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How do you answer 'What are your strengths and weaknesses' in a job interview. This can be the most difficult question asked by the interviewer to evaluate your honesty and your confidence level.

How do you answer 'What are your strengths and weaknesses' in a job interview

Such questions are fairly typical when applying for a job. The purpose of asking this question is firstly to see how you handle a stress question and secondly how you actually respond to it. As with most things, it is all about preparation. You have to prepare an answer for this question for every job interview before you go. Think about such questions in advance and have your answers ready. Be positive; do not repeat what you have read in books or on the Internet. First impressions count for far more than many realise. The most important thing about what you say is for it to be something resolvable, or an area in which you can improve and to show how you are trying to solve this or that issue. Weaknesses do not exist, just challenges and solutions: Try to tailor your responses to your specific job or task. No Trick: Honesty is the best policy. One interviewer's perspective. Writing effective reference letters. Professors are often asked by students to write reference letters for funding opportunities.

Writing effective reference letters

Reference letters are critical to a fellowship or scholarship application, helping to distinguish an individual from a pack of outstanding applicants by highlighting unique strengths. Successful reference letters: Further details and instructions can be found in Tips on writing effective reference letters, an presentation given at a 2010 Best Practices workshop. Designed to help you write the best reference letters possible, it answers important questions such as: Letters of Recommendation for a Postdoctoral Position. When you apply for a postdoctoral position, you should provide at least two-three letters of recommendation.

Letters of Recommendation for a Postdoctoral Position

Usually project advisors and faculty members who are familiar with the candidates work are eligible to write reference letters for postdoctoral fellows. The recommendation letter is a statement of support for the postdoctoral candidate. The length of the letter will not be more than one to one and half pages and provides data about your accomplishments in the field. It helps the employer to make a decision to hire the candidate by weighing the strengths and weakness of a candidate in the related field. Your reference letter will be outstanding if your project advisor/referee clearly explains your contribution to respective projects.

Information that you should provide to your referee If someone is willing to be your academic referee, then give him/her your full C.V. and a brief note about your accomplishments in the field. Technical expertise Teaching experience Publications. Reference Letter Format. This reference letter format shows a typical reference letter.

Reference Letter Format

Your letter should provide information on your connection with the person you are recommending, why they are qualified and the skills they have. The following format is appropriate for an employment reference, as well as a reference for graduate school. Use this as a guide for writing your own personalized reference letters (review samples), making sure all relevant information is included. Center for International and Professional Experience. Recommendation Letters - Sample Recommendation Letter - Fellowship Application. A good recommendation letter can help you stand out among other fellowship applicants.

Recommendation Letters - Sample Recommendation Letter - Fellowship Application

You will most likely need at least two letters of recommendation as part of the application process. The best recommendations will come from people who know you well and can offer specific information about you as a student, person, or employee. Get more tips on choosing a recommender. The sample recommendation letter shown below has been reprinted (with permission) from The Letter Barn: free sample letters: Sample Recommendation Letter for Fellowship Program. Here is a sample Recommendation Letter requested by a student from his professor, to be used as part of application to a Fellowship Program or Masteral Degree.

The Letter Barn: free sample letters: Sample Recommendation Letter for Fellowship Program

Recommendation Letters are hard to come by and this sample is very detailed in highlighting the strong points of the individual. To Whom It May Concern: I am proud to recommend Larry Saunders to your fellowship program. I was asked to make a recommendation on behalf of being the Program Director who has worked with Larry on several grassroots campaigns while he was studying at Michigan Tech University. Larry has the zeal and commitment in pursuing social advocacies, a very rare passion for community welfare that I hardly see among students his age. Having seen him then, 2005, to now, 2009, I can only commend him on how he continues to mature as a professional and a young emerging leader in the field of Public Policy in the Michigan area.

Always, in his work, Larry is consistent in achieving target goals mandated for his core team. How to Write a Reference Letter. Writing a Reference Letter (With Examples)