, 2 Paintings + Frame] [ Bed, Lounge chair, Plant, Painting ] [ 2 Sculpture, Plant, Wall mask ] [ Bed, Dresser, Plant, Blanket, Rug ] Use cheat "moveobjects on" to place the blanket on a bed [ Dining table, Chair, Sideboard, Painting ] [ Sofa, Armchair, Coffee table, Shelving, Plant, Stones deco ] Note: these objects are still in beta stage.

Sims 3 dowloads - Stylist Sims - Sims 2 downloads Sims 3 Custom Content - The Sims 3 Downloads - Sims 3 Fanatics Headlines - Lit Sims3 Stuff SimsDistrict Strona Główna - News Garden of Shadows - Index Modular Sofa This is one of the base game sofas turned into a modular sofa. All the modular sofas are really modern and square-ish so I thought I'd make a more country or regular shaped one. This works just as any other modular sofa, has six parts: base, center, left, right, concave, and convex. I had trouble getting the texture correct on the "base" piece, so if you want the correct texture to appear you have to make a two piece then delete one of them. The base piece is the SAME EXACT piece as the base game clone so if you need to just use that one. The sofa has two recolorable channels, the feet and the couch. You MAY need Night Life, I've replaced all of the textures and meshes but the clone is from there, so you may need it. Can be found in Comfort>Misc