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Fakhel - Profile data - NepalMap. What ancient DNA tells us about the Himalayas. Nepali farmers fight to save indigenous seeds - SciDev.Net South Asia. When the indigenous ‘Jumli Marsi’ variety of rice, grown in Nepal’s Jumla district, was hit by blast infection, farmers had little choice but to substitute it with the Chandannath 1 and 3 'improved' varieties developed through hybridisation and originating in China.

Nepali farmers fight to save indigenous seeds - SciDev.Net South Asia

The Chandannath varieties stood up well against Magnaporthe grisea, the blast fungus, and the farmers were happy. But, it was not long before farmers and consumers realised that Jumli Marsi made for a more satisfying meal. “We took a perception survey and found that people prefer to eat Marsi. There is some truth to it – perhaps the nutrition value is high in Marsi,” says Bal Krishna Joshi, senior scientist and plant breeder at the National Agriculture Genetic Resources Centre (Genebank) in Kathmandu. “Marsi soaks up milk and ghee and becomes sweet,” he adds. But, there are difficulties.

With policy gaps that hinder innovation and marginalise indigenous seeds, Nepal’s experts are calling for a new approach. Barbara Adams, free spirit and American expatriate in Nepal, dies at 84. “I was sitting at the Yak and Yeti bar of the Royal Hotel, and the prince mistook me for someone else.”

Barbara Adams, free spirit and American expatriate in Nepal, dies at 84

And so began the remarkable Himalayan journey of Barbara Adams. Walking the holy river. One man's journey to trace the 160 or so traditional bathing places along the now-polluted river When American researcher William Forbes recently surveyed some of the temples and ghats along the Bagmati River to see if they survived the earthquake, he was greeted with much enthusiasm at a small tirtha just north of Pashupatinath called Hatyamochan.

Walking the holy river

The smiling face was of social worker Rohit Limbu, who has made it his personal mission to preserve the temple. Limbu led restoration of an old well which is now being used as a sacred bathing spot for women during Rishi Panchami. “I dreamt about you the other night,” Limbu told Forbes. Last but not least by Nepali Times - Exposure. When this generation passes on, the way of life of one of the last nomadic hunter gatherers of the Himalayan foothills will disappear forever.

Last but not least by Nepali Times - Exposure

And with them will go a distinct language, culture and a system of beliefs. There are only 156 Rautes still carrying on their nomadic lifestyle in the remote mountains of western Nepal, and they are under increasing pressure to assimilate with settled villagers at the edge of the forest. They call themselves the ‘Kings of Forests’ and eat langur and macaque monkeys, wild yam and forest fruits.

They carve wooden bowls out of tree trunks and trade them for cloth and rice. Nepal elected to AIIB board of directors. FinMin hails launch of the new international development bank as a timely and wise decision Representatives of the founding nations of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) walk around a sculpture after it was unveiled during the opening ceremony of the AIIB in Beijing, China, January 16, 2016.

Nepal elected to AIIB board of directors

Photo: Reuters Nepal “Tourism development for economic progress” Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation A... Art & Culture Wordsworth This accessible, all-compassing guide will help yo... Exorcising the Indian ghost. The lesson from this blockade is that we must develop alternatives in sourcing and managing our energy supplies In the Hollywood film Ghostbusters, a group of men start a company to catch ghosts.

Exorcising the Indian ghost

Watching the movie as an impressionable teenager, I was taken by the movie’s central message: the trick to catching ghosts is not to feel haunted in the first place. As our daily forage for cooking gas and petrol becomes increasingly longer, it is clear that we are haunted by the ghosts of India. The spectre of the Indian ghost now clouds all our conversations. The search for energy independence has once again fired the public imagination. Ex-minor ex-Maoists. In a shanty town behind Kathmandu Airport, by the stinking Manohara River, Sukmaya Tamang keeps a careful eye on her four-year-old son playing outside as she works on her sewing machine.

