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Enterprise and Industry

Enterprise and Industry

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Europe in the age of global competition Europe in the age of global competition 6 February 2005 Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for Science and Research, was the keynote speaker at an EPC dialogue, kindly sponsored by Hutchison Whampoa Limited, on "Europe in the Age of Global Competition.” Hans Martens, Chief Executive, European Policy Centre, introduced the following panel discussion with a brief discourse on “The knowledge base and global competitiveness.” The following panel discussion featured Susan Chow, Deputy Group Managing Director, Hutchison Whampoa Limited, Malcolm Harbour, Member of the European Parliament and Michele Barsanti, Director of Government Relations, Honeywell. The meeting was chaired by EPC Senior Advisor, Pavel Telička.Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, President of the Party of European Socialists and former Prime Minister of Denmark offered final remarks.

Apparel in Turkey Global insight and local knowledge With 40 years’ experience of developed and emerging markets, Euromonitor International’s research method is built on a unique combination of specialist industry knowledge and in-country research expertise. This approach is what enables us to achieve our goal of building a market consensus view of size, shape and trends across the full distribution universe of each category.

WIKIPEDIA - ISO 26000 ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, has launched an International Standard providing guidelines for social responsibility (SR) named ISO 26000 or simply ISO SR and was released on 1 November 2010. Guidance without certification[edit] This standard offers guidance on socially responsible behavior and possible actions; it does not contain requirements and, therefore, in contrast to ISO management system standards, is not certifiable. The ISO 26000 scope clearly[citation needed] states "This International Standard is not a management system standard. It is not intended or appropriate for certification purposes or regulatory or contractual use. Any offer to certify, or claims to be certified, to ISO 26000 would be a misrepresentation of the intent and purpose and a misuse of this International Standard.

Product labelling and packaging We are migrating the content of this website during the first semester of 2014 into the new EUR-Lex web-portal. We apologise if some content is out of date before the migration. We will publish all updates and corrections in the new version of the portal. Do you have any questions? Contact us. ENVI - Environment DG Additional tools The Directorate-General for the Environment is one of the more than 40 Directorates-General and services that make up the European Commission. Commonly referred to as DG Environment, the objective of the Directorate-General is to protect, preserve and improve the environment for present and future generations. To achieve this it proposes policies that ensure a high level of environmental protection in the European Union and that preserve the quality of life of EU citizens.

Expert: Journalists were caught off guard by Europe's economic crisis Via Pedro Rivas Ugaz on Flickr, used with a CC-license. As Europe's economic crisis deepens, journalists covering the area are challenged to analyze, interpret, and above all, predict what will happen. "Journalism is a service to society. Journalists have to counter to political and economic powers and provide citizens with information to make democratic and freedom decisions," said Ramon Salaverría , professor of online journalism at the University of Navarra , He believes journalists are missing the mark, failing to analyze undercurrents that tell a more accurate story. - IJNet: What do you think about the coverage of European media on the economic crisis?

ITT_2009 Halit Narin, President of the International Textile Manufacturer?s Association and chairman of the board of the Turkish Textile Employers Association, The textile and ready-made clothing sector is one of Turkey’s locomotive industries. Of the approximately 43,000 companies that are operating in the sector, 25% of them are active exporters. Of Turkey’s 500 largest manufacturing establishments, 20% of them are active in the textile and ready-made clothing sector. It is estimated that total investments made in Turkey’s textile and ready-made clothing sector have surpassed $150 billion. Social responsibility Social responsibility is an ethical theory that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems. A trade-off may[citation needed] exist between economic development, in the material sense, and the welfare of the society and environment. Social responsibility means sustaining the equilibrium between the two. It pertains not only to business organizations but also to everyone whose any action impacts the environment.[1] This responsibility can be passive, by avoiding engaging in socially harmful acts, or active, by performing activities that directly advance social goals. Student social responsibility[edit]

A new approach to technical harmonisation The main aim of this Resolution is to develop an approach establishing general rules which are applicable to sectors or families of products as well as types of hazard. This Resolution establishes a number of fundamental principles for a European standardisation policy: General guidelines for the new approach The Council establishes four fundamental principles: Two conditions have to be met in order that this system may operate: the standards must guarantee the quality of the product; the public authorities must ensure the protection of safety (or other requirements envisaged) on their territory.

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