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Free Printable Paper Doll Clothes Dresses,HOPOFF Paper Doll and Clothes Art Doll. Milliande Visionary Art Bus ~ I love art dolls and paper dolls and including them into journal pages and mixed media collage artworks. Sometimes it is easy to forget just how much fun can be had with some coloring pencils and an image that appeals and lots of collage scraps. ~ Here I have drawn some Art Doll or printable Paper Doll Clothes for you to enjoy, simply click on the art doll dresses picture and a large image will open up in a seperate window ready for you to print ~ If you want to save the art doll pages simply right click an paper doll image and save picture as ... give it a name and a location that you will remember and save onto your computer I hope you them enjoy .... .... Milliande Free Printable Paper Dolls To Color Art Dolls Clothes Dresses Enjoy ...Milliande Paper Doll and Clothes for Art Doll Making Page 1 of Free Printable Paper Doll Heads Page 2 of Paper Doll Printable Heads Page 3 Free printable Paper Doll Clothes Dresses Page 4 Angel Paper Doll Printables Angels.

Art Doll Template - How to make a paper doll decorated by rubber stamping! How To Make 20 Different Paper Flowers. DIY GIFT BLOG by truebluemeandyou. DIY Retro Ranch Holiday Houses. When I was a kid I remember wishing with all my might that it would snow for Christmas. Well, living in California, less than 10 miles from the beach meant that it would never happen, but I still thought there was room for a miracle. Now that I'm older, wiser, and more knowledgeable of weather patterns, I know a white Christmas just isn't in the cards, but us West-coasters can still show our holiday cheer sans snow! Print, cut, and fold up these cute little paper mid-century ranch houses and add a little California cool to your Christmas decor. We may not have snow-covered conifers, but cacti and palm trees can be festive, too! Here's what you'll need: Cardstocks in pink, light blue, and turquoiseHouse Template #1 and #2Craft KnifeCutting matTacky glueBone folder and ruler (or scoring tray.

Print out the template directly on the colored cardstock. Glue the bottom tabs to the base piece. Add glue to the top tabs and attach the roof. Make some palm trees for the yard! Glue to the wire. Dag 3: Ljushus av papper – Day 3: Tea light paper houses. Igår visade Helena på Mormorsglamour oss hur man gör en fin ljusstake av rundstav och idag är det min tur att ta över stafettpinnen i julkalendern “25 kreativa dagar i december“. Jag har gjort en mall som du kan skriva ut och vika ihop till små pappershus som lyser upp i vintermörkret. Med silkespapper på insidan skiner fönstren i fina färger. —————Yesterday Helena at Mormorsglamour showed us how to make an elegant candel holder out of dowel rods and today it’s my turn to take the baton in the Christmas calendar “25 Creative Days of Christmas“. I made a template for you to download, print and fold into small paper houses which will light up your winter evenings. Using tissue paper inside the houses the windows will make the windows shine in bright colors. © Craft & Creativity 2014 – For personal use only Gör så här: 1.

Do like this: 1. Observera som sagt att du endast kan använda batteridrivna värmeljus i dessa ljushus. 1. DIY Gift Calendar: Cute & Customizable Last Minute Gift Idea. Need a quick last minute gift? Or maybe something inexpensive you can give to a large group? This last minute DIY gift calendar covers both!

Easy, right? Cute, personal, and cheap…that’s my kind of gift! When you print out the calendar cards, you’ll notice that there’s a large blank section in the middle. You can, of course, leave it blank for the recipient of your gift to decorate, or you can do it for them. Here are a few examples of ways you can decorate your last minute customizable DIY gift calendar… If you’re giving this to a grandparent or a teacher, you can have your child draw pictures on each card.

Or you can decorate it yourself! You could also print out little 2″x3″ pictures and tape them in place with a little washi tape. Ready to make your own? Hope you have fun! About Vanessa Vanessa is a self proclaimed sleep deprived mother of two adorable boys and when she has a little time to spare, she makes things and posts about them on her craft blog, Tried & True.

Google+ Tutorials. Tutorials. Tutorials. Tutorials. Hexagonal Stacking Boxes. The inspiration for this week’s project comes from the Japanese stacking octagonal box kit shown above. We previously used a similar technique to demonstrate a business card box with traditional elegance. We now present a surreal modern makeover for Japanese papercraft boxes by using (recycling) paperboard packaging. We follow the same basic construction techniques, but simplify it by eliminating the paper coverings and decorations. In their place, we use paperboard from cereal, cracker and cookie packaging. These cheerful boxes are easier and less expensive to make and have a surreal quality to them. They are great for storage, gift giving, and decorative use. The abstraction created from taking the package out of its context can be wonderfully fun. To get started, download the pattern here (18K pdf). This is an ideal project for a laser cutter, but can also be made by printing out the pattern and tracing or gluing it onto your material to cut with a hobby knife.

Templates. Below are templates that you can use to make custom cards, envelopes, and boxes. Simply print out the image, use it as a template to cut your fine papers, and fold along dotted lines. Clicking on a link below will take you to an enlarged version and instructions that you can print out. Note: Some of my templates are Adobe Reader PDF files. If you don't already have the FREE Adobe Reader software, CLICK HERE to download it. Here are some useful tips and ideas: Use a photocopier to enlarge or reduce the image to suit your needs. . * I strongly recommend that you obtain a bone folder. Mod Podge Resist Greeting Cards. I mentioned that last week I went to the set of Scrapbook Soup to share some fun projects for the upcoming season.

