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40+ free printable Christmas games for kids. Upcycled Birdcage Flower Planter. The 50 Best DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas in 2018. Ever since Walt Disney made fairies even more popular through his creative use of the pixie character, Tinker Bell in “Peter Pan,” there seems to have descended a mesmerizing influence over the dwelling places of women’s homes and apartments with their use of fairy garden designs.

The 50 Best DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas in 2018

Ladies can’t seem to get enough of the little creatures as many women strive to create their own little worlds of make believe within their designed DIY fairy garden. Using whimsical fairy garden ideas, women create a sense of childlike magic as some even think that these gardens do in fact supernaturally attract the little spirit beings to their abodes. However, knowing that many women simply look at their DIY fairy garden as a decorative touch or as an accessory to the rest of their home design environment, vast numbers of quality online stores have emerged that provide everything the ladies may want to display a mini-fairy garden. - Word Cloud Art Creator.

Beginner Archives. When I first heard of oil cleansers, I was a little skeptical.

Beginner Archives

It seems so strange to “wash” your face with oils. But after lots of research and testing, I now use them in my skin care routine. Cleansing with oil leaves my skin feeling clean and extremely soft. How to make Bath & Body products - Candle Making Techniques. Recent Articles Learn to make these adorable candy corn candles!

How to make Bath & Body products - Candle Making Techniques

This caramel apple soap is so cute for Fall! How to Make Soy Candles Step by Step. Latvian Artist Creates Elaborate Fairytale Book Covers That Are Simply Magical. May 092015 Aniko Kolesnikova is a Latvia-based designer and artist who specializes in creating fantastic book covers that are nothing short of magical!

Latvian Artist Creates Elaborate Fairytale Book Covers That Are Simply Magical

Kolesnikova, who works under the name Mandarin Duck, uses polymer to craft book and journal covers inspired by dragons, animals, nature, and fantasy. Check out some of her amazing creations! The details are blowing me away… Enjoy! HAX! 22 EPIC PHONE HACKS YOU MUST SEE. 11 COOL LIFE TIPS THAT WILL SAVE YOU A FORTUNE. How to make a binary name-badge. This article was taken from the February 2013 issue of Wired magazine.

How to make a binary name-badge

Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. Wondering how to introduce your children to 8-bit ASCII binary without sending them into a ones-and-zeros-induced coma? Break out the beaded jewellery and get creative. Using just two colours and some simple translation, they can spell out their name or a secret message on a badge or necklace.

Monster Portraits. I wanted to do a Monster portrait similar to the Owl one I did last year.

Monster Portraits

Using paper mache I enhanced the eyes and nose and then using a variety of paper and painting techniques, created the material for the rest of the monster. Welcome to Margo's Beader Critter Collection! Hundreds of Beadie Critter Patterns! Snowman. Snowmancontributed by Anno Pitingolo Level: Beginner Materials: 2 yards cord or plastic lacing 19 blue pony beads 5 black pony beads 1 red/orange pony bead 12 brown pony beads 47 white pony beads.


Puppet Box. My kids really enjoy the Halloween book called "Big Pumpkin" so I thought we could make a little puppet box to go with the story.

Puppet Box

Now you can make a puppet box to go along with any story or poem or "just because". You need a box to get started. We are using a Kleenex box but you can use a cracker box, shoe box, or any box you have lying around in your recycle bin. Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism. (*Please Note* If you decide to use the information you find on this page, please give me credit, even in your Book of Shadows.)

Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism

First, let us quickly define the differences between Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism. They are not all the same thing. How to Make Stained Glass Mosaic Wall Light. How to Make Slime Stress Balls. Chocolate Coca Cola Bottle Shape - Easter Egg Surprise. How to Make Magnetic Slime - Science Experiment. Star Box. I suppose it isn't exactly the right time of year for stars and lanterns, but I've got a paper folding fascination at the moment and so was drawn to a project I had wanted to do back in Autumn.

Star Box

During last lantern season I was looking everywhere for instructions to make these beautiful paper lanterns and couldn't find them anywhere. I ended up purchasing a lantern that was already made and since I've been struggling with some difficult folds and designs of other paper crafts, I decided to unfold the seemingly simple lantern I bought and figure the thing out for myself.

