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Nepal earthquake 2015

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Toronto startup brings electricity and solar water purification to Nepal. When two concurrent earthquakes ripped through Nepal in April, Jason Gray felt the aftershocks back in Toronto. The co-founder of SunFarmer, a Toronto startup that offers long-term financing for solar energy systems in underserved regions, has spent the past two years setting up projects around the country and understood what a natural disaster of this scale meant for the people on the ground. "Unfortunately Nepal has a history of being a difficult place to do business and a difficult government to deal with, [so] it's been difficult for many of the relief agencies to work with them and get relief aid into the country," Mr.

Gray says. Story continues below advertisement He also had to make sure his team in Nepal was accounted for, a challenge when cellphone access, dependent on an energy grid that is limited in the best of times, had been completely destabilized. Thankfully, everyone was fine. These relief efforts are often the difference between a natural disaster and a national calamity. Around 50,000 quake-affected families to be removed from government list of beneficiaries. Around 50,000 earthquake-affected families will no longer be eligible to receive the government grant to build new homes after they failed to sign agreements with the National Reconstruction Authority within deadline.

Around 50,000 quake-affected families to be removed from government list of beneficiaries

Rebuilding Nepal, Four Years After the Quake. Three-quarters of destroyed homes are either fully rebuilt or being repaired after Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquake.

Rebuilding Nepal, Four Years After the Quake

But gaps in government assistance show that a full recovery may never materialize. The ground has settled since a 7.8-magnitude earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people in 2015, but life for many people in Nepal remains precarious. The Record - A Ghost Settlement in Gorkha. In Gupsi Pakha in Gorkha district, about 2,750m above sea level, there are 573 identical, evenly spaced, two storeyed brick buildings.

The Record - A Ghost Settlement in Gorkha

They are painted red and white, with blue tin roofs, and each building has three small windows and a door. From afar, the buildings look complete. Inside, they are decrepit. The unplastered walls contain a sprawl of construction materials and debris, the buildings mere skeletons of what should be ordered space, two rooms and an attic.

The settlement looks eerie, makeshift. The women desperate to leave Nepal. Image copyright Getty Images The trafficking of Nepali women increased rapidly after the 2015 earthquake, and social media has been making the traffickers' job even easier, discovers Vicky Spratt.

The women desperate to leave Nepal

The sound of laughter and singing echoes around the building, mixing with the beeping horns of the traffic outside. The walls are draped with vibrant orange, turquoise and pink silk scarves all made as a form of therapy by the survivors who live here. This is a safe house in Kathmandu for women who were trafficked into prostitution and are now being supported as they try to return to their normal lives. Four years after Nepal’s deadly earthquakes, survivors continue to live in disarray. Apr 24, 2019- By the time Maite Pasang Sherpa reached his house after the earthquake struck, it was already too late.

Four years after Nepal’s deadly earthquakes, survivors continue to live in disarray

He stood in front of his home, now collapsed to the ground. In front was the lifeless body of his eldest daughter, just nine years old. Inside the rubble of his home were two more bodies: his youngest daughter, who was five, and his aunt. Maite lost consciousness. It has been four years since the deadly earthquakes ripped apart Listikot Ward 1, where Maite and his wife Pema have been living all their lives. After living in a temporary shelter for three years, Maite and Pema finally began building a new house last year. “My family has already spent four years in a temporary shelter. Deconstructing reconstruction. The Department of Archeology is responsible for most of these violations of heritage conservation norms.

Deconstructing reconstruction

The public and activists had to directly intervene to stop the inappropriate rebuilding of Rani Pokhari under the supervision of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, while the Department of Archeology watched in silent complicity. Using tarpaulin sheets to hide the reconstruction from public view, the City started building cement retaining walls around the 17th century pond that holds great religious, cultural and architectural significance.

Not only was the use of concrete illegal as per the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act, the City planned to turn the site into a commercial park. Learning from Nepal’s past to rebuild its future. Despite new tools and automation, Nepal’s artisans have gone back to traditional methods to rebuild monuments destroyed and damaged in the 2015 earthquake.

Learning from Nepal’s past to rebuild its future

In the Chwechhen neighbourhood of Patan, detailed carvings adorn almost every piece of architecture. A crumbling old temple in the square has now been lovingly and painstakingly restored to its former glory, using old techniques, raw materials and tools. Dharma Dutta Bajracharya (pictured, above) is one of the woodcarvers, and has been chiselling figures of deities into wood since he started as an apprentice to learn the craft from his father at age 13. Woodcarvers like Bajracharya lost much of their business when the earthquake and Indian Blockade reduced tourist traffic to a trickle.

TWO years on

Not out of danger yet. Kathmandu viewed from space by Pléiades, before and after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake : Airbus Defence and Space. Home > News > Kathmandu viewed from space by Pléiades, before and after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Following Nepal's devastating magnitude-7.8 earthquake on Saturday, Airbus Defence and Space has acquired Pléiades satellites imagery to support the International Charter (Space and Major Disasters) and the Copernicus Emergency Management Service.

Kathmandu viewed from space by Pléiades, before and after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake : Airbus Defence and Space

The data acquired will assist in assessing the damage and help rescue organisations in the delivery of humanitarian aid. The before and after Pléiades images over Kathmandu (full image can be downloaded here), show the devastation caused by the earthquake. The “before” Pléiades image was acquired on November 29, 2014, and the “after” Pléiades image was acquired on April 27, 2015, two days after the earthquake. Before, 02/11/2014 After, 27/04/2015 Want to insert this comparison on your website ? Post-quake development in epicentre of April 25 temblor. Locals of Barpak village rebuilding their own houses as no government help was forthcoming.

