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GitHub - peq/WurstScript: A programming language which compiles to Jass (the language to create Warcraft III Maps). Welcome – Wren. GitHub - cdglabs/wallingford: An experimental DSL for handling state and updates, along with constraints, in Rosette. Aseemr / Wysteria. Wysteria is being designed and developed in Programming Languages group at University of Maryland, College Park (PLUM).

aseemr / Wysteria

Aseem Rastogi (Graduate Student, Hammer (Postdoctoral Researcher, Hicks (Faculty, Papers, Talks, and Code Paper (IEEE Security and Privacy (Oakland) 2014) Technical Report (Contains complete formal definitions and proofs) Conference talk Talk (Crypto reading group) Talk (Guest lecture in CMSC631) Code Secure Multiparty Computation (SMC) enables mutually distrusting parties to cooperatively compute over their private data, while only revealing the final output to each party.

General-purpose SMCs are typically implemented using cryptographic protocols that involve converting the function to be computed into a boolean or arithmetic circuit such that the parties cooperate to obliviously execute the circuit. Wysteria is a high-level functional programming language for writing mixed-mode secure computations. Let richer = \x:ps . Whiley: an Open Source Programming Language with Extended Static Checking. Welcome – Wren. WODA - Web Oriented Database Home Page. WODA is a Perl program that manages web-oriented, semi-relational, multimedia databases.

WODA - Web Oriented Database Home Page

It allows them to be defined, maintained, added-to, modified, and queried entirely through the WWW, httpd and Web Services interfaces and without (much) programming. It includes file upload/download, industry standard search syntax, query generator, relations among tables (not limited to tables on the same server), password protection of records, user management, login and registration, different access privileges, sending of serial email, agent reporting new items by email, export/import from Windows applications, shopping basket, compatibility with Office 2003, WSLD, SOAP etc. etc. In all some 150 different pages are created automatically, based on typically 100-200 lines of varous settings.

Whiley: an Open Source Programming Language with Extended Static Checking. Wt, C++ Web Toolkit. Meet Wyvern, a polyglot programming language for the web. Welcome – Wren. Language for Knowledge-Based Programming. Whiley: an Open Source Programming Language with Extended Static Checking. GWM Manual: WOOL Reference Manual. GWM Manual Contents ; --- WOOL comment ; any text up to the end of line Comments in WOOL begin with a semicolon and end at the end of the line. !

GWM Manual: WOOL Reference Manual

--- executes a shell command (! Executes (forks) the command given in string with its given arguments, and does not wait for termination (So you don't need to add a final ``&'') . (! #nth --- accesses an element of a list (# n list [object]) (# atom list [object]) Gets (or sets to object if present) the n-th element of the list list (starting with 0). Note that this function does not do a physical replacement, and constructs a new list with the list argument.

Why3. Wheat. Wolverine Web. World Programming Language. Wsbasic Manual. Whirl - Dizzy Programming. Other Languages:COW | Whirl | 3code | Taxi Important news! [06/22/05] Kang Seonghoon sent in his shocking 15,556 instruction "99 Bottles of Beer" implementation! [07/04/05] Victor sent in updated versions of the flash virtual machine and Java version of the interpreter!

[07/06/05] Victor Ortiz submitted a nice whirl documentation tool written in Java! [09/22/05] Kang Seonghoon wrote a version of the interpreter in Ruby! Check this stuff out in the Downloads & Links section below. Whirl was designed with the following state-of-the-art features in mind: InheritenceSimplicityEase of useXMLMaintainabilityPolymorphismFlexibilityPowerSubtractionGrilled Chicken Unfortunately, none of those things made it into the final product. The Whirl programming language has only two instructions: 0 and 1.

In the world of Whirl, there are two instructions and two rings of 12 things to do on each. The Whirl environment generously gives the programmer the following tools: Examples Do 1+1 and print the results: Meta. Waterbear is Like Scratch, but for JavaScript. Unlike Scratch, you can view the code generated by Waterbear.

Waterbear is Like Scratch, but for JavaScript

Elza's vision for the project is much like that of Alan Kay's vision for Squeak and the ideas in the book Mindstorms by Seymour Papert. Elza hopes it can be used in programming books and courses to allow learners to explore code in a more immersive environment, or enable individuals to become "casual programmers. " He uses his own kids as examples. His 10 year old son learned Scratch and has moved on to more advanced programming. He already thinks of himself as a programmer. Elza named the project after the extromophile of the same name because he wants it to be an extremely robust language.

Future plans include making it possible to generate Waterbear block arrangements from JavaScript code, enabling users to visualize existing JavaScript code. Whiley: an Open Source Programming Language with Extended Static Checking. Wiring. Walnut - Walnut was originally an extension for Walter Bright's DMDScript . It went inactive for a year, got a new maintainer, and became a complete branch of that engine. Then the new maintainer started work on a completely new from-scratch edition of the engine, released under the BSD. A javascript engine. Smaller, faster, stronger. Walnut 1.x (the branch from DMDScript) is currently a stable and functional implementation of ECMAScript, pretty printed and commented. Walnut 2.x (the from-scratch BSD licensed) is currently past design stage and in development stage and not yet in alpha stage.

A complete drop-in replacement for existing ECMAScript Engines which are bigger and slower than Walnut; and easily translated into your spoken language. Welcome to whiteoak! Waterbear: Welcome. WxBasic Programming Language. Wwlisp Reference Manual. Wrapl, The Programming Language.