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Memrise - Learn a language. Meet the world. Dave's ESL Cafe: Free English Grammar Lessons. Adjective Clauses #1 Adjective Clauses #2 Adjective Clauses #3 Adjective Clauses #4 Adjective Clauses #5 Adjective Clauses #6 Adjective Clauses #7 Adjective Clauses #8 Adjective Clauses #9 Adjective Clauses #10 Adjective Clauses #11 Adjective Clauses #12 Adjective Clauses #13 Conditional Sentences #1 Conditional Sentences #2 Conditional Sentences #3 Conditional Sentences #4 Conditional Sentences #5 Conditional Sentences #6 Conditional Sentences #7 Conditional Sentences #8 Conditional Sentences #9.

Dave's ESL Cafe: Free English Grammar Lessons

Bubbles English. This is a game for practicing English sentence formation.

Bubbles English

It is primarily aimed at ESL (English as a second language) students. To play, you select a set of content to play with, and then make sentences by clicking on word bubbles. As you make sentences, the bubbles disappear and slowly the board is cleared. The idea behind this game is to have players practice forming sentences in a fun way. Rather than just click on boxes or words to make sentences, which can get a bit boring, this game tries to make it more engaging.

MES Games- Online Games to Learn English.

An interactive game website for ESL students and teachers. There are 14 engaging activities per vocabulary unit. The various activities include vocabulary building games, question and answer activities, spelling games, and grammar games. The website does require you to download adobe flash player to play the games. Teaching tips: • Guide students to click on images and hear the word pronounced to enhance fluency • Ask students to repeat the words they hear after watching a video of people pronouncing those words • Use the online spelling game that has the students spell 10 words and earn stars and points for each successful attempt. – jinan84


A fun and engaging website where you answer vocabulary questions. For each right answer, Free Rice donates ten grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. The difficulty increases as you play along. The game format is challenging and motivating. Although, I wish the website would keep count of every right answer you made. Teaching tips: • Talk to your students about world hunger and listen to their responses. • Create two groups; have one group discuss world hunger. Have the others discuss the importance of education. Then come together for a whole discussion. • Encourage students to look up the meanings of the words they missed to find their correct definitions. – jinan84

Online Spelling Games for Kids – Interactive Vocabulary Activities. Duolingo - A melhor maneira do mundo de aprender um idioma. Into the Book: Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies. ESL Fast - A huge free online English learning resource. Free English Lessons. LearnEnglish Kids. English Interactive.

A free website and application that will help your second language learners to gain fluency through their interactive interface. It is good for self-studying learners and for teachers to use in the classroom or online. The website focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You will need adobe flash player on your computer for the grammar lessons. Teaching tips: • Guide students to practice brainstorming ideas before writing using their tools. • Roleplay some of the dialogues the website provides as an exercise. • Guide students to play around with the vocabulary word games. – jinan84

EWE - Easy World Of English // HOME. ELLLO - English Listening Lesson Library Online.

Elllo offers a wide range of listening activities aimed at ESL students. The website is updated weekly with free games, news, talking points, and songs. It also provides downloadable audio lessons with captions, quizzes, and audio vocabulary. The video lessons come with captions, transcripts, and interactive flash games. Teaching tips: • Have a group discussion on one of the videos you play in class. • Ask students to check their comprehension skills by taking the online quizzes provided by Elllo. • Elllo materials can be used as warm-up listening activities. – jinan84

ICDL - International Children's Digital Library.

The website provides children's books from more than 40 countries and in 55 languages. It has an easy interface and allows students to search for books by age, country, language, length, or genre. The diverse collection of books allows students to gain more knowledge about other cultures and traditions while enhancing their reading skills. Teaching tips: • Talk about the different cultures and places the students read about • Ask students if they were to share a book on their website, which one would it be and why? • Discuss with the students what are the various ways people can promote tolerance and acceptance – jinan84

A website that provides literacy activities for kindergarteners and early language learners. The simplicity of their online games allows students to explore letters and numbers with ease. Printable practice sheets for vocabulary are helpful for homework or in-class activities. Teaching tips: • Print out an activity sheet and have students practice writing vocabulary words • Fold some of the printed exercises in half and have the students practice recognizing color words without the aid of seeing the corresponding color. • Print and practice upper and lower case letters – jinan84

Learn English for Kids - Free - KinderSay. Popplet. Highlights Kids.

An accompanying website to the Highlights children magazine. The website provides many activities including crafts, games, recipes, and science projects. Students can also watch videos of kids telling jokes and creating virtual art projects. The activities are easy to play and feature different levels. Teaching tips: • Listen to a podcast about the world wave of kindness and discuss what are ways to be kind. • Have students share their stories and experiences using the “share” option • Create one of the easy crafts in class such as the slime project – jinan84

Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students (Fun English Study) Welcome to Lit2Go ETC.

A website made by the University of Florida that has a free online collection of stories in an audio format which is also available to download on iTunes. A bonus feature to the website is that reading passages can be downloaded as a PDF and printed for use as a read-along or as supplemental reading material classrooms. The audio is organized in sections and is user-friendly. Teaching tips: • Assign a chapter for each student and come together to discuss • Create a book report project at the end of the unit • Coach students through developing their own character diagrams – jinan84

"recording system" on Visuwords™ Storyline Online.

Story Line Online is a wonderful read-aloud tool. There are many books to choose from that are then read aloud by different actors to help with fluency. As the actor reads, the students will be able to follow along with the pages of the book. Your computer must have Macromedia Flash Player to view the movies. This website is excellent for early elementary and ESL students who need to listen to word pronunciation. Teaching tips: • Discuss with the students whether or not the actor did a good job reading a certain book. Talk about voice and tone. • Distribute an activity sheet for small groups to fill out while listening to the stories read aloud. • Create a large group discussion of the main points in the activity sheet to have constructive feedback on the books they have listened to. – jinan84

Simple Collaborative Mind Maps - Coggle.

Coggle is a free mind mapping tool that allows users to create online mind maps and share them with classmates or colleagues. It is a great way to help students make visual connections between important concepts. The best feature of this website is that it allows everyone to work on a single map simultaneously while developing ideas and editing the map instantaneously. This tool is user-friendly and easy for beginners. Teaching tips: • Allow students to play around with the maps just to become more familiar with its features before you assign a project. • Demonstrate a sample of how you would use this tool to brainstorm while allowing the students to edit while you show them an example. • Involve students in small group discussions before assigning a project which is to create a concept map. • Be clear on how the assignment will be assessed while providing them with clear grading criteria. – jinan84