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When I was engaged, my sister gave me the best no-snag hair ties. They were awesome, but there’s only so long a married girl can rock fabric hair bands that say “I do” and “bride to be.” In search of post-nuptial hair bands, I found that they are quite expensive. Anthropologie has adorable color combinations, but they are $12 for 5 bands. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. 80 hair bands! Now the question is: what the hell am I supposed to do with eighty hair bands? Materials: stretch elastic (I purchased mine here) (I used 5/8″ elastic on the glitter and “fold over” elastic for the rest) Instructions: Measure elastic equivalent to wrap around the circumference of your wrist, leaving an extra inch on each side Cut the elastic (a sharp scissor is best to avoid fray; cut on a slight angle)Hold the two ends of the elastic together and wrap them around one finger. *Clarification required: By purple hazing, I just mean rocking out. ** Not going to make them? *** Are you a fellow Blogger?

Re-purposing: Tshirts into 5-strand-braided-headbands I was walking through Target a few weeks ago and noticed this little knit fabric headband that was not just braided together…….but woven. I decided they were charging way too much for something that could be made with t-shirt scraps. And that means free. So there you have it. A nice and easy project to give my bad-hair-day head some love. (Or you may need one for working out. I kinda love it on my little girl . She always has little hair fly-aways that get into her face…….and this helps with that problem. It even works great with her hair down…..and keeps that hair tucked behind her ears. And yep, good for me too. Thanks little t-shirt scraps. Want to make your own? First, find some old t-shirts. Then, cut your fabric into long strips. Next, stack your 5 strips on top of each other and sew together at one end. Now, pull on each strip of fabric so that they kind of curl on the edges. But let me explain a little better. First, you’ll work on the left side. And that’s it. This post is sponsored by:

DIY Snag Free Hair Ties | Simple Medicine I have really, really, really thick hair. I love it, but most hair ties do not. My eternal battle has been deciding between a hair tie that is so tight it makes my head hurt and rips out my hair or one that isn’t tight enough and won’t properly hold my hair up. The ideal hair tie would be able to wrap around a pony tail 3 to 4 times without snagging my hair; be able to manage a swingy ponytail or a messy bun; and be brightly colored and cute on my wrist. Is that too much to ask? Supplies: Fold over Elastic – I purchased mine from Elastic by the Yard on EtsyFabric Scissors Instructions: Measure a length of elastic equivalent to circumference of your wristAdd some wiggle room to that measurement, then cut your elasticHold the two ends together and wrap them around one finger. How easy was that? Added Bonus: they as cute as the ones sold at Anthropologie! Let’s get some sun! Like this: Like Loading...

How to Make a Simple Bow These little bows are so simple and fun-- I make them all the time. They are so versatile-- you can wear them as shoe clips, hair clips, broaches, whatever you want! I've also attached them to headbands. (Photo from last year when I was obsessively watching Mad Men and attempting the bee hive hairdo. How to Make Simple Bows: Step 1: First you need to cut a rectangle of fabric with a little sliver of fabric to set off to the side. Step 2: Next you need to fold the fabric onto itself, lengthwise. Step 3: Now fold the fabric in the other way to to middle. Step 4: Stitch those bad boys together. Step 5: With a curling iron, straightener, or iron, press the sides of the little sliver of fabric together. Step 6: All done!

Wholesale Fold Over Elastic - Printed Glitter Print Your search for wholesale fold over elastic by the yard is over! We have a wide variety of both elastic and fold over elastic. Varieties include lace in both a 1 inch width and 2 inch width, printed elastic such as animal prints, stripes, polka dot and damask, fold over elastic in numerous colors, glitter elastic in 3/8th and 5/8th inch, velvet in 3/8th and 5/8th inch, and the very popular chevron. If you're looking for any type of fold over elastic, we have it. Mix and match our wholesale elastic with our wide assortment of flowers, feather and buttons. The options and combinations of our elastic colors are endless as we currently have a variety of over 65 colors in stock in our 5/8th inch elastic with many of those same colors in our 1/8th inch elastic, our 3/8th inch elastic, and glitter elastic. Our wholesale prices allow you to buy just what you need because we sell our elastic by the yard and our lace in 5 yard increments.

Vintage Pillowcase Apron - Tutorial!!! So I’ve been trying to think of cool things to make for my blog giveaway. I have a list of ideas, and I’m still trying to decide between them for each day, but I really liked the idea of making an apron out vintage linens. I’m a little bit apron obsessed (this is just a portion of my vintage apron collection!). I was imagining a white pillowcase or runner with floral embroidery on it, and I KNOW I have some, but the thought of digging around in my crawlspace for one was NOT inspiring at all! So I dug through my more recent purchases, and came up with this funky patterned pillowcase instead. I love the stripes and patterns, it seems like an older version of some of the current big name fabric designers! So I set to work, making the apron, photographing each step, writing myself notes, and it’s really coming along nicely and all of a sudden I think “wait… didn’t Betz White JUST do a pillowcase apron tutorial? Vintage Pillowcase Apron Start with a vintage (or new, but vintage is more fun!)

Elastic By The Yard by ElasticByTheYard heatherross - download Mendocino Sundress pattern - Free Dress Pattern Download for Mendocino Fabrics! This is my most favorite summer dress: simple, chic, comfy, lovely. I have had students (at Purl Patchwork) of every shape and size make and wear this dress, it truly works on everybody. The bodice features super stretchy elasticized smocking, a trick anyone with a home-sewing machine and elastic thread (first thing to know: you put the elastic thread in your bobbin, NOT your needle thread!) I am thrilled to offer the pattern for this fun little dress as a free download for a limited time, while my newest line of printed fabrics, Mendocino, makes it's debut. You will need to download both the pattern instructions and the pattern sheet. and when you decide that you are completely hooked on sewing with elastic thread in your bobbin, you can buy an enormous cone of it here. Download the pattern sheet here Download the Instructions here

Glitter Shoes When I saw the moodboard for this month’s issue I got SO excited (probably way more than any normal person would), because I knew that the theme, with all its glam-rock glittery goodness, would give me an excuse to do a DIY I’ve always wanted to try: glitter shoes! They’re a lot easier to make than you’d expect. All you need is a pair of shoes, some glitter, and a jar of Mod Podge. This would be a great project for getting some use out of that one pair of shoes that you own that you love the style of, but hate the color or fabric they’re covered in (I think we all have at least one pair of these). For this DIY you’re gonna need the following: A pair of shoes (platforms and clunky boots would look extra cool with tons of glitter piled on them!). What to do: Step One: The first thing you need to do is stick masking tape in all the places you don’t want glitter to go on. Step Two: Now that our shoes are all taped up we can begin the glittering process. Ta-daaaah! Final Step: And you’re done!

Recycled Curtain Ruffle Strap Dress Description I just couldn’t resist turning this cute curtain fabric that I picked up at a local op shop into this summery little number! Other than the easy-creasing factor, the material was great to work with, probably the easiest I have sewn with so far. This is based on one of my initial inspiration to buy a sewing machine, a girly little dress with ruffles on the straps. The contour bodice is a reworked version of Miasu’s original design (here on Burdastyle, with a great tutorial), which i would recommend for the ‘more blessed(?)’ I have added a pdf tutorial on how to make the custom pattern block, it is uploaded as a pattern file. Please feel free to leave feedback! UPDATE The instructions on how to put the pieces together are now up! Material Notes 100% Cotton Categories For Women Garment Type Dress