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5-minute Chocolate Cake

5-minute Chocolate Cake

The Slime Thick slime You can see this step in the following video or keep reading Take half a spoon of your borax solution and add it to your mucilage solution. Stir. You will notice an immediate change in your mucilage solution: it becomes slimy. Depending of the texture you want (the one I did is thicker), add more or less borax. Once you are done, take your slime out of the flask and mold it with your hands. It tends to dry, so use a Ziploc bag to store it. Translucent, more elastic, and "slimier" slime Making this kind of slime is basically the same as doing a thick slime. The other difference is that you have to make it in batches. Here is the video: Now that you are done, read on to see the explanation of what happened while you play with your slime and learn, among other things, what "rheopectic" means.

How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn Yes, that's right; you heard us. Creamy, soft-serve style ice cream with just one ingredient — and no ice cream maker needed! What is this one magic ingredient that can be whipped into perfectly rich and silky ice cream, with no additional dairy, sweeteners, or ingredients needed whatsoever? If you guessed BANANA, congratulations! What? "That's the sort of thing you discover," she sighed, "when all your friends are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-allergic, and you're on a sugar-free diet." It turns out that frozen bananas are good for more than just dipping in chocolate. Some bananas, depending on their ripeness, have a bit of that green aftertaste. Have you ever tried frozen-banana ice cream? Want more detailed instructions and step-by-step photos? → Step-by-Step Instructions for One-Ingredient Ice Cream Now try more flavors... → Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream 5 Ways: Peanut Butter, Nutella, and More (Images: Faith Durand)

Red Velvet Cake Balls I first tasted these two years ago at a Christmas party and immediately had to have the recipe. It’s based on a mix, but I imagine you can follow the same directions substituting from scratch cake and frosting (I’ll try that one day). You can also try it with other cake combinations. Red Velvet Cake Balls1 box red velvet cake mix (cook as directed on box for 13 X 9 cake)1 can cream cheese frosting (16 oz.)1 package chocolate bark (regular or white chocolate)wax paper 1. I also only melt a few pieces of chocolate bark at a time because it starts to cool and thicken. Want to see how good they look in white chocolate?

Make Your Own LED Wedding Table Cards For years I've been drawn to stuff that lights up. Maybe it was all the glow-in-the-dark toys they made back in the 80's. Maybe I'm just part moth. My original idea was to make some kind of LED centerpiece. Before delving any deeper, I'd like to give one cautionary note to anyone thinking of making these. In the end, the payoff can be pretty cool though. Finally, remember this will not be very impressive if you're having a very bright reception. OK, now let's cut to the chase...

Vanilla cheesecake with strawberry compote 8th December 2011By GuestPhotography by Adam A few weeks ago the industrial design team in Dunedin had a shared morning tea to celebrate a couple of birthdays. Annie made this beautiful cheesecake; it was so good we persuaded her to share her secret recipe with everyone! “I can’t remember ever having cheesecake when I was little… my mum wasn’t that into food; cooking or baking was merely a chore to her. Her signature dish was a sponge cake, but made from an instant cake packet – add some water and eggs and voila! It most certainly wouldn’t have any icing. “This cake requires a few hours cooling before serving so is best made the day before. -- Take all ingredients out of the fridge an hour before starting.

2n3055 flyback transformer driver for beginners Intro: This instructable will show you how to make a cheap and simple driver circuit in order to get high voltage arcs out of a component called a flyback transformer. A flyback transformer, sometimes called a line output transformer are used in older CRT TV's and computer monitors to produce the high voltage needed to power the CRT and electron gun. They also have other auxiliary windings built into them that the TV manufacturers use to power other parts of the TV, so they are usually customised by the manufacturers. For the high voltage experimenter they are used to make high voltage arcs, which is what this instructable will show you how to do with just a few simple electronic components. You can get flyback transformers out of older CRT monitors and TV's. Disclaimer I am in no way responsible if you mess up with this circuit. What you will need: 1x Flyback transformer 1x 2n3055 transistor + heatsink 1x 220 ohm 5 watt resistor A fast diode.

Peanut Butter- S’Mores Turnovers | Peanut Butter- S’Mores Turnovers I’m not much of a camper. My husband often takes my son on camping trips, and I happily stay behind and thank the gods for our bug-free house, cozy bed and well-stocked kitchen. Here’s the How To: Thaw out a box of Puff Pastry, and cut along the fold lines to make 6 large rectangles. Layer 1/4 of a whole graham cracker, a piece of milk chocolate bar and a spoonful of peanut butter on one side of the Puff Pastry. Wet the edges with water (dip your finger in water and gently touch along the edge), fold over the filling ingredients and press edges together. Transfer filled turnovers to a parchment-lined baking sheet, and brush with egg wash. Use a sharp knife to cut a couple of slits in the top of each turnover (to allow steam to escape while baking). Bake at 400 degrees F. until golden (about 15 minutes). Scoop marshmallow creme into a zip baggie and microwave it for about 8 seconds. Here’s the S’More’s Turnover- deconstructed…

