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How Browsers Work: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers - HTML5 Rocks Web browsers are the most widely used software. In this primer, I will explain how they work behind the scenes. We will see what happens when you type in the address bar until you see the Google page on the browser screen. The browsers we will talk about There are five major browsers used on desktop today: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. On mobile, the main browsers are Android Browser, iPhone, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, UC Browser, the Nokia S40/S60 browsers and Chrome–all of which, except for the Opera browsers, are based on WebKit. Google Search Quality Raters Instructions Gain New "Page Quality" GuidelinesSearch Engine Land In the wake of Google’s Panda algorithm update, its cadre of human search quality raters has a new task: giving Google specific quality ratings for individual landing pages. The new “Page Quality Rating Guidelines” section adds a whopping 32 pages to the handbook that Google provides to those human raters (via contractors like Lionbridge and Leapforce). An existing section on “URL Rating Tasks with User Locations” has been expanded from 12 to 16 pages, so that what was a 125-page document in early 2011 is now 161 pages long. Version 3.27 of Google’s guidelines for search quality raters — dated June 22, 2012 — was recently leaked online. It’s actually one part of a larger leak that seems to have happened via private forums, and includes not only the rater guidelines, but also additional information and screenshots from some of the ratings tasks that the group performs.

Google vs. Bing: Correlation Analysis of Ranking Elements Earlier this year, Danny Sullivan of Third Door Media asked me if SEOmoz could put together some data comparing ranking elements of Google against those of Bing to help illustrate the potential biases SEOs might face when optimizing for the two engines. Today at SMX Advanced in Seattle, I presented the following data, compiled by our own Ben Hendrickson with help from the entire SEOmoz engineering team (particularly Phil & Chas on the Linkscape side). The results I'm sharing match those in the presentation, with a bit more detail added in for those interested. EC-UNDP Partnership on Electoral Assistance The European Union and the United Nations are natural partners. They are united by the core values laid out in the 1945 Charter of the United Nations, and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Member states and the Commission are the largest contributors to the UN system. Moreover, Europe plays an active role in both shaping and implementing international standards for human rights worldwide. As expressed in the Commission’s communication of 2001 on “Building an effective partnership with the UN in the fields of Development and Humanitarian Affairs”, and reinforced in 2003 by a further Communication entitled “The European Union and United Nations: The choice of multilateralism”, the EU has established itself as a major partner of the United Nations UN. The latter communication called for a comprehensive strengthening and mainstreaming of EU-UN relations by systematic policy dialogue and greater cooperation in the field mainly through:

The Brain Is Not Computable A leading neuroscientist says Kurzweil’s Singularity isn’t going to happen. Instead, humans will assimilate machines. February 18, 2013 Are you ready for Google Penguin 2.0.? At the recent SES San Francisco (August 13-17, 2012), Matt Cutts answered some questions about Google’s Penguin. It seems that webmasters are eagerly waiting for the Penguin 2.0. rollout, but Matt Cutts think webmasters should prepare themselves, as he said: “you don’t want the next Penguin update” He said they’d be:

A Widget That Tracks Your (not provided) Search Referral Percentage, a dashboard for SEO tools, released a widget at Pubcon to track your (not provided) search referral percentage. Since November 2nd, the average (not provided) token has been 11.52% according to new data provided by SEO dashboard company The analytics data is from 300+ US focused websites. tracks the daily (not provided) % to show how users sites benchmark against the sample. Scott Krager, founder of, pointed out the following: Master's Programmes In addition to training and e-Learning courses, UNITAR provides the opportunity to gain knowledge through post-graduate courses. UNITAR partners with academic institutions such as the Open University of Catalonia, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Copenhagen to offer diplomas and certificates in areas such as peacekeeping, development policies and geo-information in disaster situations. International Master's Degree in Conflictology

Google boss warns of 'forgotten century' with email and photos at risk Piles of digitised material – from blogs, tweets, pictures and videos, to official documents such as court rulings and emails – may be lost forever because the programs needed to view them will become defunct, Google’s vice-president has warned. Humanity’s first steps into the digital world could be lost to future historians, Vint Cerf told the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting in San Jose, California, warning that we faced a “forgotten generation, or even a forgotten century” through what he called “bit rot”, where old computer files become useless junk. Cerf called for the development of “digital vellum” to preserve old software and hardware so that out-of-date files could be recovered no matter how old they are.

An SEO’s Ultimate Post-Penguin Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC] What backlinks are safe to have after Google’s Penguin update? This question is being asked today by many. And, as Google’s link warnings wouldn’t stop, some people decide to demolish backlinks to their site or even dispose of the “bad” site altogether. One Easy Thing You Can Do to Improve SEO There’s so much talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) going around, it’s impossible to keep up. Chances are, if you’re a busy entrepreneur or small business owner, you have no time to waste learning the SEO tricks of the moment. You just want to improve SEO so your site has better search results, right? When I was learning SEO, there was one thing I learned to improve SEO that made it instantly click for me. Are you ready to learn it too?

English Prepositions So what are prepositions? A preposition is a word which is used before a noun to show its connection to another word in the sentence. For example: The dog rests on the armchair. (The word "on" is used before "the armchair". We understand that the dog is on the armchair. How Today's Computers Weaken Our Brain At 10 P.M. on September 22, 1912, Franz Kafka, then a twenty-nine-year-old lawyer, sat down at his typewriter in Prague and began to write. He wrote and wrote, and eight hours later he had finished “Das Urteil” (“The Judgment”). Kafka wrote in his diary, “I was hardly able to pull my legs out from under the desk, they had got so stiff from sitting. The fearful strain and joy, how the story developed before me, as if I were advancing over water.” He later described the one-sitting method as his preferred means of writing.

The Complete Guide to Link Building with Local Events Whether you’re a small local business or an international company, hosting local events is a great way to build your brand, both offline and online. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to us internet marketers that there are plenty of non-internet-savvy organizations that are hosting workshops, speaking at events, and getting their brand out there using offline methods to promote their events. If that sounds like your business or one of your clients, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on a number of link opportunities every time you host an event. Why You Should Be Building Links By Hosting Events: Here are the primary reasons that this is such a great strategy: Lots of Easily Obtainable Links: These are easy links that fit Danny's Sullivan's recent description of hard links.

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