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Best Social Media Analytics Tools. Dizionario SEO. 33 strumenti SEO gratuiti: guida definitiva ai SEO Tools. SEO. SEO / SEM. Concepts SEO. SEO. SEO Tools. Infographic: The Death Of SEO, Failed Predictions Over The Years. SEO has been declared “dead” almost from when it first began, as our post from a few years ago, Is SEO Dead?

Infographic: The Death Of SEO, Failed Predictions Over The Years

1997 Prediction, Meet 2009 Reality, covers. Now, a new infographic is out looking at how SEO has been “dying” over the years. The infographic is from SEO Book and is interesting in that rather than taking a timeline approach, it instead shows examples of various types of people who’ve declared that SEO is dead and why they are, as the infographic puts it, “deluded.” The infographic is below; click to enlarge it: If you want the infographic for yourself, you’ll find it here: Infographic – Is SEO Dead? For our own reasons why SEO will never die, well, see our SEO Is Here To Stay, It Will Never Die post from 2010, which says in part: SEO is about understanding how these search engines get their information and what should be done to gain free traffic from them.

People have had search needs since as long as they’ve been thinking. 18+ SEO Excel Functions. SEO and Excel are like chocolate and peanut butter - great together.

18+ SEO Excel Functions

Here are 18 Excel functions (and two formulas) that can make SEO just a little bit easier. SEO Excel Functions The LEN function returns the number of characters in a cell. It's particularly handy in creating the right title and meta descriptions. Remember to keep your titles to ~60 characters and meta descriptions to ~150 characters.

Phantom spaces at the beginning or end of a cell can be maddening. This is just what it sounds like. Word Count Formula There's no out of the box word count function. The first part of the formula returns the number of characters in the keyword phrase. The second part of the formula returns the number of characters in the keyword phrase without spaces. The difference between the two numbers tells you the total number of spaces in the keyword phrase. This is three spaces There's a space between This and is, between is and three and between three and spaces. The problem? HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP. SEO Copywriting for User Experience.

Seo study guides. Audience Measurement, Lookalike Modeling, Audience Buying. SEO Hacker - Online SEO School. Real Time Search - Social Mention. Wildfire Social Media Monitor. Google. SocialPointer- Real-Time Social Media Marketing Tools Campaign & Tactics. Social Network Analysis. Web2.0. Search Socially. TermWiki - dedicata all'apprendimento. Doochoo, un nuovo modo di fare ricerche di mercato. Boardreader - Forum Search Engine. Real Time Search - Social Mention. Mamuna social media reviews. Scoopeo. Infomous. Klout - The Standard for Influence. Make your own printable word searches. Make your own custom word search worksheets! A variety of options are available including font size, font style, lowercase or uppercase letters, grid shape, word placement, and more. Experiment with the settings below to find the best results for printing your word search. You may also need to adjust your browser's page setup (change margins, header/footer, or switch to landscape/portrait mode), then go to 'Print Preview' before printing.

These options are under your browser's File menu. Landscape mode works best for many puzzles. Before you create your word search, you might also want to highlight your word list and press Ctrl+C to keep a copy of it on your computer's clipboard. Monitoring LIVE. Ghostery. Kurrently - real-time social media search engine. Crowdmap. What Exactly Is Crowdmap?


Crowdmap is designed and built by the people behind Ushahidi, a platform that was originally built to crowdsource crisis information. As the platform has evolved, so have its uses. Crowdmap allows you to set up your own map of Ushahidi without having to install it on your own web server. What Can I Do With Crowdmap? Use the power of the crowd to monitor and visualize what went right, and what went wrong, in an election. Whether it's a natural disaster, epidemic or political crisis, Crowdmap was built for it. Crowdsourcing isn't just for emergencies, you can use it for local knowledge and business too. How else will you survive the coming apocalypse? Bottlenose - A Smarter Way To Surf The Stream. How Bottlenose Can Help Turn Twitter into a High Signal Channel.

Reviewing Bottlenose On Saturday I discovered the Bottlenose service and quickly realised how it can enhance my Twitter, Facebook and other channels to enable me to quickly find content of interest to me.

How Bottlenose Can Help Turn Twitter into a High Signal Channel

Within a few minutes of using the service I found myself agreeing with Mashable that “Bottlenose is a Game Changer for Social Media Consumption” and ReadWriteWeb that the service is “More intelligent than basic consumer dashboards like TweetDeck and HootSuite“. I came across Bottlenose from a tweet posted by @suebecks. I found that I had previously registered for the service but hadn’t yet received an activation code.

However since Bottleneck have stated that “if you happen to have a Klout score over 30, you can register and gain access straight away ” and my Klout rating is 48 I was able to use the service straight away. A Web-Based Twitter Client Figure 1: Display of Tweets The Personalised Newspaper Feature Figure 2: Display of the content of shared links. The Sonar Feature Discussion. Business Social Marketing is Easy with Bottlenose – WP Pro Business. Business marketing on social networks and blogs can be difficult.

Business Social Marketing is Easy with Bottlenose – WP Pro Business

If you’re a business or product owner I’m sure you’ve experienced the pain of trying to figure out who you should be marketing to and how. Online marketing is certainly one of the best ways of doing it, and social media has become an important tool in getting the word out about your business. What isn’t always clear is how to know who to market to on social media networks—who is interested in your business or product, and how do you find them?