Post-quake development in epicentre of April 25 temblor

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‘30,000 plus tremors in 365 days’

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Sports Anfield stunned as old friend Benitez conjures comeback The Kop never forget their own and Rafa Benitez re... Business Nepse surges by 2.55pc Increased attraction to the stocks of commercial b... : The April 25 earthquake and its powerful May 12 aftershock not only damaged the man-made structures and buildings but also induced geohazards including landslides and avalanches in the affected region. The Gorkha earthquake sequence affected sources of water and blocked streams and rivers at many places. Several valley-blocking landslides were reported from Myagdi to Dolakha.

One year on: 2016

After the earthquake and blockade, the winter. Next Steps: after earthquake, the monsoon. Radar Shows Kathmandu Area Uplifted 5 Feet by Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake. Before-and-after photographs of Nepal’s Langtang Valley, showing the near-complete destruction of Langtang village due to a massive landslide caused by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake. Photos from 2012 (pre-quake) and 2015 (post-quake). Credits: David Breahshears/GlacierWorks Distribution of landslides from the 2015 Nepal Gorkha earthquake relative to the Earth surface deformation field. Purple dots indicate locations of 4,312 mapped landslides. Quake-hit Nepal formally begins reconstruction. A foreign delegate photographs damaged buildings at the Basantapur Durbar Square heritage site in Kathmandu, Nepal, Wednesday, June 24, 2015. Photo: AP Health UK’s Duchess of Cambridge to guest-edit Huffington Post Britain's Duchess of Cambridge will temporarily sw...

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Scientists pinpoint unbroken section of Nepal fault line and show why Himalayas grow. Stirred, not shaken. On National Earthquake Safety Day, it is worth remembering that 25 April 2015 was not the Big One everyone had feared. First aftershock of new year, epicentre in Sindhupalchok. Magnitude-5.5 fresh earthquake shakes west Nepal. Nepal Avalanche Carried Half the Force of an Atomic Bomb. NEW DELHI — The avalanche that buried the popular hiking village of Langtang in Nepal this past spring struck with about half the force of an atomic bomb, according to a study published this week in the journal Science. A strong earthquake on April 25 touched off the avalanche, sending stone, earth and snow cascading down onto the village, which was crowded with backpackers, guides and their families.

About 350 people were killed, many of them foreign tourists. Government to hand over Rs 200K to half a million families. Reconstruction Bill passed unopposed. Bordering on helplessness. Bigger Earthquakes May Be Coming to Nepal. Nepal earthquake led to fewer landslides. NEW YORK: The deadly Nepal earthquake of April this year which killed thousands led to fewer than expected landslides, says a team of international scientists. 5.3 ML quake shakes Kathmandu Valley. Why was the Nepali earthquake so devastating? Because of its government’s political failings. Light aftershock recorded after 14 days, epicentre in Rasuwa - The Himalayan Times. Claire Burkert: Looking at "Himalayan style" following the earthquake in Nepal. The heart of the matter, part 3.

At least two tremors rattle Kathmandu as aftershocks count 375. Boulder Geologist Captured Nepal's April Quake Down To The Millimeter. 2,000 widows. Risk of future Nepal-India earthquake increases - BBC News. Light but violent tremor hits Valley, NSC revises epicentre to downtown Kathmandu. Stealing from the ruins. Resurrecting Kasthamandap. Two month flashback. Move us. Quake likely to push 982,000 people back into poverty. Less than 48pc relief, rescue fund spent. Significant jolt of ML4.4 wakes up Kathmandu Valley, epicentre in Kirtipur. 2 earthquakes hit Nepal, 313 aftershocks so far. IRIS Earthquake Browser - NEPAL-INDIA BORDER REGION.

Phakhel Project

Human trafficking. Villages, remote communities and hill districts. Everest, Langtang, mountaineering and tourism. Photographs. Positive Stories of Nepal. Déjà vu for Tibet’s refugees. How to help Nepal: 7 vetted charities doing relief work following the earthquake. Nepal earthquake: what the thousands of victims share is that they are poor.

The Nepal quake: a Google Earth tour of the destruction — the team. Don’t rush to Nepal to help. Read this first. Donate to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. The Himalayan Times (Mobile) BBC Blogs - College of Journalism - Reporting Nepal: In the end, events were all that mattered. BBC Blogs - College of Journalism - Reporting Nepal: One man, his mobile kit and the battle to connect. BBC Blogs - College of Journalism - Nepal earthquake: Why truth was a casualty in rush to formulaic coverage.

Nepal schools after the quakes

Second Quake 12 May. Situation normal, all fouled up. After a Massive Earthquake, Rebuilding it Right in Nepal. An unnatural disaster. Aid in aftermath. Information: UN, government contacts and statistics. Nepal Needs More Than Tarps for Reconstruction  OpEd: Giving Money Is Easy. Here's What Nepal Really Needs. Monsoon rains increase risks of landslides in Nepal. Traffic resumes on damaged highways. On the Ground in Nepal: 3rd Update from AJWS Staff - Global VoicesGlobal Voices.

Destruction of Nepal’s temples puts spiritual culture at risk.