Like all traditional origami, no glue or cutting (once the basic outside shape of the paper is made) are required. Basteln: Origami Schmetterling falten mit Papier / Bastelideen / Muttertag DIY. FLOR DE ORIGAMI SAKURA. How to make Simple 3D Origami Paper Stars.

3D flower POP UP card tutorial. Making A 3d Flower Pop UP Card - Easy And Simple Steps. Tagul - Gorgeous word clouds. Latvian Artist Creates Elaborate Fairytale Book Covers That Are Simply Magical. Artist Paints Ocean Stones With Thousands Of Tiny Dots To Create Colorful Mandalas. Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist based in Canada, creates hypnotizing paintings of mandalas on smooth and perfectly round ocean stones that will soothe your soul and fill your wold with color. She paints her beautiful explosions of color with tiny dots, which makes her works even more symmetrical and soothing. Show Full Text Beautiful stones and other artwork can be found on McLean’s Etsy shop. EASY Notebook Cover Tutorial - Polymer Clay - Front & Back Cover. How to make a natural air freshener, and assemble your own laboratory for concocting teas, salves, and syrups.

As a little girl I mixed up shampoos and lotions in my laboratory, trying to improve on the toiletries we had. I never came up with anything worth mentioning, but I did once get scolded for spilling my mom's shampoo all over the bathroom rug. A friend of mine told me about the "laboratory" she'd had at age 12, in which she created, among other things, the cure for AIDs.

You probably won't cure any diseases with your apothecary, but you will scratch that youthful itch to create something useful out of ordinary ingredients. narfmore I'll get your mad scientist career started with a list of ingredients to start a home apothecary, with which you'll be able to make herbal teas, salves, syrups, tinctures, eye pillows, and infused oils.

How to Make Folded Paper Bracelets Origami Birds Instructions. Pixelated Heart Popup Card. I‘ve been scratching my head trying to come up with a card for my hubby {AKA the non-romantic type}. I finally decided to make this pixely popup heart card! They are really minimal (which I love) and take about 20 minutes to make (that includes the card, insert and envelope). Origami Frog (Ranoshi) - Sapo de origami. Magic-balloon-egg-treats.jpg (Imagem JPEG, 620x810 pixéis) - Escala (67%) Christmas Origami Instructions: Fir Tree (Francesco Guarnieri) Recettes/idées herbo. DIY Unique Christmas Candle. You can’t imagine a complete New Year’s Eve holiday without a decorative candle. You can choose from the many versions the downtown shops or malls offer, but they often lack the spirit and personality of a homemade one. So, make your afternoon a little bit more entertaining with this DIY candle. The end-result will be much more pleasing to your household and overall Christmas holiday decoration.

And if you don’t feel like having it as your decoration, you can easily make it a gift to your friends or loved ones. First of all, you will need: • white candles, not flavored ones; • a wick; • a glass or cardboard form, depending on what type of candle you are going to do; • additional materials, such as coffee beans, shells, cinnamon rolls, dried flowers and leaves, different cereals, dried lemon or orange slices, dried lavender; Now proceed to the process of making candles. Fill in the middle of the melted wax, placing a wick in the middle, attached to a toothpick for better fixation. Rainbow Roses. 96 Great Homemade Gift in a Jar Recipes. How to make 3D paper ball ornaments. PaperGlitter Party Printables craft, Free Printable, Paper Crafts, Kids Stationary, Kawaii.

Six paper flowers. Antimony & Lace ~ DIY dark and gothic fashion. Tissue Flowers Tutorial, No.2 - gingerandgeorge. 「バスケット」折り紙"Basket"origami. Packaging Templates. Christmas Spider, Purple and Silver Beaded Ornament. Japanese Packaging Templates - Best Used With Card Stock or Color Paper.

Paper Heart Wreath. Aquascaping Is Underwater Art Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen. Like Fill The Well on Facebook! You may have never heard of aquascaping, but to many people it’s a very serious art. The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest holds an annual competition that ranks the best of aquarium design, and the results are phenomenal. Here are some of the entries that showcase the incredible underwater landscapes that contests have designed using their expertise in art and biology.

Origami Butterfly by Akira Yoshizawa - tutorial. Polymer Clay Tutorials: Candle Holder Crafts. Boxes Template. Star Box. Can Calendar. Flapping Paper Butterfly. The Crafty Crow. How To: Make Origami Stars. Simple Ear Cuff Tutorial. How to Make 3D Paper Diamonds. The Things She Makes: Papercraft Stars.