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In Content Marketing, 'People Buy on Emotion and Rationalize With Logic' Is a Mistake (Pt. 1) The saying "people buy on emotion and rationalize with logic" has been around so long that people rarely question it. But in content marketing, you need to question it. Otherwise, you run the risk of either not providing people the right information or—worse—alienating your audience. The idea that people buy solely on emotion is old-school selling. Nowadays, buyers are running the show more than ever. Selling solely on emotion can make you come across as condescending and slimy.

E-Business Suite Technology Members of our E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group will be at the OAUG Collaborate 14 conference at The Venetian and Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 7 to 11, 2014. Please drop by any of our sessions to hear the latest news and meet up with us. 15259 - Oracle E-Business Suite Technology: Latest Features and RoadmapLisa Parekh, Vice President, Applications Technology Group, Oracle Monday, April 7, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pmRoom: Sands, Level 1 - 303This Oracle development session provides an overview of Oracle’s product strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite technology, the features and benefits of recent releases and certifications, and the product roadmap. This is the cornerstone session for Oracle E-Business Suite technology. JD Edwards Forums - JD Edwards Jobs - JD Edwards Enterprise One - JD Edwards World: Performance problems in R42800, R47011, R47071, R43800, R5847001, R097021, R007031 What kind of volumes are we talking about? (Number of Sales Order Lines, Invoices, etc). If you're dealing with tens of thousands of transactions your timings may not be totally out there - but 20 hours is incredible to me. Here's some things to check / consider:

How to find files,directories,path,executables for packages Sometimes you run into situations to try and understand where the files for your package that you just installed on your Sun Solaris Server. While this is no big deal for geeks lets help “not so geeks” with a way to find the files and path of installed package. Here, on Sun Solaris 10, I know I’ve installed wget package and don’t have a clue where the files have gone into. Let’s start with finding the package name. National Storytelling Network A statement by the National Storytelling Network defines Storytelling as an ancient art form and a valuable form of human expression. Because story is essential to so many art forms, however, the word “storytelling” is often used in many ways. As a result, the National Storytelling Network would like to explain the term as it is used by the growing and vibrant community of storytelling practitioners in the United States and Canada. Our hope is to call attention to storytelling as an art worth promoting, and to help those outside the storytelling community to distinguish storytelling from other, related forms of human expression. Here is what most of us mean by “storytelling”: Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination.

Email Best-Practices for Developing and Maintaining Crucial Customer Relationships Once marketers have learned the various basics of an email marketing campaign, they might feel they are ready to develop long-term customer plans. Often, however, an important missing ingredient is an understanding of the consumer "lifecycle" and how email marketing tactics should be adjusted at each lifecycle stage. At its most basic, the lifecycle consists of various stages that customers go through in regard to how they think about, purchase, or otherwise interact with a company's products. How to Enable Enterprise Manager on the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Source the environment for the 10g ORACLE_HOME. With a Release 12 environment this would mean running the Implement a password file and to overcome any ORA-01031 errors on the database. It is also worth considering converting your Applications database to work with an SPFileinstead of an init.ora. An SPFile is approximately analogous to being a binary equivalent of the init.ora and allows for dynamic changes to many database parameters that previously would have required a database restart.

  Reference Pages The following links are to reference materials that have been submitted or found by members of CRISP. You might find it very useful to send your students here for additional help or ideas. We need to build this section, so if you have reference materials you would be willing to share, please submit them! Note: For some reason there is increasing 'link rot' going on, either resources are being taken off the net, or they are moving. Please let us know if we have a munged link. Thanks! 8 Habits Of Today’s Consumer, The COMsumer Todays consumer habits suggest they no longer just consumes. In fact we should no longer call them consumers. Here’s why. First of all lets revisit the word “consume”. Originated some where between 1350-1400 and has the following meanings: to destroy or expend by use; use eat or drink up; destroy, as by decomposition or burningto spend (money, time, etc.) absorb; engross: consumed with undergo destruction; waste use or use up consumer goods

User Commands ls - list contents of directory Synopsis /usr/bin/ls [-aAbcCdeEfFghHilLmnopqrRstuvVx1@] []... /usr/xpg4/bin/ls [-aAbcCdeEfFghHilLmnopqrRstuvVx1@] []... Four Multi-Channel and Touchpoint Marketing Models Most marketers are starting to integrate their marketing channels and marketing automation is clearly taking the lead regarding the technology. Better late than never. However, simple integration will not be enough. While in multi-channel marketing the focus is still often on the channels, touchpoint-based marketing provides alternatives that revolve around individual customer and prospect touchpoints. A nice depiction of the typical multi-channel marketing is this graphic by Twiss that takes into account buyer life cycle, strategy, tactics, marketing goals and more without emphasizing the channels too much. TWISS Universe Multichannel Model

Crontab Setting up cron jobs in Unix and Solaris cron is a unix, solaris utility that allows tasks to be automatically run in the background at regular intervals by the cron daemon. These tasks are often termed as cron jobs in unix , solaris. Crontab (CRON TABle) is a file which contains the schedule of cron entries to be run and at specified times. This document covers following aspects of Unix cron jobs 1. Crontab Restrictions 2. What Do Customers Want? Professor Kano Knows I’m guessing that many of you weren’t sure what this post would be about given the title. That’s because most people have never heard of Professor Noriaki Kano. But anyone who deals with customer experience (or product development) should definitely learn about his work. Professor Kano is probably best known for creating the Kano Model (developed in the 1980′s) that classifies customer preferences into five categories:

The Importance of Mapping your Buying Process How do you pinpoint which areas of the conversion process need improvement? You could guess and implement broad strategies but they won’t be as effective as addressing specific issues. Mapping your buying process helps you to define specific steps that you can follow.

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