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THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages. Cosmic Convergence Research Group The Hidden Connections between the Elizabethan Court led by Sir Francis Bacon, the Founding Fathers of the American Republic guided by Comte de Saint Germain, and the Kremlin Leaders Assembled by Russian President Vladimir Putin This is a story which spans the entirety of the 6000 yearlong Kali Yuga. Also known as the Age of Quarrel, which began with the Mayan Long Count Calendar in approximately 3113 B.C.E., the Kali Yuga is analogous to the present Iron Age. The true history of the current era, which is defined by so many epic wars and longstanding conflicts, is not only very protracted and extremely complex, many of the most important events and personages lie deeply hidden in its murky past.

There are several significant threads interwoven throughout this multi-millennial saga which graphically portray our current Age of Conflict. Queen Elizabeth. @ Le Chant des Sirènes : Les familles dirigeantes des Illuminati - Dupont. La famille Dupont L'histoire des Dupont est si secrète que ses activités n'ont jamais été révélées au public.

@ Le Chant des Sirènes : Les familles dirigeantes des Illuminati - Dupont

Comme les autres IIluminati, les Dupont ont été très vigilants sur les mariages de leurs enfants. Les premiers mariages se sont déroulés entre frères et soeurs. Les biographes de la famille Dupont situent le commencement de la dynastie au mariage entre Samuel de Pont et Anne Alexandrine Montchanin à Paris, en 1737. Malgré le fait qu'Anne soit une huguenote, elle se servait de ses dons de médium et communiquait avec le monde des esprits. Pierre Samuel Dupont, le fils de Samuel et d'Anne, a été le premier à accéder à un pouvoir important. Le président Jefferson était un Illuminé et un grand ami de Pierre Samuel Dupont. Les Dupont sont aujourd'hui une dynastie de rois de l'argent. Illuminati Symbolism of Disney’s Gravity Falls “Society of the Blind Eye” I received some comments about the show Gravity Falls from a Illuminati Roundup article, and I was referred to watch the episode about the Society of the Blind Eye (special thanks to: “I’m_awake_now”).

Illuminati Symbolism of Disney’s Gravity Falls “Society of the Blind Eye”

I did watch it, and wow, there was a lot to take in! It appears that Disney is continuing their campaign of pushing Illuminati and occult symbolism into the minds of children at all times. There are claims that Walt Disney himself was a Gnostic magic sorcerer, so it’s fitting that this cartoon is full of symbols that are rich in occult history. Let’s see what this particular episode had in it… First, in the cartoon there was discussion about a song they were listening to, and the one character (“Soos”) said that he would do anything a rapper tells him to, including eat his own pants- which he does after the rap song tells him to do so.

BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI by Fritz Springmeier (one document) Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier by Fritz Springmeier 1.

BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI by Fritz Springmeier (one document)

BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI by Fritz Springmeier (one document) The Astor Family History. The Astor Family History The original founder of the Astor fortune was John Jacob Astor (1763-1884).

The Astor Family History

John Jacob Astor was born in Waldorf, Duchy of Baden (Germany) from a Jewish bloodline. The Jewish origins have been hidden, and quite a number of various ideas of the Astor’s heritage have been put into circulation by the Astor’s. John Jacob Astor was a butcher in Waldorf. In 1784, he came to America after a stop over in London, England. Although the story is that he came to America penniless–and that may be true–he soon joined the Masonic Lodge, and within 2-3 years had become the Master of the Holland Lodge No. 8 in N.Y. John Jacob Astor was always very famous for being cold hearted, anti-social, “a man who didn’t have charm, wit or grace.” The original financial break came by carrying out a series of shady and crooked real estate deals in the N.Y. city area. Astor also worked together with George Clinton, another member of the Illuminati, on land deals. The I. Fabians like H. Related. The New World Order - A 6000 Year History - HD MOVIE.

New World Order

Rihanna "The Illuminati Princess": Pushing the Satanic Agenda. Was Rihanna looking to get out of her deal?

Rihanna "The Illuminati Princess": Pushing the Satanic Agenda

R&B superstar Rihanna, the self-proclaimed “Princess of the Illuminati” sent a bizarre tweet in which she cursed out Satan. The tweet, (which can be seen here) states: “F– YOU SATAN! F— RIGHT OFF!!” What makes this bizarre rant even more interesting is that Rihanna has been a promoter of satanic and occult ideas and imagery in her music and videos since the onset of her career. Madonna Spreads Disinformation With New "Illuminati" Song. Madonna’s new song called Illuminati “pokes fun at internet conspiracy theories”.

Madonna Spreads Disinformation With New "Illuminati" Song

She’s actually doing what mass media has been doing for years : Distorting facts to then make fun of them. In short : Disinformation. Madonna released six songs from her new album because they leaked online – something she described in an interview with The Guardian as “a form of terrorism”. Really Madonna? A form of terrorism? Anyways, one of these songs is called Illuminati and it is clearly inspired by Illuminati “conspiracies” circulating online. Decoding Those Lingering Jay Z Illuminati Rumors. In his rollicking, insightful new book Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll, author Peter Bebergal delves deep into the weird connections between popular music and the occult, and how the former has so often utilized the mystique of the latter.

Decoding Those Lingering Jay Z Illuminati Rumors

In this excerpt, Bebergal looks at the rumors that have long circulated about Jay Z's involvement with the mysterious Illuminati cabal, and what those rumors signify about how we think of the rap superstar. Super Bowl 50: Illuminati Ritual of Alchemy, HELTER SKELTER, and the Rosy Cross. Adele Hello ILLUMINATI EXPOSED! ''hello Satan!?'' Demon worship EXPOSED! Daemon est Deus inversus. “You must not lose faith in humanity.

Daemon est Deus inversus

Jordan Maxwell - Matrix of Power. Killuminati The Movie. Illuminati symbols angels and demons. Illuminati symbols angels and demons. Illuminati Ambigrams Articles - Illuminati Ambigrams : Angels and Demons Truth. By Peter Lillback, Ph.D. , President and Professor of Historical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary …The incoming fax lay in the tray.

Illuminati Ambigrams Articles - Illuminati Ambigrams : Angels and Demons Truth

Sighing, he scooped up the paper and looked at it. Instantly, a wave of nausea hit him. The image on the page was that of a human corpse. The body had been stripped naked, and its head had been twisted, facing completely backward. “Illuminati,” he stammered, his heart pounding. In slow motion, afraid of what he was about to witness, Landon rotated the fax 180 degrees. Robert Langdon, the Symbologist Robert Landon, the central character of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code, is a symbologist, an expert in the symbols and their meanings. Illuminati - News, Updates, Images & Quotes. 13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati. Who really controls world events from behind-the-scene?

13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati

Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work. In this 624 page, large format book, Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties. You’ll learn of the secretive, Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S.A. and around the world. Along the way you’ll find out, why President John F. ...and much, much more.