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Here's Google's Secret to Hiring the Best People

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” was the tagline for a Head & Shoulders shampoo ad campaign in the 1980s. It unfortunately encapsulates how most interviews work. There have been volumes written about how “the first five minutes” of an interview are what really matter, describing how interviewers make initial assessments and spend the rest of the interview working to confirm those assessments. If they like you, they look for reasons to like you more. If they don’t like your handshake or the awkward introduction, then the interview is essentially over because they spend the rest of the meeting looking for reasons to reject you. These small moments of observation that are then used to make bigger decisions are called “thin slices.” The problem is, these predictions from the first 10 seconds are useless. They create a situation where an interview is spent trying to confirm what we think of someone, rather than truly assessing them. Click to Open Overlay Gallery 1.

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5 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself in an Interview Hiring managers all have their favorite interview questions, but they’re typically some variation of the common ones. For example, you might get, “How would your colleagues describe you?” or “Use three words to describe yourself.” Either way, your overall approach would likely be the same. The thing you need to be mindful of, then, is what words you actually use. Or, to put it in another way, there are words that you should never, ever use. Setting the Record Straight on Job Interviews - HBR You scored a job interview, and now it’s time to get ready. Before you start prepping, you have to consider whose advice to take. Should you believe your colleague when she says that you have to wear a suit even though you’re interviewing at a tech start-up?

The 10 Best No BS Interview Questions CEOs Ask When you’re running a company, every second counts. A successful CEO doesn’t have the luxury to spend a lot of time chitchatting over lunch. If they’re experienced, they’ve likely learned how to drill down quickly in order to find the most important skills or character traits they’re looking for in a new hire. Here are some of the best no B.S. questions current CEOs say they would ask, if they only had time for one single question:

Most Common Behavioral Interview Questions Interview prep 101 dictates that you should have your elevator pitch ready, a few stories polished, and a good sense of what you have to offer. So, how do you get there? Lots of practice, ideally aloud. Jobs - Coatings World • Shamrock Technologies, Inc. • Houchi Chemical Co., Ltd • AZ Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. No. 458-6, Sinsing Road Hu Kou Township Hsinchu Country 303, TaiwanHsinchu Country, Taiwan, 303Taiwan View Profile

30 Sexy Resume Templates Guaranteed to Get You Hired Are you aiming to get that dream job of yours but don’t know where to start? Pay high priority to your resume. An impressive resume can go a long way and if you would like to make that positive impression, finding a good resume template to base your own resume on can really help you out. It may seem like a small and inconsequential thing to some, but the appearance of your resume really does have an effect on the professional image you would like to project. Dell to buy EMC in $67B tech megamerger Michael Dell has a flair for the grand gesture. He showed that Monday when his namesake company announced what may be the industry's biggest ever acquisition, as it makes itself a go-to tech provider for large businesses. Dell said it will pay $67 billion to purchase EMC, which makes data storage products, and its VMware subsidiary. EMC's crown jewel, VMware makes so-called virtualization software that lets companies run multiple computer systems on a single computer server. The proposed transaction would move Round Rock, Texas-based Dell further away from the consumers who made it a household name and push it more firmly into the realm of large business customers.

Top 20 Executive Interview Pet Peeves Printer-Friendly Version by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Every aspect of marketing yourself in the job search is highly subjective from the hiring decision-maker's viewpoint. Feel like a fraud? William Somerville has always been a good student. In high school and college, he looked forward to taking tests and writing papers — objective measures of success gave him a chance to prove himself. But as a PhD student in clinical psychology at The New School in New York City, he began to doubt his abilities. What Managers Need to Remember: By Your Pupils You’ll Be Taught “Can you believe it? Now because of realignment, he works for me. We worked together for years and he was my boss.

How to Ace an Executive-Level Job Interview You've been contacted by an executive recruiter about an opportunity to interview for a position at a successful company. The job the executive recruiter describes sounds perfect for you. You want the position so badly, you dream about it at night. To make your dream a reality, you need to ace the interview. How to Write a Cover Letter, According to Great Artists - Michael Silverberg For starters, boast about your fortress-destroying skills. Library of Congress Selling yourself often feels like a grotesque act. So job applicants’ cover letters seem unlikely to contain much great prose.

Five Charts That Explain the Size of the Global Travel Industry in 2015 The World Travel & Tourism Council, the leading travel and tourism business organization in the world, is great at coming up with big picture numbers on the size of our industry and its growth across all regions. One of its much anticipated reports is its annual “Economic Impact” report which shows the global size of the travel industry and its economic impact on countries in terms of the business and revenues it generates, the number of tourists moving about the globe, the number of jobs it supports, and the resulting GDP contributions in various countries in the world. Its 2015 global report came out last month, and with tons of juicy data about our sector, it does not disappoint. Five charts contained in it, extracted below, show the size of the global travel sector in 2015. The first one shows what constitutes the global travel industry, otherwise a source of much confusion even among the industry players.

Northwestern MutualVoice: How To Ace An Executive Interview By Sonya Stinson Interviewing for an executive role can be an intimidating experience. The process of screening candidates for such a high-stakes, highly compensated role is understandably more intense and extensive than anything lower-level job candidates go through. Before a company decides whether to bring you aboard, a team of executives or board members will likely weigh in, and your resume and experience will be scrutinized down to the last detail. If you’re on the hunt for a C-suite post, here are some tips to help you convince even the toughest hiring committee that you’re the best of the best. 1.