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Quali tecnologie per la nuova didattica – La scuola che non c’è – Medium Riflessioni e caso d’uso Negli ultimi anni lo sviluppo tecnologico, la diffusione di LIM, devices mobili e fissi, la connessione alla rete web, permette di strutturare forme nuove di didattica e nuovi ambienti di apprendimento in cui gli studenti e i docenti interagiscono con tablet, netbook o smartphone con modalità didattiche co-costruttive e cooperative, attraverso app da sfruttare come ambienti o strumenti di apprendimento, superando l’impostazione frontale della lezione e favorendo una didattica più attiva. Un uso razionale delle tecnologie digitali nella didattica deve partire da un assunto: non è la didattica che deve adattarsi alle tecnologie, ma sono le tecnologie che devono essere impiegate/adattate per rendere più efficace la didattica. Un esperienza di ICT nella didattica In questi ultimi anni ho usato in vario modo le tecnologie digitali nelle mie discipline. Per iniziare, vi voglio descrivere il mio modo di usare le tecnologie nella didattica. Quali competenze per il prof.

9 cheap or free computer science classes on Coursera - Scarica e converti video da YouTube e altri siti Issuu Publication Downloader - Robson de Sousa Martins Este serviço permite realizar o download, em formato PDF, de qualquer publicação hospedada no site Issuu (mesmo as que não possuem link para download no site). Código-Fonte disponível sob licença GPLv3.Código-Fonte do Issuu Publication Downloader (GitHub). Feedback and Bug Tracking. Notas: Compatível com os navegadores Google Chrome (>=8.0), Mozilla Firefox (>= 4.0) e Microsoft Internet Explorer (>= 10.0). O serviço é oferecido sem nenhuma garantia e nem suporte técnico por parte do autor e empresas citadas, podendo ser interrompido sem prévio aviso.

Pillole di app - Symbaloo Gallery Related keywords: Mappe , animate , con , Loopy , Popplet: , mappe , concettuali , GoConqr-slide , e , flash , card , Coggle: Cancer Survival Rates Ask your doctor about their thoughts on your 1, 2, and 5 year survival rates to get a personalized estimate. The numbers on this site are survival rates based upon cases of other people with this type of cancer. Use these numbers to ask your doctor what would make your outlook the same or different. Tip: Use the drop-down at the top of the page to change the survival length from 5 year to 1 or 2 year. Reviewed by Aaron Simon M.D. What is Stage and why do I need to know it? Cancer Stage is a number, typically from 1 to 4, measuring the size of the cancer tumor and if the cancer has spread. What is Grade and why do I need to know it? Some cancers also have a grade. What is Histology and why do I need to know it? Histology type describes the tissue in the cancer. Bottom line, confirming stage, grade, and histology of cancer with your doctor is important for understanding prognosis (outlook) and discussing treatment options. Reviewed by Andrew Bruggeman, M.D.

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HOME PAGE LearningApps - interactive and multimedia learning blocks Clustered prefab cabins form hotel in Chilean Patagonia Chilean architecture studio Larrou has designed a hotel near a field where sheep graze in Patagonia from wood-clad cabins that were prefabricated. Aka Patagonia hotel is located on a rural site north of Puerto Natales, a Chilean port city in southern Patagonia. Elements that form six guest cabins and the communal social area were prefabricated in a shipyard before being transported and assembled on the plot. The guest cabins have mono-pitched roofs and a communal dining room has an inverted roof, forming an irregular roofline when seen together. Pale wood from the native lenga tree covers the walls and roof, and forms the pathway decking. "It envelops the project, even the roof, protecting the structure from extreme weather conditions," it said. Larrou left the wood untreated so it will weather over time. "The aging of the material is a key aspect of the project: achieving a fusion between the built environment and the landscape," it added. Photography is by Fernanda Del Villar.

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