Ex-minor ex-Maoists

Tamang, now 24, joined the Maoist ‘People’s Liberation Army’ when she was 13 years old, studying in Grade Six of a school in Batase of Sindhupalchok. Two years later, she was part of the guerrilla force that attacked the district capital of Chautara. “I was too small to lift a heavy machine gun, but I was still trained to fire it,” she told us, taking a break from her sewing. Nepal’s last car carrier dies. File Photo: Suraj Kumar Bhujel Dhan Bahadur Gole, the last known survivor of Nepali porters who carried cars for a living in the 1930s, has passed away.

Nepal’s last car carrier dies

He was 91. Gole was suffering from asthma and died while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Kathmandu. Humla infants deprived of vaccines for months. A new mother in Maila village of Humla district.

Humla infants deprived of vaccines for months

Photo: Prakash Singh Art & Culture Wordsworth Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ‘IT... Opinion Federalising the Nepal Police: A way out Change management must be made an endogenous proce... Women Under one roof Shopping can be fun and successful only when you g... Entertainment Real O’Neals’ producer gets gay actor he wished for A producer for ABC's new sitcom "The Real O'Neals"... Staying alive. The least that Nepal’s rulers must do is to ensure our workers abroad don’t have to die saving the country from economic collapse.

Staying alive

One reason Nepal has not gone completely belly-up despite the earthquake last year and this ongoing blockade is that the money wired home by Nepali migrant workers is keeping the economy afloat. Makawanpur village illuminated with wind-solar energy - The Himalayan Times. A wind-solar energy project being run in Phaparbari village of Makawanpur district. Photo: RSS MAKAWANPUR: Chatur Bahadur Ghalani of Bhorleni, Phaparbari VDC-3 in Makawanpur district had never believed that electricity could be generated from other sources besides water and sun. When his house and the entire village were illuminated by the electricity generated from wind which often blows severely from dawn to dusk across the village, Ghalani now does not believe his eyes. Year in Review. Health Care in the Himalayas. To get to Saldang is simple, if not exactly easy. You walk. The nearest airport, many days away by foot, is a rough dirt strip at an altitude of about eight thousand feet. Every breath we take.

Despite the drop in emission due to the blockade, pollution chokes Kathmandu Valley this winter Nepal’s petroleum imports are down to 20 per cent of normal due to the Indian blockade, yet Kathmandu’s legendary winter smog is as bad as ever. The reasons include prevailing winds from the southwest blowing in transboundary pollution from the Indo-Gangetic plains, the increase in households burning firewood due to the gas shortage, and dust particles from unfinished road construction in the capital. The worsening air pollution in northern India this winter is partly the result of burning of crop residue in Punjab and Haryana from late October to November. Coupled with the increase in vehicular traffic this has made pollution so bad that New Delhi imposed odd-even number plate traffic restrictions this week. Watch How One Man Took the Internet to 60,000 People in Rural Nepal. Breaking barriers. A Nepali mountaineer-turned-relief worker is in the race to win NatGeo’s Adventurer of the Year Pasang Lhamu Sherpa shares her name with Nepal’s most iconic female mountaineer.

And just like her namesake who in 1993 became the first Nepali woman to climb Everest, the 30-year-old mountaineering instructor from Solukhumbu is determined to overcome gender stereotypes, and make her mark in a field dominated by men. In 2006 Pasang completed a diploma course in mountaineering from France’s National School of Ski and Alpinism, becoming the first Nepali woman to achieve an instructor license. She went on to summit the unclimbed Nangpai Gosum II (7,321m). A year later she climbed.


Photos. Nepal earthquake 2015. Nepal politics. Nepal's Third Gender Passport Blazes Trails. The arrival of a transgender activist from Nepal in Taiwan last Saturday for the 2015 International Lesbian and Gay Association’s Asia conference may seem unremarkable. But it was in fact quite special: The activist, Bhumika Shrestha, is the first Nepali citizen to travel abroad carrying a passport marked O for “other” instead of M for “male” or F for “female.”

