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Genetik Odaklı Proje - 2. Bölüm. Projenin bu bölümünde, hakkında bir önceki bölümde genel bilgiler derlediğimiz CFTR genine ilişkin veri kaynaklarına nasıl ulaşacağımızı öğreneceğiz.

Genetik Odaklı Proje - 2. Bölüm

Deep Time : A History of the Earth - Interactive Infographic. The Flying Trilobite. Timeline: The evolution of life - life - 14 July 2009. Read full article Continue reading page |1|2|3|4 There are all sorts of ways to reconstruct the history of life on Earth.

Timeline: The evolution of life - life - 14 July 2009

Pinning down when specific events occurred is often tricky, though. Apoptoz Is. Apoptoz is. Cogito – YKY. Biyo RSS: Güncel Biyoloji Haberleri. İnsan Doğası ve Evrim. INSANIN EVRIMI. The University of Utah. Keşfetmek İçin Bak. Evrim Çalışkanları. Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Garanti Kültür Merkezi’nde 21-22 Aralık 2013 tarihlerinde gerçekleştirilecek olan IV.

Evrim Çalışkanları

Müspet ilimler kumpanyası. MY LIFE AND THOUGHTS. Doğa Tarihi. Karmaşık sistemler, hesaplamalı bilim ve akademik hayat. “Kriptografi Gördüm”, Wunjo… In Fotoğraf Günlüğü. Bilim Güncesi. Yaşamın kıyısında. No dry light. S blog. What’s evolution got to do with math? S e q u e n c e S. MYRMECOS - Insect Photography - Insect Pictures. - Science News, Technology, Physics, Nanotechnology, Space Science, Earth Science, Medicine.

Thoughtomics. Biology and Basic Science News, Articles, and Information from Scientific American. Skepchick. Science. Stories tagged with “Science” This 32-Year-Old Florida Woman Is Dead Because Her State Refused To Expand Medicaid One English Town’s Innovative Response To Sea Level Rise Women From Koch-Funded Conservative Groups Lambaste Equal Pay Measure Culture ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Duped Into Narrating Film That Says The Sun Revolves Around The Earth By Josh Israel on April 8, 2014.


Paleoanthropology, genetics and evolution. I have a review of Marlene Zuk's new book, Paleofantasy , in this week's Nature : "Evolutionary biology: Twisting the tale of human evolution" [1] . I can't replicate my review here, but for people who have access to Nature I thought I'd bring attention to it. And if you don't have access, I wanted to share a couple of my reactions.

It was a fun book for me to read. Denim and Tweed. Gene Expression. Update: Comments enabled now!

Gene Expression

Until further notice this is my last post as a blogger at Discover Magazine. This shouldn’t impact regular readers. Struggling with impermanence and vagueness in a complex world. Darren Naish: Tetrapod Zoology. Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution, and Science. An Index to Creationist Claims. The Panda's Thumb. Why Evolution Is True. Pharyngula. Probably not.


But the New York Times reports: A review of studies has found that the health benefits of infant male circumcision vastly outweigh the risks involved in the procedure. Actually, it doesn’t. Not at all. The paper is all about the frequency of circumcision in the US; this is the only real data in the paper, and notice that a good chunk of it is speculation. Prevalence of adult circumcision in the United States during the past 6 decades (1948-2010). It does toss in a table purporting to show the tremendous risks of not circumcising baby boys, but this is not new — these are the same sloppy data that the author has been peddling for over a decade.

The author is Brian Morris, better known as the Man Who Hates Foreskins. Take that first condition, the likelihood of urinary tract infections. Or look at his claim of much greater rates of HIV infection. Bad Astronomy. Well now, this is an interesting discovery: astronomers have found what looks like a "super-Earth" – a planet more massive than Earth but still smaller than a gas giant – orbiting a nearby star at the right distance to have liquid water on it!

Bad Astronomy

Given that, it might – might – be Earthlike. This is pretty cool news. Science. Science - News for Your Neurons. New Quantum Theory Could Explain the Flow of Time By Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Magazine Friday, April 25 222 Comments A new theory explains the seemingly irreversible arrow of time while yielding insights into entropy, quantum computers, black holes, and the past-future divide.

Science - News for Your Neurons

Use Science and Tech to Build the Ultimate Automated Garden By Thomas Hayden and Sal Vaglica Monday, April 21 9 Comments Let people who love sore backs and dirty fingernails painstakingly tend their gardenias. The Loom. Your hands are, roughly speaking, 360 million years old.

The Loom

Before then, they were fins, which your fishy ancestors used to swim through oceans and rivers. Once those fins sprouted digits, they could propel your salamander-like ancestors across dry land. Fast forward 300 million years, and your hands had become fine-tuned for manipulations: your lemur-like ancestors used them to grab leaves and open up fruits. Not Exactly Rocket Science.

NeuroLogica Blog. Sep 01 2015 Sleep and Health Getting sufficient sleep is very important to overall health.

NeuroLogica Blog

It is an often overlooked aspect of health. I frequently have patients with multiple complaints who inform me, only when asked, that they have terrible sleep. They did not make the connection between their sleep and their symptoms, however. Good sleep has been tied to longevity. It is difficult to determine cause and effects with these studies. Even still, it is plausible that lack of sleep is stressful to the system, especially brain function, and therefore sleep disorders should be identified and treated.

Continue Reading » Aug 31 2015 The Reproducibility Problem A recent massive study attempting to replicate 100 published studies in psychology has been getting a lot of attention, deservedly so. While many, including the authors, express surprise at the results of the study, I was not surprised at all. Here are the results of the study: Continue Reading »