Girl is a gun

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An Existential Life. “The most intimate reactions of human beings have been so thoroughly reified that the idea of anything specific to themselves now persists only as an utterly abstract notion: personality scarcely signifies anything more than shining white teeth and freedom from body odour and emotions.

An Existential Life

The triumph of advertising in the culture industry is that consumers feel compelled to buy and use its products even though they see through them.” “An empty space is marked off with plain wood and plain walls, so that the light drawn into it forms dim shadows within emptiness. Learning To Love You More. ° ….one of those long, romantic novels, six hundred and fifty pages of small print, translated from French or German or Hungarian or something — because few of the English ones have the exact feeling I mean.


And you read one page of it or even one phrase of it, and then you gobble up all the rest and go about in a dream for weeks afterwards, for months afterwards — perhaps all your life, who knows? — surrounded by those six hundred and fifty pages, the houses, the streets, the snow, the river, the roses, the girls, the sun, the ladies’ dresses and the gentlemen’s voices, the old, wicked, hard-hearted women and the old, sad women, the waltz music — everything. What is not there you put in afterwards, for it is alive, this book, and it grows in your head. The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21. Navigating Masculinity As A Black Transman: "I Will Never Straighten Out My Wrist" “Straighten out your wrist, Brotha!”

Navigating Masculinity As A Black Transman: "I Will Never Straighten Out My Wrist"

When my boxing coach yelled these words, I knew his call was about more than perfecting my jab. I have experienced the demands of Black masculinity and the responses to my failure to perform properly are not alI that different from the experiences of failed masculinity that I felt within Black lesbian communities. Susan Cain: The power of introverts. 10 Female Electronic Music Pioneers You Should Know. Film, Television and Video On Demand. Hungry blog – Leben, Alltag und Essstörung aus dem Blickwinkel einer Betroffenen.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! - by Arlan. Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story. 101 Lovers’ Spit (Pilot) Autotrans* & w.i.r. ◊ NINIA LAGRANDE ◊ Anarchie & lihbe.