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Conflict of interest

Conflict of interest
The presence of a conflict of interest is independent of the occurrence of impropriety. Therefore, a conflict of interest can be discovered and voluntarily defused before any corruption occurs. A widely used definition is: "A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgement or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest."[1] Primary interest refers to the principal goals of the profession or activity, such as the protection of clients, the health of patients, the integrity of research, and the duties of public office. Secondary interest includes not only financial gain but also such motives as the desire for professional advancement and the wish to do favours for family and friends, but conflict of interest rules usually focus on financial relationships because they are relatively more objective, fungible, and quantifiable. Related to the practice of law[edit] Organizational[edit] Types[edit]

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The Slow Death of the University A few years ago, I was being shown around a large, very technologically advanced university in Asia by its proud president. As befitted so eminent a personage, he was flanked by two burly young minders in black suits and shades, who for all I knew were carrying Kalashnikovs under their jackets. Having waxed lyrical about his gleaming new business school and state-of-the-art institute for management studies, the president paused to permit me a few words of fulsome praise. I remarked instead that there seemed to be no critical studies of any kind on his campus.

A taurine and caffeine-containing drink stimulates cognitive performance and well-being Caffeine- and taurine-containing drinks have been on the European market for about a decade, and research on the individual constituents of these drinks indicates an improvement in cognitive performance resulting from consumption of such drinks. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study using 10 graduate students, we obtained the P300 components of event-related potential (ERP) waveforms following an auditory oddball paradigm, measured motor reaction time, and applied the d2 test for the assessment of attention. Status of mood was assessed by the “Basler-Befindlichkeitsbogen” questionnaire, a standard test for evaluation of feelings of well-being. Measurements were made at night, prior to and starting one hour after consumption of energy drink ingredients or placebo.

Der Tagesspiegel Der Tagesspiegel ("The Daily Mirror"; motto: "rerum cognoscere causas", or "to know the causes of things") is a classical liberal German daily newspaper. Founded on 27 September 1945 by Erik Reger, Walther Karsch, and Edwin Redslob the Tagesspiegel's main office is based in Berlin at Askanischer Platz in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, less than a mile from Potsdamer Platz and the former location of the Berlin Wall. It also has regional correspondent offices in Washington D.C. and Potsdam. It is the only major newspaper in the capital to have increased its circulation—now 148,000—since re-unification. History and profile[edit] Campus police = corporated police Campus Police or University police in the United States and Canada are often sworn police officers employed by a college or university to protect the campus and surrounding areas and the people who live, work, and visit it. Many university police forces employ a combination of police officers, security guards and student workers. United Kingdom[edit]

Anaheim’s Not-So Magic Kingdom POLITICS - New headlines have emerged almost daily in the explosive weeks following the death of Manuel Diaz, who was unarmed when Anaheim police shot him on July 21st.The night after Diaz’s death, police shot and killed Joel Acevedo — the fifth fatal officer-involved shooting in Anaheim this year. A city council meeting set for Wednesday afternoon (August 8th) at Anaheim High School’s 1,300 seat auditorium is expected to be overflowing. The mayor, the police chief, angry residents—all make the news reports. But Anaheim’s most high-profile denizen has stayed out of the spot light. “The Mouse”– Disneyland and Disney Corporation – has wisely avoided taking a high-profile stand that would mix the Disney brand with news of conflict and racial strife in Anaheim, where tourism is king. Anaheim’s economy is based almost exclusively on tourism, and that particular workforce is largely Latino.

OpEd: Public or Private? – Real Estate’s Hostile Takeover of RSSP and Dining My First Tour at UC Berkeley At this moment three years ago, I was making what seemed like the most important decision of my young life: where did I want to spend the next four years? For me, the question was not just about academics, nor just about the communities that I would be a part of, nor the opportunities that would be presented. All of these aspects were fairly comparable across all of the colleges I applied to. So, what did my decision finally come down to? Food.

