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Here's Google's Secret to Hiring the Best People

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” was the tagline for a Head & Shoulders shampoo ad campaign in the 1980s. It unfortunately encapsulates how most interviews work. There have been volumes written about how “the first five minutes” of an interview are what really matter, describing how interviewers make initial assessments and spend the rest of the interview working to confirm those assessments. If they like you, they look for reasons to like you more. If they don’t like your handshake or the awkward introduction, then the interview is essentially over because they spend the rest of the meeting looking for reasons to reject you. These small moments of observation that are then used to make bigger decisions are called “thin slices.” The problem is, these predictions from the first 10 seconds are useless. They create a situation where an interview is spent trying to confirm what we think of someone, rather than truly assessing them. Click to Open Overlay Gallery 1. Related:  1 - TRANSFORMATION DIGITALE ENTREPRISES ET RHJob InterviewsHiring

Rainer Strack: The workforce crisis of 2030 -- and how to start solving it now 5 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself in an Interview Hiring managers all have their favorite interview questions, but they’re typically some variation of the common ones. For example, you might get, “How would your colleagues describe you?” or “Use three words to describe yourself.” Either way, your overall approach would likely be the same. The thing you need to be mindful of, then, is what words you actually use. Or, to put it in another way, there are words that you should never, ever use. 1. You know you’re intelligent, and you know the hiring manager is looking for someone who is intelligent, but please don’t describe yourself as such. What to Do Instead Talk about the way you think, and use words like, “logical,” “quantitative,” “fast learner,” or “big-picture thinker.” 2. For the same reason you don’t want to describe yourself as intelligent, you want to avoid words like “likable.” 3. You can successfully do something, but you can’t just call yourself successful. 4. 5. It’s weird to brag about how humble you are.

Why a startup called Nutanix is making VMware absolutely crazy | VentureBeat | Business | by Julie Bort, Business Insider Here are the Top Tech Companies’ Secrets to Hiring the Best People – The Cooper Review – Medium Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Amazon. These top tech companies each receive over a quadrillion resumes per year (source needed). So it’s safe to say they have a good process for choosing the best job candidates. But what is it? No, it’s not that list of popular Google interview questions you Googled on Google. In fact, their finely tuned hiring process goes way beyond rudimentary queries on algorithms and quantum physics. If you, too, want to hire the world’s best top tech talent, try one of these secret hiring strategies. Begin phone screens 15 minutes early, 15 minutes late, or not at all To find people who are always ready for the job Anyone can answer a series of probing questions when you call them at the expected time. Make the interview schedule as confusing and unpredictable as possible To find people who don’t need instructions Make sure that neither the interviewers or interviewees have any idea what’s going to happen during the interview. To test consistency

Le Lab RH veut fédérer les start-ups des RH Le secteur des ressources humaines (RH) est en retard, tant sur l'innovation que sur la technologie. Les RH sont encore trop souvent perçues comme de la « gestion du personnel ». Alors que la transformation numérique est à l'oeuvre dans les autres fonctions de l'entreprise, les RH tardent à intégrer l'innovation qui, pourtant, leur donne un rôle nouveau dans les décisions stratégiques des organisations. En soumettant ces informations à, vous acceptez de recevoir des emails de TechTarget et de ses partenaires. Jérémy Lamri, cofondateur de Monkey Tie, un site de recrutement affinitaire, a partagé ce constat avec d'autres créateurs de start-ups du secteur. Lever les freins qui ralentissent l'innovation Toute entreprise innovante dont le cœur de métier est les RH et qui adhère aux valeurs de la Charte de Le Lab RH peut rejoindre l'association. L'association entend aider les responsables RH à lever les freins qui ralentissent l'adoption des innovations.

