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Holiday Braided Updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

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COIFFURES DE SOIRÉE Lundi 14 décembre 2009 1 14 /12 /Déc /2009 17:13 Nous connaissons toutes les trucs de fête : bombe de fixation avec paillettes ou à effet scintillant, pinces dorées ou argentées, les mini pinces crabes dorées ou argentées, les fleurs ou autres décorations à piquer dans les cheveux … Mais savez-vous faire un chignon ? Ou une autre coiffure un peu plus sophistiquée ? J’en vois qui grimacent … donc c’est non ! Pas de panique : vous avez deux semaines pour faire votre choix parmi les quelques vidéos sélectionnées sur Youtube … Il y en a pour tous les goûts ! En cherchant des coiffures sophistiquées pour les fêtes, je suis tombée (nan … j’ai pas eu mal) sur cette jeune femme qui a réalisé plusieurs tutoriels. AyumiRubis’s Channel Des tutos simples et très bien expliqués, vous n’avez plus qu’à suivre le guide : Vous trouverez ici les bases de presque toutes les coiffures : Un défi : faire un maximum de coiffures en un minimum de laps de temps. Faby

Wait, Everything's Going to be Alright - wave avenue - StumbleUpon Posted by rd on Monday, December 12, 2011 · Thought we might need some life’s little reminders to start the week. So don’t feel so blue because it’s a Monday, feel fantastic because it’s another day! Have a great one! A guiding light will always shine your way.. source(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Easily Dunn So I got this shirt in the 6th grade. And I keep on keeping it because I like the stripes or something…and maybe the colors. But I can’t wear it because a) it’s too short and b) it’s too thick to layer with anything. And in the middle of last week’s closet-purging, in a blinding stroke of genius, I decided to make it a cardigan. But the fastest, kind of laziest way possible. use a ruler and cut a line down the center of the front of the shirt. ok. you’re almost done. hem the edges with your hem tape, using the instructions that came with it. pick a button. then sew it on one of the sides where a normal button should theoretically go. it’s just for show so it looks like a legit cardigan. you’re not going to dilly-dally with making a button hole or anything because that’s just out of the realm of my patience. I know you probably found this on pinterest or some craft blog somewhere…or something to that effect.

Inspirational Bicycle Quotes The oldest and best collection of famous, inspirational bicycle quotes on the web. Riding a bicycle is one of the great metaphors for how to live life, thus these timeless, wonderful quotable quotes. Please submit your favorite inspirational bike quote. We’ll post it here. Life is like riding a bicycle. I thought of that while riding my bicycle. ~ Albert Einstein My two personal favorites. Bicycle Quotation QUIZ Riding a bicycle is one of the greatest metaphors for living life. I never met a bicycle I didn’t like.~ Answer To bike, or not to bike: that is NOT a question. ~ AnswerBicycles are a girl’s best friend. ~ AnswerNearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him a bicycle. ~ Answer More quiz questions. New favorite bicycle quotes: Good thing riding a bicycle is as easy as riding a bicycle. ~ Becca Droz Marriage is a wonderful invention; but then again, so is a bicycle repair kit. ~ Billy Connolly Dear God, O.k. Famous Bicycle Quotes ~ Charles M. H.G.

***Chignon facile sur cheveux COURTS *** Est-il possible de réussir un chignon sur des cheveux courts, à la hauteur de la nuque ? La réponse est oui mais comment faire un chignon sur des cheveux aussi courts ? Le chignon est facile à faire en commençant d'abord par réaliser un crêpage puis la pose de la barrette pour faire tenir le chignon. Les accessoires de coiffage et de coiffure Pour faire un chignon sur des cheveux relativement courts, vous aurez besoin : - d'une simple barrette plate - d'un peigne Commencez le coiffage en apportant un peu de volume aux cheveux. Comment faire un crêpage ? Comment faire le chignon sur les cheveux courts ? Mots clefs : cheveux courts chignon

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop!: 50 most beautiful English words. A few weeks ago I ran across a list, which I shared with you, of 33 Ways to Stay Creative. One suggestion was to read a page in the dictionary. That one stuck with me. It made me pause and think: When was the last time I even looked up a word in a real {not online} dictionary? A very long time ago is the answer to that query. I certainly do not fancy myself a wordsmith {an expert in the use of words}, but I am interested by words, especially unused or underused words. Where were the kids you ask? I have no idea. So today I bring you a few of my favorite words. Becoming - attractive. I'm off to gambol around with my children as we enjoy the halcyon days of summer! Cheers!

