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My childhood was spent immersed in the popular culture that millions of children were exposed to in the post war era of 1950’s America. Between watching the countless horror, sci-fi, war, cartoon, cowboy, and puppet shows that glowed from our black and white TV set, I had my collection of comic books and styrene plastic models to occupy my immature brain. My parents subscription to National Geographic magazine fueled an early passion for prehistoric man and primitive cultures. All this under the looming threat of nuclear annihilation. I was a nervous, high-strung child and my mind was filled with a constantly shifting and swirling vortex of imagery in unnatural juxtapositions and combinations – pretty much the very definition of the word “surrealism” as stated in Webster’s Dictionary.

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images — mcbess Menu 0 items Tony Riff Badge creator Use Flickriver Badge Creator to create a badge linking to your photos, your group or any other Flickriver view. You can place your badge on your Flickr profile, Blog or Website. Add to your iGoogle or Netvibes page Deviant Comic Strip Characters (12 total) What happens when your favorite comic strip characters get "off the strip"? Do they go a little crazy? Would Snoopy really roast Woodstock? City Cyclops Come Touch Things What are you doing for the next four months? Hopefully you'll be spending every day at the Cartoon Art Museum, witnessing the new Small Press Spotlight featuring the work of Jon Adams. You can see artwork in real life, instead of on a computer screen. And if you break the glass, you can touch the artwork.

How to Cut Quill Pens from Feathers This is a document written in flux. I'm still experimenting even as we speak (1 June 1999), and as I figure more things out, they will be reflected on this page. Quite a lot of this material is an attempt at reconciling conflicting reports on how to cut a quill. People are of many opinions, but the material's the real test. est qui ? C'est Sagaki. ... Sagaki Keita est une seule et même personne. Il est d'origine japonaise puisqu'il est né et vit encore à Tokyo (quoique, je n'ai pas les dernières infos). Sagaki est aussi un petit peu diptérosodomite à ses heures perdues (il aime bien enculer les mouches) et son travail artitique va vous le prouver d'ici pas longtemps, voir ci-dessous. De prime abord, ses portraits semblent assez classiques dans leur forme.

How to Sell Art on - Online Marketing for Artists - I first met Elaine from Zazzle when I noticed she signed up for the Abundant Artist mailing list. I reached out to her and we had a great conversation about helping artists earn more money. Elaine is in charge of getting more artists to sell their work through, as well as forming partnerships with other companies. FOUNDRY CO It is with a combination of excitement and sadness that we announce the closing of Foundry Collective. Five years ago we started a company. Well sort of. We had one paying client that didn't even amount to a rent check and a non paying client which was really just a passion project for our friends. We had no idea what we were doing, what the plan was or who we even were. How to Draw: The Beginner's Guide The Beginner's Guide Preface Here's the truth: drawing is hard. It's perfectly normal to struggle with it. And the internet is full of conflicting advice on the matter, making it even more confusing.

Figure Drawing Pose Search A Pose is usually a collection of photos of a model in one position. For example, a nude model standing in the contrapposto position or the T-pose will be photographed from 24 different angles (once every 15-degrees as the model is rotated). Those 24 art reference photos are collected into one "Pose." When the project first started, we imagined our customers as sculptors. They would be looking for anatomy reference photos and also traditional male and female nude artist's model photos but they would need to see all around the figure to create a complete sculpture. That's why we do the multiple angles.

Quickposes: pose library for figure & gesture drawing practice Yo quickposers I bring to you a new tutorial from none other than Danny Cruz ! This amazing artist has a cool style and I asked him to make a tutorial that shows you how to take your gesture drawings to the next level, so here it is ! Nyepi Balinese news year / Lars Henkel world Nyepi, the Balinese new year day... So, tomorrow is the night before Nyepi here, the Balinese new year day. It’s that time of year once again where the monsters come out.

Bicycle, Ugo Gattoni Giant leporello book published by Nobrow Press on the occasion the 2012 London Olympics. Ink on paper, 500x41cm