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In Content Marketing, 'People Buy on Emotion and Rationalize With Logic' Is a Mistake (Pt. 1) The saying "people buy on emotion and rationalize with logic" has been around so long that people rarely question it. But in content marketing, you need to question it. Otherwise, you run the risk of either not providing people the right information or—worse—alienating your audience. The idea that people buy solely on emotion is old-school selling. Nowadays, buyers are running the show more than ever. Selling solely on emotion can make you come across as condescending and slimy. It's obvious that emotions are big motivators for people making purchases. Under old-school selling, people felt manipulated—which is why they started turning to the Internet and to friends for answers rather than engaging with salespeople. So, what's a better way? Better yet, when you understand how emotion and logic function within your buying cycle, you have the framework for creating not just good content but also great content marketing strategy. Content Marketing: The Growth of a Trend Stage 1: Awareness

E-Business Suite Technology Members of our E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group will be at the OAUG Collaborate 14 conference at The Venetian and Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 7 to 11, 2014. Please drop by any of our sessions to hear the latest news and meet up with us. 15259 - Oracle E-Business Suite Technology: Latest Features and RoadmapLisa Parekh, Vice President, Applications Technology Group, Oracle Monday, April 7, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pmRoom: Sands, Level 1 - 303This Oracle development session provides an overview of Oracle’s product strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite technology, the features and benefits of recent releases and certifications, and the product roadmap. This is the cornerstone session for Oracle E-Business Suite technology. For complete listing of all speaker sessions and other activities, please visit the OAUG Collaborate Web Site.

JD Edwards Forums - JD Edwards Jobs - JD Edwards Enterprise One - JD Edwards World: Performance problems in R42800, R47011, R47071, R43800, R5847001, R097021, R007031 What kind of volumes are we talking about? (Number of Sales Order Lines, Invoices, etc). If you're dealing with tens of thousands of transactions your timings may not be totally out there - but 20 hours is incredible to me. Here's some things to check / consider: 1. 2. 3. 4.

How to find files,directories,path,executables for packages | Sun Solaris System Admin Sometimes you run into situations to try and understand where the files for your package that you just installed on your Sun Solaris Server. While this is no big deal for geeks lets help “not so geeks” with a way to find the files and path of installed package. Here, on Sun Solaris 10, I know I’ve installed wget package and don’t have a clue where the files have gone into. Let’s start with finding the package name. solaris10# pkginfo -l | grep wget PKGINST: SUNWwgetr NAME: GNU wget – utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web (root) DESC: GNU wget – a utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web (root components) 1.9.1 PKGINST: SUNWwgetu NAME: wget – GNU wget DESC: GNU wget – a utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web (Usr) 1.9.1 Now, that will help you find the package name. # pkginfo -l SUNWwgetu PKGINST: SUNWwgetu NAME: wget – GNU wget CATEGORY: system ARCH: i386 VERSION: 11.10.0,REV=2005. BASEDIR: / VENDOR: Sun Microsystems, Inc. This should help!

s contribution to Eclipse PDT Open Source PHP Development Tools The Eclipse PHP Development Tools project (PDT) is the #1 open source PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It has rapidly grown to be one of the most highly downloaded Eclipse projects. PDT provides an entry level IDE for with the basic code editing capabilities you need to get started with PHP development. Basic PHP Editing with syntax highlighting and coloring PHP code completion, code templates, auto-formatting Basic JavaScript Editing with syntax highlighting and coloring Basic HTML Editing with syntax highlighting and coloring Local and Remote Debugging support for XDebug and the Zend Debugger PDT is the foundation of Zend Studio the #1 commercial PHP IDE. Compare PDT and Studio Try Zend Studio Other installation techniques If you want you can also install PDT from plug-ins in the PDT the Eclipse update site.

Email Best-Practices for Developing and Maintaining Crucial Customer Relationships Once marketers have learned the various basics of an email marketing campaign, they might feel they are ready to develop long-term customer plans. Often, however, an important missing ingredient is an understanding of the consumer "lifecycle" and how email marketing tactics should be adjusted at each lifecycle stage. At its most basic, the lifecycle consists of various stages that customers go through in regard to how they think about, purchase, or otherwise interact with a company's products. Savvy companies put in place a marketing plan for each stage in order to harness the most value from customers, and then retain those customers for as long as possible before their interest in the company's products or services ends. Here are the six lifecycle stages for customers: Prospects are "pre-customers" who need to be encouraged to learn more about the brand and convert to an active customer or user status. Acquiring New Customers—Prospects Into Purchasers Engaging Active Customers With Email

Become Oracle Apps DBA   Reference Pages The following links are to reference materials that have been submitted or found by members of CRISP. You might find it very useful to send your students here for additional help or ideas. We need to build this section, so if you have reference materials you would be willing to share, please submit them! Note: For some reason there is increasing 'link rot' going on, either resources are being taken off the net, or they are moving. Please let us know if we have a munged link. Thanks! System Administration: Sun has graciously allowed us to link to the Big Admin Web Site. Introductory Unix (Unix I) Advanced Unix (Unix II) Unix Tutorials from the University of Washington student chapter of the ACM. Unix System Administration Julian Minguillon Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain Universal Unix References Eric Raymond has graciously given permission to mirror his outstanding text The Art of Unix Programming. Using Unix but not Teaching Unix? "Other" references we have found interesting

NetBeans Platform Showcase Seeing is believing. These are examples of some of the enterprise applications being built on top of the Java desktop application framework known as "the NetBeans Platform". Are you about to develop a an enterprise desktop application in Java? Get a head-start and build on top of the NetBeans Platform! Do you already have an enterprise application built on the NetBeans Platform? We'd really love to include a screenshot, so mail us the details. Categories. Companies & organizations using the NetBeans Platform.

