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Chantal's Stained Glass Patterns

Chantal's Stained Glass Patterns
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Free Stained Glass Patterns Stained Glass Pattern Listing - free stained glass patterns Stained Glass Patterns - ART:ERY Chantal's Stained Glass Patterns #2 Stained Glass Templates There are basically two ways to make stained glass templates. There is the traditional way and the paper pattern method. Traditional Method The traditional method for making stained glass templates is done by tracing your pattern pieces directly from your pattern. Transparent Glass When using transparent glass, you can place the glass directly over your pattern. Dark Glass When using darker glass, place your pattern on a light box. Solid or Dense Opalescent Glass To trace the pattern piece directly onto the glass, place a piece of carbon paper face down on the glass. Papper Pattern Method The paper pattern method for making stained glass templates, uses paper templates that are traced onto the glass, then marked and cut. There are two ways to make paper pattern stained glass templates. Paper Pattern Method 1 Once individual piece are cut out, then place them on top of the glass you want to cut and trace with a thin permanent marker. Once pieces are cut, assemble them on your pattern.

British Stained Glass Co. Beginner Stained Glass Recommended equipment The following equipment is recommended for beginners for price and suitable quality. 100 W Weller soldering iron Toyo pencil grip oil cutter Inland grinder with 3/4" grinding bit Glass breaking pliers Recommended supplies These are the minimum supplies to get you started: An easy pattern: beginner stained glass pattern #1 or beginner stained glass pattern #2 Colored, transparent glass (Spectrum is recommeded), totalling 2 square feet. One roll Edco black backed foil, 7/32" width One lb 60/40 solid core solder Flux for stained glass Black patina Black marker for glass Optional equipment You might eventually find the following useful: Pattern shears Lightbox Running pliers 1/4" grinding bit All the instructions you need can be found below, simply follow the links in order: Templates page 1

Free Patterns for Stained Glass Abstract Stained Glass Patterns Baroque Abstract Simple Flower Cult of Modernity Five Branches Classical Thistle Increased Complexity Solar Flare Red Giant Sizzling Fever Take Five Pink Shrimp Blue Mugs Two Blue Mugs Human Bonding A Taste of You Wind Turbine Flying Knives Moctezuma Tenochtitlan Intergalactic Love Sideral Boomerangs Off Kilter Propeller Decapod Iambic Pentameter Atomic Forces Modern Mixup Pearls Spun Sugar String Theory La bonne ├ętoile Time Portal Warp Speed Pentagram Clematis Chocolate Diamond Art Nouveau Abstract Picasso guitarist Mona vestitas, protozoa Diamond Valence Spaceship Window Willow Crest Round Window Daisy Round Window Space Circle Geometric Round Window Tulip Round Window Urns Round Window Abstract Curves Round Window Pique Atout Plume Window Abstract Hexagon 1 Abstract Hexagon 2 Abstract Hexagon 3 Abstract Hexagon 4 Abstract Hydrangea Window Art Nouveau Jewel Mondrian Window Corners Kaleido Box #1 Kaleido Box #2 Kaleido Box #3 Kaleido Box #4 Kaleido Box #5 Kaleido Box #6 Kaleido Box #7 Kaleido Box #8 Abstract Candleholder #1 Abstract Candleholder #2

Stained Glass Patterns