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I Am Creator [Scene Generator] – Free Scene & Items Free scene & elements from amazing I Am Creator [Scene Generator] from LStore. Take a look at FULL VERSION here! adobe photoshop *.psd filesvery easy to customize and edit in Adobe Photoshopuse for personal or professional projectstake a look at FULL VERSION here! Freebie Terms: All freebies from dealjumbo can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of new work.Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own. Vectors Free Vector Corkboard with Frame Since the notes and pins are popular on fuzzimo, here’s a vector cork texture with a wood frame in case anyone needs an all vector bulletin board artwork. Read more Illustrator Tutorial Crop a Group of Shapes Here’s a basic Illustrator tutorial on how to crop an area from a group of multiple shapes or just hide unwanted parts by using opacity masks or clipping masks.

path Becoming a WitchWitchcraft 101 So, you want to become a witch... These pages comprise a home study course written by myself. It includes excerpts from books as well as my own private practices. The information within these pages is by no means the "only way". SEO Keyword Graph Visualization Use this free Java application to explore the connections between related websites. Try it now! Enter keywords or a URL, and click 'Graph it!' See Getting Started below for more details. Getting Started Make sure you have the latest version of java, at least Java 1.5 Type in your search keywords or a URL, and press "Graph It!"

Preserved 'Dinosaur Foot' A Hoax? - UPDATE! - The Haunted Skeptic Alleged Moa claw as published to Flickr. Description: “Ryan Baumann, Moa Claw, Natural History Museum – London. Although Creative Commons attribution is mentioned, no valid license for the image is referenced nor is it found anywhere on NHM’s site. Making internet rounds again this month are alleged photos of the fossilized remains of Megalapteryx didinus (aka ‘Upland Moa’) – an Ostrich-like bird indigenous to New Zealand’s southern island. The meter-tall creature was said to have become extinct sometime around 1500, approximately 200-300 years following migratory diffusion of Maori tribes from Polynesia into the mountainous regions inhabited by the doomed creatures.

Akademy's space CanvasZoom app So, here it is, the CanvasZoom app drawn with just the HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript: Image of Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300 from Hubble Site You can zoom with the mouse either with the scroll wheel - forward to zoom in, backward to zoom out - or by clicking the select button to zoom in. The buttons beneath the canvas can also be used. It works very well in Firefox 3.0+ and Opera 11+ . French in Action Due to licensing agreements, online viewing of the videos for this resource is restricted to network connections in the United States and Canada. Orientation An introduction to French in Action: its creation, its components, and its functioning. How to work with the video programs and how to integrate them with the audio and print components. This is the only program in English; the others are entirely in French. Planning and Anticipating I Greeting and leave-taking; talking about health; expressing surprise; planning and anticipating; expressing decisiveness and indecisiveness.

Global Gala - animated ecard by Jacquie Lawson We've detected that the Flash plug-in is either out-of-date, disabled or not installed in your browser. Our e-cards are all created using Flash, and Flash is required in order to view this card on desktop computers. (For mobile devices it's a different story: you can find details here.) Please click here for more information about what Flash is and why we use it, and here for further instructions on how to install or update Flash. If those instructions fail to resolve the problem, you'll find a link at the bottom of those pages where you can contact our helpline directly, and they'll be happy to try to help you get Flash working on your computer.

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