Rose Cake Pops Tutorial Rose Cake Pops Tutorial Cake pops are delightful little bites of sweet cake coated with chocolate. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we have lots of tutorials and DIY ideas for you. We especially love rosettes so we had to share this “Rose Cake Pop” tutorial with you! If you try your hand at these cuties, be sure to send us a picture! Thanks to Audrey Novak of Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats for submitting her Rose Cake Pops Tutorial! Take it away, Audrey! Rose Cake Pops You’ll Need: Prepared Cake Balls (Head over to Bakerella to learn how to make them) Lollipop Sticks Melted Almond Bark or Candy Melts Prepared Modeling Chocolate Quick Modeling Chocolate Recipe:Melt 8 oz of Chocolate or Almond Bark. Refrigerate until hardened and ready to use. For the roses, I used a combination of Red Candy Melts and White Almond Bark. To start, you’ll need to form your Cake Balls into tear drop shapes. I use a chocolate melter for super easy melting and dipping! Have fun! ~Audrey”

Fluffy Pancakes | Blogger For Hire - StumbleUpon This pancake recipe is the result of mixing and matching different recipes from many different sources. It is the result of trying and failing so many times, that I almost declared pancakes as the one breakfast recipe I couldn’t master. But I persisted, and this recipe is perfect – as perfect as a pancakes recipe can be, because making pancakes does involve frying, and frying is something that each of us needs to play with. It changes depending on your type of stove (gas or electric), on how hot the skillet is, and on how evenly hot you manage to keep it while frying multiple batches. But the instructions here are as close as it gets to “perfect,” and the result? This recipe makes 16-18 pancakes. Fluffy Pancakes Makes 16-18 pancakes. Dry Ingredients 2 cups all purpose flour 1/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1.5 tablespoons baking powder (make sure it’s fresh) Directions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Serve with warm maple syrup and berries. (Just in case) –> More Pancake Recipes: Similar Posts:

The Perfect Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe The perfect cookie dough truffles are so easy to make and perfect for entertaining or enjoying as a treat. Cookies hold a definite place of distinction around my house – from our chewy chocolate chip cookies to out of this world peanut butter cookies and let’s not even think about forgetting my absolute favorite cookie dough dip. They all are our favorites. So, I decided I’d combine some flavors from our chewy chocolate chip cookies and my chocolate chip cookie dough dip to make the perfect cookie dough truffles recipe. Let me just go ahead and tell you now, when you pop one of these babies in your mouth, you immediately feel like a kid again sneaking a little bite of the cookie dough. Err… well… I at least did. The best part? I left a few out for all of us to enjoy and then boxed the rest up for her to keep in her freezer so she could enjoy them whenever she needed a little nibble of cookie dough truffles. Here’s how I make my cookie dough truffles. The Perfect Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe

5 minute DNA Extraction in a Shot Glass Despite its exotic-sounding name, DNA is ubiquitous - it can be found in every cell of every living thing and almost everywhere on the planet. Nonetheless, we rarely come face-to-face with the molecule itself - and it's not because DNA is difficult to find or isolate! In this instructable, we'll show you how to isolate your own DNA with little more than some dish soap, table salt, high-proof alcohol, a shot glass, and a bit of your own saliva. It only takes a couple of minutes, and after you've isolated your own DNA, you can either drink it back down in a tasty "DNA shot" (great party trick) or better yet, purify it further for more analysis*. Materials & Set Up This instructable was produced by DIYbio - an organization for amateur biotechnologists. EDIT: Some DIYbioers are developing a simple gel box and a gel box on steroids.

Baked Perfection HOT CHOCOLATE ON A STICK recipe | giverslog - StumbleUpon If you’re new here, welcome. I’m AmberLee, and since writing this post, I’ve opened up a little chocolate shop. I’d love to have you stop by, don’t forget to send me a hot chocolate flavor suggestion. Or say hello on facebook. I’d like that too. NOTE: If you blog this recipe, I’ll be thrilled and flattered. Oh how I love when the weather turns cold enough for hot chocolate. This idea is something I’ve been wanting to try for a couple winters now. me in Venezuela, I’m the pudgy one in booties Enough of my life story, and on to a recipe for real, amazing hot chocolate. I’m glad I finally took the time to puzzle this through and do a little taste testing, because the recipe turned out to be so simple, and the results so delightful. First things first: what chocolate to buy (see a whole post dedicated to this here) The trick to making the best hot chocolate on a stick is using good, serious chocolate that melts easily. Barry Callebaut, Dagoba, Michel Cluizel, El Rey, Valrhona, Guittard

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