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The home of The 21st Century Career

The home of The 21st Century Career

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The Codist: My Biggest Regret As A Programmer A little over 20 years ago I was at a crossroads. My second company was petering out when our 5 years of building Deltagraph for the publisher ended (they wanted to move into the nascent internet space). At that point I had 13 years experience as a programmer but also 9 years or so experience running a company (at the same time). I no longer wanted to do both. novoed Those trying to create social change often revisit a familiar question: how do we know what works? This simple question can be alarmingly tough to answer; especially when the change we are targeting is complex and multi causal. If we’re to have any hope of answering such questions it is critical that we collect data about our social impact. Such data allows us to learn and to improve our performance against our social targets over time. Lacking this reliable and timely data, a social not-for-profit, investor or business may be left hoping rather than knowing that they’ve improved the lives of their customers. Of course social professionals of all stripes have been working for years to monitor and evaluate the impact of social programs, products and services.

Panama Volunteer Opportunities If you have an organization, an NGO (Non Profit or Non Govermental Organization) or a volunteer project in Boquete, the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro, or in the provinces of Chiriqui or in the province of Bocas del Toro, and would like to have it listed on this page please contact us! We are always recruiting volunteers and looking for new places where they can work at. If you would like to learn more about learning Spanish and volunteering in Panama please click here. Help us make Panama a better place for everyone!

Mobile and Web Analytics Customer Success Lead Strong customer relationships are core to Heap’s growth. It's a major competitive advantage and helps us win deals from more entrenched analytics players. In fact, it's one of the main reasons why customers love us so much, and why so few of them have churned: We'd like to maintain this level of quality as our customer base grows. Social investment helps thousands see things clearly Willemijn Geldorp channels her entrepreneurial spirit as an angel investor, business mentor and active member of social impact ventures. Her varied international career has involved diverse roles in wholesale operations in Europe and emerging markets. She has worked in large corporates as well as managing a small manufacturing venture in Ecuador and has an MBA from IMD Business School in Switzerland. Based in the UK, Willemijn was part of the management team of an extensive optical retail operation in the UK & Ireland, before she began to focus her efforts and capital solely into supporting positively impactful ventures.

The School of Our Dreams Might Actually Exist - Education Earlier this spring respected creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson shared his vision for his dream school—a whole-child learning experience that deemphasized testing and focused on exploring ideas and integrating art and science. Robinson's not the only one advocating for such a learning environment. D.C.-based education expert and writer Sam Chaltain has also been actively searching for what he calls a "transformational" school—a place that creates and sustains student-centered learning communities and prepares students with the intellectual, social, and emotional tools they need to actively participate in our democracy. Volunteering Projects in Panama The Projects Childrens Are you drawn to helping children in need? Do you have a soft spot for cheeky smiles? As a volunteer you have the opportunity to help children in need and aid in developing and inspiring their minds and hearts.

How to Pick Your Battles on a Software Team Creating software is an emotional process for the team members who all want to see it succeed, and this can create tension. The phrase “you have to pick and choose your battles” is commonly used. But, how do you make those decisions? Winning and Losing Scenarios Better Ventures PreSeed: Fireside chat with Mitch Kapor As the founder and Partner at the Kapor Center, Mitch works with startups using information technology platforms to drive disruptive innovation. He is a seed stage investor in Uber, Twilio, Inkling and University Now and his focus is increasingly on driving positive social impact, especially in leveraging IT to close gaps of opportunity and access in education, health care and other areas. In addition, Mitch founded Lotus Development Corporation and designed Lotus 1-2-3, the “killer application” which made the personal computer ubiquitous in the business world in the 1980s. He is the co-founder of The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which protects freedom and privacy on the Internet and the founding chair of the Mozilla Foundation, creator of the open source web browser Firefox. He is also a founding investor in Linden Lab, maker of the first successful virtual world, Second Life. For our third event this year, we are beyond thrilled to have have Mitch joining us.

Donate and Volunteer at Panama's Three Top Childrens's Charities 27% of Panama's Population lives in Extreme Poverty - You Can Make a Difference by Supporting Panama's Three Top Children's Charities You can help the children and families of Panama's neediest citizens by donating to or volunteering at three of the best run charities anywhere. Panama City's modern skyline belies the fact that 27% of Panama's children live in extreme poverty, a majority of them members of Indian tribes living in jungles and mountains. This poverty has nothing to do with what we call "poverty" in the States or Europe. Poverty in Panama means thousands of babies sick and dying from severe malnutrition many in the hills out-of-sight. It means skinny migrant worker children who begin labor at age 6 and will never have a childhood nor get an education to break the poverty cycle.

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