Democracy and the demographic shift. Trekking in Nepal turns 50. “An electric future for Nepal” Walking Fish, Unicorns And Sneezing Monkeys Liven Up Himalayan Eco-Haul. For fairy-tale lovers, WWF’s latest report, ‘Hidden Himalayas: Asia’s Wonderland’ might prove a veritable delight. Common man finding ways to cope with crisis - The Himalayan Times. A Thecho resident Sanchamaiya Gole climbed down from the roof of a bus at Lagankhel. The heart of the matter. 'I Am In Nepal Now,' Says New Tourist Campaign, But Nepal Is In Chaos : Goats and Soda. Demonstrators set fire to a car during a general strike in Kathmandu, Nepal. The subtle wounds of Nepal s remittance boom. Solukhumbu, Nepal - During a community meeting in an unlit concrete building perched on a mountain terrace, Dom Kulung stands to address the small crowd. He points at a fellow 20-something man and instructs earnestly: "Once we are educated here, if we leave, we must return with the intent to develop our community.

" The message is received well enough with nods. The maharaja and the monarch. The maharaja and the monarch. Over 100,000 people join river clean-up drive. Kathmandu graffiti: Street art has made the walls come to life - BBC News. Nepal's failed development. Going with the flow. Twitter. Hello Flowers, Bye-Bye Stray Dogs: Nepal Preps For South Asian Summit : Goats and Soda.

Vol26-1_art1.pdf. 2014 Cyclone Hudhud storm aftermath. Dor Bahadur Bista’s last interview. Living in the mist – the last nomads of Nepal. Sherpa "The Untold Story of Tenzing Norgay" Tiger of the Himalayas: The Apa Sherpa Story. In Nepal, a Better Life With a Steep Price. Relief fund for those affected by the Bhotekosi landslide, August 2nd 2014. Kathmandu youth circus turns tables on human trafficking. Nepal adoptions chief raped and groomed orphans for prostitution, claims British teacher. - News in Nepal: Fast, Full & Factual, POLITICAL AFFAIRS, BUSINESS & ECONOMY, SOCIAL AFFAIRS, LIFESTYLE, SPORTS, OPINION, INTERVIEW, INTERNATIONAL, THE WEEK news in English in Nepal. Most Dalit students dropout before SLC exams - News in Nepal: Fast, Full & Factual, POLITICAL AFFAIRS, BUSINESS & ECONOMY, SOCIAL AFFAIRS, LIFESTYLE, SPORTS, OPINION, INTERVIEW, INTERNATIONAL, THE WEEK news in English in Nepal. Himalayan Experience » Newsletters » Everest 2014 » The Daily Moraine - Everest 2014 #7.

The high cost of low-wage labor. Cleaning up Everest. Events and Expeditions. Insurance scams hit helicopter rescue. Everest’s orphans. Nepal's bogus orphan trade fuelled by rise in 'voluntourism' Sherpas, Fate and the Dangerous Business of Everest. - News in Nepal: Fast, Full & Factual, POLITICAL AFFAIRS, BUSINESS & ECONOMY, SOCIAL AFFAIRS, LIFESTYLE, SPORTS, OPINION, INTERVIEW, INTERNATIONAL, THE WEEK news in English in Nepal. Just cause - News in Nepal: Fast, Full & Factual, POLITICAL AFFAIRS, BUSINESS & ECONOMY, SOCIAL AFFAIRS, LIFESTYLE, SPORTS, OPINION, INTERVIEW, INTERNATIONAL, THE WEEK news in English in Nepal. Everest is being desecrated, says son of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

The Record. A Sherpa’s Final Moments. Pharrell Williams - Happy Kathmandu (Nepal) Everest’s deadly demands: a Sherpa’s view. The exodus from Everest. The Brief » Blog Archive » The winter of our spring. LA Times. Curtis S. Chin and Dhamey Tenzing Norgay consider the responsibility of rich-country consumers toward poor-country workers. Sherpas: The Invisible Men of Everest. The Brief » Blog Archive » Russian roulette on Mt Everest.

Everest Shrugged. Three Springs. 7 Wonders of Nepal. Gold Medalist Is The Perfect Sportsman, Waits 28 Minutes To Shake Hands Of Last-Place Finishers. Cross-Country Skier Sets Example for Nepal&rsqu. New paper finds Nepal’s food security to be at high risk as climate changes. Does Himalayan Hydro have the Power to Bring Water Co-operation?