Bottlenose is the answer. It’s a way to find and share specific content from social networks and groups, and it could transform the way product and business owners market online. So What is Bottlenose and How Does it Work? Here’s the quick and dirty on what it does—enter a keyword or phrase, and Bottlenose will display in real time tweets and posts related to that topic and place them in order of importance. Additional Features that Make Bottlenose a Great Marketing Tool Sonar Rules. Heardable online reputation management and social media monitoring - Netvibes - Dashboard Everything. 4 façons de surveiller votre e-répuration. Sémio/Veille/analyse. Veille. Veille. Veille. Veille : moteur de recherche. 10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using.

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10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

Social media is everywhere. It's in our homes, places of worship, schools and, of course, our businesses. Everywhere you look, people are using social media and are talking about it. And it seems that every week a new type of social site pops up. And as the number of social networking sites grows, so does the number of services that are created to measure, track and monitor those services. To help you cut through the clutter, here are the 10 must-use social media tools that can not only help you make sense of your social media efforts but make them more effective. 1.

With it, you can get a snapshot of your month-to-month content with the calendar feature. Who should use it and why: Any business owner who manages a multi-author website should give EditFlow a look. 2. 3. If you'd like to be an affiliate, you can use ArgyleSocial's white label brand and resell the social media platform to your clients. 4. 5. 6. Web Analytics. Outils de veille.

Agents d'alerte. Surveillance d'un site web en "dur". Outils de veille et curation. 6 Steps for Protecting Corporate Reputation in the Social Media Age. Layla Revis is vice president of digital influence at Ogilvy PR Worldwide .

6 Steps for Protecting Corporate Reputation in the Social Media Age

Her specialties include international affairs, tourism and multicultural marketing. It takes years to build a good reputation, but seconds to damage it beyond repair, as executives at companies from Dell to Domino’s certainly have found out. This was a sentiment echoed by executives at the Senior Corporate Communication Management Conference in New York when discussing social media and corporate reputation and how to embrace the new reality of immediate communications. When you consider the sheer volume of earned media, or word of mouth generated on the Internet each and every day, it is clear that “controlling” messaging is no longer an option for large companies, who, for many years, have been in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own reputation. So how can a reputation bashing be avoided on the social web? Dell Computers United Airlines Netflix 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Companies must drive the messaging and response. Outil Google. Trucs et Astuces. You Can't Control the Conversation on Social Media (and That's Okay) " iMediaConnection Blog. Beyond all of the Likes, retweets and +1s, social media’s greatest gift to marketers is that it helps give brands a human face.

You Can't Control the Conversation on Social Media (and That's Okay) " iMediaConnection Blog

Before the social media revolution, virtually all brand communications were one-way—the brands talk and the consumers listen, with no possibility for participation. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and online discussion forums, however, consumers now have the ability to speak directly to brands and share their experiences with brands with their friends. At first blush, this seems like a marketer’s dream come true. Why go through the hassle of securing formal case studies and testimonials when people are talking about your brand organically, without prompting or payment?

You can’t buy that kind of authenticity (though many have tried ). But what happens when people start saying things about your brand that you don’t want them to say? On January 18 of this year, McDonald’s launched a Promoted Hashtag on Twitter: #McDStories. Lessons Learned 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Outils de veille gratuits. Comment réaliser sa veille sans perdre de temps ? 54 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools [Update2012] If you want to know what’s happening in the social web you need social media monitoring tools.

54 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools [Update2012]

Before you reach for your wallet and start to spend money try out some of the free social media monitoring services . This way you will get an understanding of what is available and if you need any paid services. I have collected 54 free social media monitoring tools. In the Group A are the services that I use regularly or seem interesting to check out immediately. The Group B is an alphabetical list of tools for you to play with. Group A HootSuite Twitter account: HootSuite Monitor and post to multiple social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. SocialBro Twitter account: SocialBro Get accurate information about your community using different search criteria that will help you to make strategic and error-free decisions. Social Mention SocialPointer SocialSeek Twitter account: socialseek Get all the latest tweets, news, videos, photos, and more on any topic you want in one place. TwitterCounter.

9 outils pour surveiller et travailler son eRéputation ! Trendistic - see trends in twitter. Free tools to monitor and manage your online reputation. Posted by Anton Koekemoer on Jul 11, 2012 in ORM | 6 comments Once you have taken the mighty leap of getting your business online and you are using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, then there is a good chance that people are talking about your business.

Free tools to monitor and manage your online reputation

It is really good if everything that is said about your business is positive, but you have to realize that this isn’t a perfect world and anyone has the ability to post something negative about you that can damage your business and brand. If you are a small business owner, you most likely don’t have all the resources to employ someone dedicated to manage your online reputation and to be honest, it isn’t that necessary.

All you have to do is devote some time every day to do your own online reputation management and this can be very beneficial to your business. Find below free tools that you can use for online reputation management Twitter Social Mention Yahoo Pipes. Online Search Tools - Social Web. CatchFree - Perform Everyday Tasks for Free. Your.flowingdata / Capture your life in data. Webmaster Tools & SEO Tools. Methodspace - Research Methods community.