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12 Tech Tools That Will Transform The Way You Teach!

12 Tech Tools That Will Transform The Way You Teach!
In a Simple K12 blog post titled “17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times” they provide a list of things that characterize a classroom that has fallen behind. Number 16 lists a variety of technology tools that every educator should know about. As I read the list, I realized that although many teachers are interested in and excited about technology integration, they are too busy to explore all the new technology tools available online. This blog post is dedicated to all of the overworked teachers who just don’t have the time to seek out this information. I have provided brief explanations, links to and pictures of the tools mentioned by Simple K12 (and a couple of my favorites). I hope this makes it more manageable for teachers to pick and choose which tools they want to use. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. [Note: StoryJumper is another online digital storybook maker worth checking out!] 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.


Emulation Products from Marat Fayzullin EMULATORSlibraries, tools, and documentation by Marat Fayzullin Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, GameBoy, Super GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Pocket Printer, GameLink, and DiskSystem are trademarks of Nintendo. SEGA SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, Mark II/III, Master System, and GameGear are trademarks of SEGA. What Makes Project Based Learning Effective? #Edchat #EngChat I've been meaning to write about my adventures in Project Based Learning for a while. It's a topic many teachers are interested in, but are unsure of how to implement it or know if it is working. After much thought, I have broken down Project Based Learning into the 5 parts that make it effective in the classroom. Long before my Epic Romeo and Juliet Project, the first major project I created was during my student teaching 10 years ago. I thought it would be a great idea to do a mock trial in my class after reading Huck Finn. I wanted to have the students put Mark Twain on trial for being a racist.

New Player/Editor Features are Live! The new features listed below are now up on the LiveBinders site. But I forgot to mention one of the new features in my previous post. You can now add collaborators from inside the binder. Just click on the “Add” pull down in the upper right corner of the binder.

5 New Social Media Tools to Explore It seems like every day we hear about a new social media tool that promises to be the next big thing. But for every Instagram or Pinterest, there's a months-old networking or sharing site that is growing dust. And as busy teachers, who has time for that? The five sites below, however, have snagged our attention for one major reason—they have the potential to make your job easier. The 10 Fascinating Websites You’ve Never Seen Below are some of the more interesting/creative/weird/awkward/amazingly designed websites I’ve found over the past few years. If you have a really cool site you’d like to share please leave a link in the comments below, I’d love to see it. Now put a helmet on cause your mind is about to be blown…. 1. Musical Hands?

21 signs you’re a 21st century teacher « Brave new world Yes, the phrase (is it a definition?) 21st century teacher has been bandied about and annoys some people, but whatever you want to call it, shouldn’t we all, as educators, use this checklist to check our relevance? Or at the very least, we could evaluate these checkpoints to determine whether we judge them to be important in the scheme of our work as educators. As a teacher librarian I can only do these things if I find a willing teacher with a class.

Connecting School and Home: 360-Degree Communication Too Big to Know The Internet knows no boundaries. That's why parents need to set limits for their kids. 50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices) About these tips (Edit: August 2016. I have revised these tips. You can find the new list here.) These tips are not all applicable to every project. Windows XP rises from the grave: Simple hack gives you five more years of updates With a simple registry hack, you can net yourself five more years of official Microsoft updates for your aging Windows XP machine. Microsoft, though, says you really shouldn’t do it — and that you ought to be a good little boy and “upgrade to a more modern operating system” instead. Read on, to find out how to enable the Windows XP updates — and whether you should do it or not.

Pictureka-like Activity w/Web 2.0 By Brian ThomasJune 29th, 2011 8:28 am If you’re a board game player (raise your hands), then you most likely have played Pictureka before. This game challenges players to take a very busy image and find parts, pieces, items, and people in a race against time and each other. I love how the game teaches the skills of scanning and recall. This morning while looking through some of the latest web 2.0 tools to launch into cyberspace (I use I came across a website called ConceptBoard. The idea behind this website is that it allows users to share documents, screenshots, and images and mark them up, talk about them, in real-time.