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Browse Resources Verizon Foundation proudly partners with some of the country’s top educational organizations to provide you with the latest topics, tools and trends in education. Created by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, ARTSEDGE provides resources and examples for teachers to teach in, through and about the arts. The site includes lesson plans, advocacy and professional development resources, and up-to-date information on arts programs from around the world. Visit ARTSEDGE

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ESL Writing Worksheets, Lessons, Sample Essays, Error Correction, and Printable Ebooks ESL Writing Exercise - Topic Sentences (Introduction) - Introduction to topic sentences and their function in a formal paragraph ESL Writing Exercise - Introduction to Similes and Metaphors - Using similes and metaphors to write interesting topic sentences ESL Writing Exercise - Similes and Metaphors Review - Practice describing people and things using similes and metaphors ESL Writing Exercise - Topic Sentences (Review) - Practice writing topic sentences ESL Writing Exercise - The Body of a Paragraph (Introduction) - Introduction to the body of a paragraph and the information that should be contained therein

Before It Controls You Relaxation Simple relaxation tools, such as deep breathing and relaxing imagery, can help calm down angry feelings. There are books and courses that can teach you relaxation techniques, and once you learn the techniques, you can call upon them in any situation. What Should Rubrics Measure? Rubrics are tools that help teachers and students generate feedback about student evidence and student work. They offer an alternative to “point-based” or “number-based” grading, and they are often paired with authentic assessment. In my experience, most teachers usually create rubrics long after they have crafted a worthy performance task. Welcome to the Web Thank you for visiting 'Welcome to the Web'. By working your way through this web site and taking part in the exciting challenges and activities, you will learn all about the Internet. Good luck! Choose a section to begin. If you have never used Welcome to the Web before, it's important to start at 'The Beginning'!

How did you spend your day? Wow. That is all I can say. I cannot believe it is February already. What happened to January?!?! Welcome to EFL 24 7 A free community for all teachers and students. Teachers Join our community with thousands of colleagues from more than 100 countriesDownload hundreds of printable grammar exercises, news activities, themes, etc.Share EFL/ESL worksheets and other activities at all levelsCreate and share interactive web exercises Students

Wabi Sabi: Beauty in Brokenness In this line of work, brokenness is a concept we are very familiar with. Broken lives, broken families, girls who have been used and taken advantage of and kicked to the curb; boys too, more and more commonly. Trafficking at it’s core, is a study of brokenness. Men and women, most of whom were abused and abandoned themselves, go on to take advantage of the most vulnerable people in society: the poor, the uneducated, the abused. It’s hard to find scenarios more disrupted, more heart-breaking, more wrecked, than the lives of the girls we serve. An Early Semester Lesson Plan for a College Composition Class. 1. Deliver a brief lecture on the essay to have been read for today; namely, on any bits of sloppy prose or grammatical awkwardness (or misuses) or anything else for the students to avoid in their own writing. Question the author’s use of certain words in specific instances. Bring up more appropriate synonyms. Do this with confidence.

Time Timers Time Timers 3", 8", 12", PLUS, CD, Watch Plus Time Timers provide the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time. Text Structure Text Structure The term “text structure” refers to how information is organized in a passage. The structure of a text can change multiple times in a work and even within a paragraph. Students are often required to identify text structures on state reading tests; therefore, it is important that they are given exposure to the various patterns of organization. This page will briefly explain seven commonly used patterns of organization, provide examples, and then offer users free text structure worksheets and interactive online practice activities to help students learn this essential reading skill.

Screencasts <div style='text-align:center'>JavaScript is required to use LastPass.<br />Our local encryption/decryption to keep your sensitive data out of our hands depends on it.<br />We do not recommend you attempt to login without Javascript enabled</div> If you have issues viewing our screencasts, try accessing them directly from YouTube by clicking HERE and verifying that you meet their system requirements by clicking HERE. If you have comments, suggestions for future videos, or would like to help us make additional video tutorials, please contact us. Why use LastPass? Life in a 21st-Century English Class Teaching Strategies Creating a Common Craft-style video is part of the classroom assignment. By Shelley Wright I teach in an inquiry, project-based, technology embedded classroom. A mouthful, I know. So what does that mean?

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