8 Habits Of Today’s Consumer, The COMsumer Todays consumer habits suggest they no longer just consumes. In fact we should no longer call them consumers. Here’s why. First of all lets revisit the word “consume”. Originated some where between 1350-1400 and has the following meanings: to destroy or expend by use; use eat or drink up; destroy, as by decomposition or burningto spend (money, time, etc.) absorb; engross: consumed with undergo destruction; waste use or use up consumer goods You see my point. I would like to propose an alternate name. The name replaces “Con” with “Com” highlighting the importance and characteristics of the 8 com-habits that I would like to propose. Todays Consumer Habits = The 8 Habits of The COMsumer. They include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 8 Habits Of Today’s Consumer, The COMsumer. I think these habits more accurately reflects today’s consumers. Cheers, Shirley Get your free infograph on COMsumers here: Like this: Like Loading...

How to Enable Enterprise Manager on the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Source the environment for the 10g ORACLE_HOME. With a Release 12 environment this would mean running the Implement a password file and to overcome any ORA-01031 errors on the database. It is also worth considering converting your Applications database to work with an SPFileinstead of an init.ora. An SPFile is approximately analogous to being a binary equivalent of the init.ora and allows for dynamic changes to many database parameters that previously would have required a database restart. Next, as the owner of the 10gR2 ORACLE_HOME, run the following command to create the Enterprise Manager repository:- $ emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create When the above create command is run you will be prompted for the following: STARTED EMCA at Oct 15, 2007 12:26:22 PMEM Configuration Assistant, Version ProductionCopyright (c) 2003, 2005, Oracle. Enter the values appropriate to your environment:- Database ORACLE_HOME ................ The repository should then start to be created.

User Commands ls - list contents of directory Synopsis /usr/bin/ls [-aAbcCdeEfFghHilLmnopqrRstuvVx1@] []... /usr/xpg4/bin/ls [-aAbcCdeEfFghHilLmnopqrRstuvVx1@] []... /usr/xpg6/bin/ls [-aAbcCdeEfFghHilLmnopqrRstuvVx1@] []... Description For each that is a directory, ls lists the contents of the directory. There are three major listing formats. The mode printed when the -e, -E, -g, -l, -n, -o, -v, -V, or -@ option is in effect consists of eleven characters. d The entry is a directory. The entry is a door. l The entry is a symbolic link. b The entry is a block special file. c The entry is a character special file. p The entry is a FIFO (or “named pipe”) special file. The entry is an event port. s The entry is an AF_UNIX address family socket. The entry is an ordinary file. The next 9 characters are interpreted as three sets of three bits each. ls -l (the long list) prints its output as follows for the POSIX locale: -rwxrwxrwx+ 1 smith dev 10876 May 16 9:42 part2 The permissions are indicated as follows: r The file is readable. w

Alkitab Bible Study - Free Bible Software Overview Alkitab Bible Study is an open source and free desktop Bible study software. It supports single/parallel view, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, glossaries, daily devotions, etc. It also comes with powerful search capability. It features rich and user friendly Bible software study tools. This Bible software is build using JSword and is an alternative front end for Bible Desktop. Alkitab Bible Study is released into Public Domain. You can download additional Bible translations, books, dictionaries, lexicons, daily devotionals, etc by following this step by step guide. Alkitab Bible Study 3.0-beta2 (Beta/Unstable version) is available for download. Features: View Single Book or Bible View Parallel Books or Bibles Cross Reference and Search Commentaries Strong's Concordance and Morphology Lexicons/Dictionaries/Glossaries Daily Devotions Plugins Support Learn more ... What's new: ver 2.9.1 Add support for Ubuntu Unity ver 2.9 ver 2.8.1 ver 2.8 See the complete change logs. Download Now

Four Multi-Channel and Touchpoint Marketing Models Most marketers are starting to integrate their marketing channels and marketing automation is clearly taking the lead regarding the technology. Better late than never. However, simple integration will not be enough. While in multi-channel marketing the focus is still often on the channels, touchpoint-based marketing provides alternatives that revolve around individual customer and prospect touchpoints. A nice depiction of the typical multi-channel marketing is this graphic by Twiss that takes into account buyer life cycle, strategy, tactics, marketing goals and more without emphasizing the channels too much. TWISS Universe Multichannel Model When it boils down to touchpoint marketing, we see three kinds of models, depending on the approach. Approach 1: the buying stage One way to look at touchpoint marketing is based upon the typical three stages as they are most used in touchpoint marketing from the CRM perspective: pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase. Why does all this matter?

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