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Alphabetical podcast channel list From this page you can display an alphabetical list of the podcast channels featured in our directory. Just select the appropriate link from the alphabet list. Podcasts listed in our directory are in the following formats: MP3, M4A, M4B, M4V, MOV and MP4. We have also created a list of all the video podcast channels in this directory and our list of latest additions is regularly being updated. Podcast Directory The Podcast Directory offers over 2000 audio & video podcasts you can learn from. We've screened thousands of podcasts to find the ones of the highest quality that you will instruct, entertain, and inspire you. Listen to or watch podcasts through our site or download them directly to your computer without any software needed. We also link to most of these podcasts on iTunes if you want to subscribe there, and we provide the RSS feeds of the podcast if you want to subscribe with other podcast applications. Sort by Titles Per Page

725 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns . We also have special collections of . Free Comedy & Dramas IDEA International Dialects of English Archive Whether you’re an ESL (English as Second Language) speaker or just want to test your understanding of various dialects and accents, you’ll find this page a fun exercise in English comprehension. We invite you to listen to the following samples from around the world, transcribe (write down or type in English in a document of your own) the speech you hear, and then compare that to the full transcription by clicking the link underneath each audio clip. By clicking the link under the clip, you’ll be taken to the sample, where you can see the transcription, listen to the full audio clip of that subject, and find out more about the person. (To find the transcription, simply scroll about a third of the way down each page to the “orthographic transcription of unscripted speech.”

50 Incredible, Historical Speeches You Should Watch Online You hope that your professors will be good speakers who can keep your interest for at least the length of a class period, but more often than not, you’ll have a teacher or two each semester who drones on and on and doesn’t make you feel passionate about the subject. They could take tips from these speakers who have inspired thousands or even millions of people around the world, some even long after they’ve died. Here are 50 incredible, historical speeches you should watch online.

listen and read along level 2 YouTube Videos Science and Technology This is 4 minutes long and use the Teleprompter Player.'Caine’s Arcade' Video Brings Fame to Creative Boy Words & Their Stories Words In a Song: NUMBERS and ABBREVIATIONS A SPECIFIC TIME 11.10.00 (the Long Drive Home) - Breathe In . 2 O'clock Moonrise - Parc-X Trio .. 2:20 Daytime - Lull in Conversation ... 3 a.m. - Cruise Duke . 3am Stomp - Doctor Banker . 4 In The Morning - Gwen Stefani. 4AM - It's Four AM . 4am Forever - Lostprophets 4am Friday - What Ever It Takes . 4 O'clock - Emilie Autumn 4:00 A.M. - Sky Cries Mary . 4:12 - Switchfoot 4:20 - Method Man ... 4:21 - Honky ... 5:00 A.M. Shadows - Meaty Ogre . 5:15 - The Who.. 5:19 - Matt Wertz 5 a.m. - James Yorkston 5 Fingaz To The Face - Victorious Cast 5 O'Clock - T-Pain Featuring Lily Allen & Wiz Khalifa . 5 O'Clock In the Morning - Village People .. 5 O' Clock In The Morning (Who'd Have Known) - Lily Allen .. 5 O'Clock Suff - Suff Daddy feat. JUST NUMBERS (on there own) 00:01 - Danger ft Vyle 07:46 - Danger 1-2-3 - Bettie Black ... 1,2,3,4 - Beast Make Bomb .... 1-9-9-9. - Common 11h30 - Danger 107 - Less Than Jake . 1234 - Feist / Sunbeams . 1234! NIL Three Nil - Slipknot .

Snow White By the Brothers Grimm Download Snow White The tale of Snow White features one of the most fabulous baddies of all time in the form of the Wicked Queen, vainly peering into her mirror and asking – Who is the fairest of us all? Her motivations of vanity and envy are so very human, and that is what gives the tale its power. Disney followed the Brothers Grimm quite closely in his beautiful 1937 film.

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