Physiology & Behavior - Efficacy of a ‘functional energy drink’ in counteracting driver sleepiness Abstract Driver sleepiness is a major cause of serious road crashes. Coffee is often used as an effective countermeasure to driver sleepiness. However, the caffeine levels in coffee are variable, whereas certain proprietary “functional energy drinks” (FEDs) contain known levels of caffeine (and other ingredients). We investigated the effectiveness of a well-known FED in reducing sleepiness in drivers. Twelve healthy young adults drove an instrumented car simulator between 14:00 and 17:00 h. Giovanni di Lorenzo Giovanni di Lorenzo (born March 9, 1959) is a German-Italian journalist. Editor-in-chief (since 2004) of German nationwide weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and former editor-in-chief of Berlin's liberal daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel (1999-2004; has since retained the position of publisher). Additionally di Lorenzo is a prominent talk show host for the Radio Bremen show 3nach9 airing monthly on NDR. Biography[edit]

Frank Serpico Francesco Vincent Serpico (born April 14, 1936) is a retired American New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer who is most famous for blowing the whistle on police corruption in the late 1960s and early 1970s—an act of valor that compelled Mayor John V. Lindsay to appoint the landmark Knapp Commission to investigate the NYPD.[2] Most of Serpico's fame came after the release of the 1973 film Serpico, which starred Al Pacino in the title role in which Al Pacino was nominated for an Oscar. Early life and education[edit] Serpico was born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 14, 1936, the youngest child of Vincenzo and Maria Giovanna Serpico, Italian immigrants from Marigliano, in the province of Naples, Campania. He recounts an experience of his father standing up to corruption in his shop where Serpico shined shoes. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the United States Army and was stationed for two years in South Korea as an infantryman.

Disneyland Resort's Contributions to Local PACs Top $300,000 - Voice of OC The Disneyland Resort’s total contributions to political action committees campaigning to elect two Anaheim City Council candidates have topped $300,000, according to the most recent campaign finance reports. The resort has made contributions to four PACs that are campaigning for candidates favored by the city’s business community — Steve Chavez Lodge, director of public affairs for Hill International, and Jordan Brandman, an Anaheim Union School District trustee. The PACs involved are the Orange County Business Council's BIZ PAC, the Orange County Taxpayers Association’s OCTAXPAC, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC and the Support Our Anaheim Resort Area (SOAR) PAC. Labor is also spending heavily for its sponsored candidate, former labor leader John Leos.

What Makes a University Public?: Privatization, Environmental Racism, and UC Berkeley’s Real Estate Office by Beezer de Martelly “It’s a gift to be here—you can take that to the bank.” EVCP Claude Steele, May 5 Berkeley Forum “What Makes a University Public?” Readiness potential in different states of physical activation and after ingestion of taurine and/or caffeine containing drinks To investigate the influence of taurine and caffeine containing drinks and physical stress on the cortical movement-preparation, the readiness potentials or "Bereitschaftspotentiale" (BPs), preceding voluntary self-placed pedalling movements, were examined after different states of exhaustion on an ergometer. 15 (13 right-handed) healthy men, aged between 22–30, participated in a randomised, cross over, double-blind, placebo controlled study. BPs were averaged out of artefact free EEG-segments from more than 90 triggered events, measured at 17 electrodes of the 10 : 20 system. With increasing effort the BPs were enlarged differently depending on the drink consumed.

Süddeutsche Zeitung The Süddeutsche Zeitung [ˈzyːtˌdɔʏtʃə ˈtsaɪtʊŋ], published in Munich, is the largest German national subscription daily newspaper. Profile[edit] The title, often abbreviated SZ, literally translates as "South German Newspaper". It is read throughout Germany by 1.1 million readers daily and boasts a relatively high circulation abroad. The editorial stance of the newspaper is liberal and generally of centre-left,[2] leading some to joke that the SZ is the only opposition in the state of Bavaria, which has been governed by the conservative Christian Social Union of Bavaria almost continuously since 1949.

Quelle Surprise! "J.P. Morgan Chase "donates" $4.6 Million to NYPD" #OccupyWallStreet Quelle Surprise! “J.P. Morgan Chase “donates” $4.6 Million to NYPD” #OccupyWallStreet Posted on01 October 2011. Tags: 4.6 Million, donation, jamie dimon, jpmorgan chase, NYPD UPDATE: JPMC isn’t alone “Donating” to NYPD, Bank of America, Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs… others did also!

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