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IDEA - Building The Legacy of IDEA 2004

IDEA - Building The Legacy of IDEA 2004

Welcome to IN*SOURCE Classroom Resources Home › Classroom Resources Grades K – 12 | Student Interactive Venn Diagram This interactive tool allows students to create Venn diagrams that contain two or three overlapping circles, enabling them to organize their information logically. Grades 3 – 12 | Mobile App Word Mover Word Mover allows children and teens to create "found poetry" by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; additionally, users can add new words to create a piece of poetry by moving/manipulating the text. Grades 3 – 12 | Student Interactive Trading Card Creator This tool provides a fun and useful way to explore a variety of topics such as a character in a book, a person or place from history, or even a physical object. Go to Lesson Plans Grades 2 – 5 | Lesson Plan Bringing Economic Vocabulary to Life Through Video Posters Imagine if vocabulary could come alive with the click of a button! Grades 6 – 8 | Lesson Plan E-pals Around the World Grades K – 2 | Lesson Plan Grades 8 – 12 | Lesson Plan

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy No Child Left Behind - Information on No Child Left Behind, including the Act and policy, and the Obama Administration's blueprint for reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. ESEA Page Reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act ESEA Flexibility Waivers from No Child Left Behind ESEA Blueprint for Reform The Obama administration's blueprint to ESEA reauthorization NCLB Legislation Public Law PL 107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Teaching with Passion: Advice for Young Educators Jonathan Kozol talks about building relationships, fostering creativity, and standing up for students. Jonathan Kozol Credit: Courtesy of Jonathan Kozol "'Start out tough and stick to the prescribed curriculum,' new teachers are too frequently advised. Establishing a chemistry of trust between the children and ourselves is a great deal more important than to charge into the next three chapters of the social studies text or packaged reading system we have been provided: the same one that was used without success by previous instructors and to which the children are anesthetized by now. -- Jonathan Kozol, Letters to a Young Teacher For more than 40 years, Jonathan Kozol has taught in, worked with, and written about America's inner-city public schools. In his newest book, Letters to a Young Teacher, Kozol takes aim at the test-driven curriculum proliferating in our educational system. "Fifty percent of young teachers in inner-city schools leave within the first three years. Why Teachers Leave

About Special Kids Legal Writing in Plain English, Exercises In Legal Writing in Plain English, Bryan Garner provides legal professionals sound advice and practical tools for improving their written work. It teaches legal writers how to organize ideas, create and refine prose, and improve editing skills. In essence, it teaches straight thinking--a skill inseparable from good writing. Legal Writing in Plain English includes Tips on generating thoughts, organizing them, and creating outlines Sound advice on expressing your ideas clearly and powerfully Dozens of real-life writing examples to illustrate writing problems and solutions Exercises to reinforce principles of good writing Helpful guidance on page layout A punctuation guide that shows the correct uses of every punctuation mark Model legal documents that demonstrate the power of plain English The exercises from Legal Writing in Plain English are organized under fifty principles.

Special Education Lawyer Houston Texas, Beaumont Texas, Austin Texas, Indianapolis Indiana, Dorene J. Philpot Attorney At Law Teaching life lessons through tinkering: Gever Tulley on TED News How to watch (or experience) TED all around the world Across the globe, anyone can watch TED Talks through, our YouTube channel, our mobile apps or our iTunes podcasts. (Have you checked out TED Studies on iTunes U?) Culture Some very scary TED-Ed characters TED-Ed lessons are for kids, teenagers and, well, anyone with a passion for learning.