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Public Lecture Podcast - University of Bath These podcasts from the University of Bath's public lecture series feature leading names from the worlds of science, humanities and engineering talking about the latest research in their field. The podcasts are downloaded around 250,000 times a year by people in 50 countries. The University won the European Excellence Award for its podcasts in 2007. The rings of Saturn and the Cassini mission The Power of First Lines: Another New Library Orientation School is back in session in Georgia, and I’m once again reorganizing what happens in the first visit to the library. I’ve tried to steer away from a traditional orientation where students hear the do’s and don’ts in the library. It’s not that they aren’t important, but is that really the message I want to send about reading with the first words that come out of my mouth? The message that I really want students to hear is about the joy of reading. I want them to hear about how readers talk about books to one another. I want them to hear how books can be windows into other worlds and other perspectives.

Podcasts for English and literature DeKalb County Public Library - Podcasts Every year the Georgia Center for the Book and the DeKalb County Public Library in Georgia bring many top authors to the library to speak about and read from their work. This podcast brings you recordings from many of these author talks. Podcasts: Full details

Make a Class Memory Wall A class Memory Wall is essentially a way to work as a group to remember the highlights of the school year. While individual projects like memory books and end-of-the-year essays are great, the advantage of the Memory Wall is that by working as a group, you remember more - one person's memory of an event spark's another memory from someone else. It's also great way to bring events to the surface that might otherwise have been forgotten. In addition, it will give you all a feeling of accomplishment to see just how much you did over the year.

The Compassionate Maker Gina Seymour runs a MakerCare program at Islip High School dedicated to nurturing philanthropic qualities while benefitting organizations both local and global. Collaborating with service based clubs in her school and cultivating partnerships with outside agencies, students carry out hands-on service projects taking an active role in making a difference in their community and the world. Maker activities for children foster valuable learning opportunities among our students. In our school makerspaces, students learn about science, technology, engineering and even artistic expression. This seems like a lot and yet there’s even more that students can learn in a makerspace, namely compassion and empathy. Maker education need not be limited to STEM or STEAM but can embrace the whole child.

About Mrs. Hanneken Mrs. Hanneken's Biography Click Above to view my blog Mrs. Hanneken holds both a Bachelor's and Master's in Library Science from Kutztown University. GAfE 4 Littles PLN – Learning with Christine Pinto GAfE 4 Littles stands for Google Apps for Education for primary aged students (TK-3rd). GAfE implementation is occurring in upper grades, but is still on the rise in primary grades. If you are a primary teacher and want to start implementing introducing GAfE to your littles, you are going to want to be collaborating with other teachers who are already using GAfE or have ideas! You have your colleagues at your school site you can turn to, and probably teachers at other schools. Your professional learning network (PLN) can go beyond your district.

Top SOS for Teaching Students To Cite Evidence Welcome to our special SOS Top Ten series. In this edition, we highlight some of the most popular ways to use Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) to teach and model how to cite evidence. Backing up what they think they know with factual information is an important skill for students to practice and master. Simply stating a claim isn’t enough.

August 2016 If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen pictures of my new theme for this year...Reading Ninjas! I had some requests for more pictures of my decor, so here you go! I used our poster printer at school to make the signs in my Reading Ninja Library/Media Center pack larger. I also used the poster printer to enlarge some of Krista Wallden's clipart to make the sign above the door.

Green Screen - Jennifer L. Wagner We painted an entire wall in our LAB green and we added a green picture window option as well. ANOTHER IDEA-- we have just started smashing the app Tellagami w/ DOINK. It allows students to record a character and then also video themselves talking with the character.TELLAGAMI APP: but you might want to invest in the full version using the tellagami app -- make sure for the BACKGROUND, the students choose a SOLID green. You can have your students their script with their own voice or they can type in their script and use a computer generated voice.When DONE -- SHARE, and then save to camera roll.Insert into DOINK App as a VIDEO.

18 Free Image Sites and Tools for Schools A picture is worth a thousand words, but it might also be worth a thousand dollars if your school gets hit with a copyright violation claim. This happens to schools every year as students or teachers inappropriately use an image that they do not have the rights to. Thankfully this does not have to be the case as there are loads of high quality pictures that can be used in school projects without any licensing concerns. These can include images that are released under creative commons, or are in the public domain, or simply are copyright-free.

Lessons - Makerspace in the Making Lessons 4 & 5: Building a Budget Group work- Each group continues their research and builds their budget using the google doc below. Makerspace in the Making: Supply Budget 50 Quick Report Card Comments for Assessing Elementary Student Attitude and Effort When you have to comment on a student's attitude and efforts within the classroom, it can become difficult to clearly assess their progress. With report card comments, you need to ensure they clearly point out any problems that need to be addressed, as well as highlighting improvements and strengths. Below are fifty report card comments that will help you correctly assess your student's attitude and effort concerning schoolwork. 1.