Fashion Friday: Sweaters & Tights Are you following us on Pinterest? I’m just going to come out and say it, folks… I don’t like the summertime. One dunk in the pool, a few hot days and I’m ready to call it quits… espcially when we’re plagued with maddening humidity for weeks at a time. No thanks, Mother Nature! Bring me cool breezes, sweaters, mugs to keep my fingers warm and watching flicks wrapped up in a cozy blanket. Basically, I’d love to live somewhere that made it possible for me to dress like this all year round: Sweater. Here are a few styles I’m craving at this very moment: This sweater dress is the perfect mustard shade. Cozy. Love those boots! Her accessories really make this for me. Excellent tights. What about you? Get more fashion ideas by following our Fashion Pin Board, too! Mom Sparkfashion.

30 Challenges for 30 Days Did you know that it takes 30 days to form a new habit? The first few days are similar as to how you would imagine the birth of a new river. Full of enthusiasm it gushes forth, only to be met by strong obstacles. So, take a moment to reflect on the question ‘Who do I want to be in 5 years?’ Check out this short TED talk first to get inspired: Now pick one or more challenges and stick with them! However, be cautioned, picking too many challenges at the same time can easily result in a failure of all of them. #1 Write a I-Like-This-About-You note/text/email each day for someone (Easy) This is the perfect way to let someone else know you care. #2 Talk to one stranger each day (Hard) This is a great one to cure approaching anxiety. #3 Take one picture each day (Hard) This one gets harder nearing the end of the challenge because at one point you will run out of the easy shots. #4 Re-evaluate one long-held belief each day (Intermediate) #5 Take a 30 minute walk each day (Easy) We recommend:

3D Coiffure - 2ème arr. 1 check-in ici 3D, ça envoie. Les coiffeurs, ultra sympas, drôles et à l'écoute, n'ont pas essayé de me vendre une coupe dont je n'avais pas envie ou qu'ils auraient pu me faire à la va-vite. Le lieu : personnellement j'adore, même si je comprends qu'il puisse déplaire ou du moins un peu effrayer au premier abord : Musique à fond, cartes postales vintages sur les miroirs, murs roses et tabourets seventies orange fluo. Alors que c'est tout le contraire. Ils sont dix fois plus pros, plus doués, et plus sympas que tous les coiffeurs que j'ai pu rencontrer. On y croise toutes sortes de personnes : du cadre en costume cravate au punk en passant par la fille avec la moitié du crâne rasée et l'autre moitié méchée en rose fluo. Alors pourquoi 4 étoiles et pas 5 ? J'en suis quand même ressortie ravie, avec l'impression en plus d'avoir été coiffée par des potes. Au niveau des prix, c'est totalement abordable : 29 euros la coupe. Quels que soient votre style ou votre demande, allez-y les yeux fermés.

Flavorful Fall: Cozy Caramel Cider - Elle and Blair Hi everyone! I'm kicking off the fall season with a few of my favorite autumn themed drink recipes. The first recipe I'm going to share with you is Caramel Apple Cider, which is one of my favorite drinks to cozy up with during a cool fall night while I read. There's something really comforting about apple cider, which I think has something to do with all the apple juice I drank as a kid. Ingredients: 1 '½ cups apple cider (You can buy it at any grocery store--just make sure you get "cider" and not "juice.") 1 ½ tablespoons caramel sauce or dip ½ teaspoon vanilla extract whipped cream caramel flavored syrup Instructions: Combine all ingredients into a sauce pan. What's your favorite fall drink? P.S. Photo is from here .

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