Wanna sneaky peek? Here’s one of them! This project is great for using up some of the craft supplies you probably have on hand- watercolor paints and Mod Podge! Here’s what you need: Heavy-weight cardstock (110 or higher) or watercolor paperExtra cardstock for mats (optional)Mod PodgeWatercolor paints, inks, or spraysstencilfoam roller or brushDigital die cut or other sentimentsFlat back crystals or pearls (optional)adhesive and dimensional foam tapeCorner rounder (optional)Make your pattern on the paper by placing the stencil on top of your paper. Using a foam roller or brush, roll or pounce Mod Podge satin or glossy over your stencil lightly. Cover all of the open areas. To make the card as shown (standard A2 size), make the cuts as follows: Coordinating cardstock: 4″ X 5.25″Patterned Paper: 3.75″ X 5″Strip of white paper 1″ X 5″ See?

See? About Jenny Barnett Rohrs. My Red Smashbook Is Complete! Hi everyone! I'm excited to report that my red Smashbook is all done! Yesterday was my monthly girls crop, and I played happily with it all day. When I got home it was after 11pm, but I was having so much fun that I pulled it out of my crop bag and stayed up til 5am finishing it! I thought I would share some of the pages with you. I know I posted the cover before, but here it is again - just for reference... alot of the pages are just random bits of life, like this one... it was fun making lots of different tabs.

One thing I thought was super fun about the Smashbook, was that it had all these little prompts, that you could do whatever you want with. Tiny pics of the projects I completed during June... This was one of my most fun pages to work on. This page was titled "Seen," so I decided to collect images of all the wildlife I saw in our yard in June. The cute little dog was already on the page...

I loved the little prompts - they got me thinking differently about documenting life... A Year of Cards Birthday / Birthday. Cut Paper Art. Another way to recycle magazines and create beautiful artwork at the same time, this cut paper art is not only colorful, but very easy to make! So gather up your old magazines and I’ll show you how to make this recycled craft! About once a month, I meet with my mom, sister and whoever else wants to show up, to create a crafty project together.

Each time we meet, a different person is in charge of the “mystery” project. We are only told what supplies to bring and it is always exciting to see what the person in charge has in mind to do. This past week, my sister was in charge and her idea, based upon a few things she had found on Pinterest, was cut paper art using old magazines and construction paper. For this project we used: Old magazines 8″ x 10″ picture frames black and brown construction paper glue sticks craft blade cutting mat Take the frame apart.

Try to use bright colored pages for the best contrast with your dark construction paper. ButterfliesPotted Plant Are you new to the Sitcom? Printable: Clip-on Page-a-day Journals. It's travel journal time here and oh, are these fun! Even before the kids could write well, I've always had them keep a journal -- writing and/or drawing -- when we travel or have a school vacation. These travel journals are real treasures and have become rituals, too. (more travel ritual here). I knew from the moment I found these clip-on key rings that I wanted to create mini clip-on page-per-day journals this Winter break. The kids immediately clipped them to backpacks.

How cool is that? Do your kids too love anything that clips on, too? You will find PDF's of these two variations below: #1: sun and #2: SkiLet's Create: Supplies:Heavy Card Stock for the cover and back coverKey ring with Lobster clip (In Sweden: here; or here)Xacto knifePaper for interior of the journalHole Punch How to make these:1. 3. Valentine's Bookmark Album with Echo Park. Today was an exciting blog day for me today as I reached the 1 million page-views AND 1500 followers mark.

A HUGE thank-you to everyone who reads along and comments on my projects! Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I have a few more ideas to share this week. I saw this idea at the weekend and I just had to try it! The bookmark is based along the same lines of a "squash" album and instead of hand cutting the hearts as shown in the tutorial, I used my Cuttlebug and 3" heart die to cut the pages. I marked the die to show where I needed to place the paper each time so all the pages would line up (see below) I then cut 2 complete hearts from a fourth sheet of paper to create the two covers, and then attached them to double sided adhesive chipboard for extra weight.

Each page completely opens up (even after it is glued together for you to write your messages of love :-) This would make such a great bookmark, or even just a little mini-album. I have some Valentine's cards (yep - cards!) Lowri. Matchbook notes. Samlar ni också på fina kartongbitar och färgglada magasin? Då har vi något gemensamt. Visst blir man sugen på att göra något fint av dem. Ur den underbara pysselboken ”Pyssel de luxe” kommer dessa söta tändstickslistor. Ni behöver fina kartongbitar eller färgglada magasin, vanliga vita papper, sax och en häftapparat. 1.

Börja med att klippa till omslaget till den tändstickslistan. 3. Ett gäng tändstickslistor klara för användning. Do you find youself collecting scraps of cardboard and colorful magazine? You need cardboard or glossy magazine scraps, regular white paper, a pair of scissors and a stapler. 1. 3. A bunch of matchbook notebooks ready to use.