Most Common Behavioral Interview Questions Interview prep 101 dictates that you should have your elevator pitch ready, a few stories polished, and a good sense of what you have to offer. So, how do you get there? Lots of practice, ideally aloud. To help you better prepare for your next interview, here are 30 behavioral interview questions sorted by topic (in addition to 31 common interview questions here) that you can practice. Not sure how to answer these questions? Teamwork For questions like these, you want a story that illustrates your ability to work with others under challenging circumstances. Talk about a time when you had to work closely with someone whose personality was very different from yours. Client-Facing Skills If the role you’re interviewing for works with clients, definitely be ready for one of these. Describe a time when it was especially important to make a good impression on a client. Ability to Adapt Times of turmoil are finally good for something! Tell me about a time you were under a lot of pressure.

Developreneurs: Don’t miss the next $1B opportunity | VentureBeat | Dev | by Andy Vitus, Scale Venture Partners Want to master the CMO role? Join us for GrowthBeat Summit on June 1-2 in Boston, where we'll discuss how to merge creativity with technology to drive growth. Space is limited and we're limiting attendance to CMOs and top marketing execs. The world’s fast-iterating web and app companies have created more than a cottage industry for startups that help increase the speed of delivery of code from development to operations. It wasn’t always this way. This developer-oriented services movement has been long in the making, further fueling cloud competition. There’s now a growing investment category focused on servicing a cloud-based selection of companies whose members, and needs keep growing. But for every great startup success, there are 100 that fail. Solve a big problem for a small group Targeting functionality that only addresses a small set of cloud-based companies narrows the market opportunity. Build the easy stuff Don’t be easily replaceable. Make clunky technology for techies

The Secret to Hiring Great People Leaders frequently tell me they have a hard time recruiting great people to join their organizations. When I ask about their hiring process, I often find one missing element: sales. Recruiting great people is similar to any kind of sales process. Your company is the product. What if there were a tool to keep your goals top of mind and keep you focused on the critical next steps to accomplish them? Over the years, my team and I have found it’s much easier to attract the right people if we approach hiring as a sales campaign. In fact, we just brought aboard two highly talented players this month with this model. Step 1: Create the Product It is much easier to close a deal if you have a great product to sell. Identify why people should want to work for your organization. Do you offer generous time off? Do you assign tasks that fit with your people’s passions and proficiencies (what I call “Desire Zone” tasks)? Step 2: Build a Landing Page Step 3: Solicit Testimonials So go big.

Transformation digitale en entreprise : la perception et les attentes des RH et des salariés L’institut TNS Sofres vient de dévoiler les résultats d’une étude sur la transformation digitale en entreprise. Menée pour Abilways Digital auprès de salariés RH et d’opérationnels, issus de sociétés d’au moins de 200 salariés, elle permet de mieux cerner l’impact des nouvelles technologies dans le milieu professionnel et la perception des salariés vis-vis du numérique. Voici les principales conclusions de l’enquête. 63% des salariés considèrent que le digital va avoir un impact très fort48% pensent que le digital a déjà eu un impact très fort sur leur travailMais seulement 27% des salariés déclarent être tout à fait à l’aise avec le digital Les salariés considèrent que la transformation digitale a eu un impact sur leur propre fonction (48%), sur la manière de travailler (41%) et sur le business model de leur entreprise (31%). Globalement, les RH sont moins confiants (-25 points) et impatients (-29) que les salariés opérationnels.

Top 20 Executive Interview Pet Peeves Printer-Friendly Version by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Every aspect of marketing yourself in the job search is highly subjective from the hiring decision-maker's viewpoint. Through a list of the top 20 executive interview pet peeves, hiring decision-makers reveal the landmines aspiring executives can avoid in job interviews. 1. "Some years ago I was senior vice president, human resources, in a large American bank's Canadian operation. 2. Continue reading the next five of the top 20 executive job interview pet peeves. Questions about some of the terminology used in this article? Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Have you taken advantage of all of our job interviewing resources?

Why (most) High Level Languages are Slow | A Random Walk Through Geek-Space In the last month or two I’ve had basically the same conversation half a dozen times, both online and in real life, so I figured I’d just write up a blog post that I can refer to in the future. The reason most high level languages are slow is usually because of two reasons: They don’t play well with the cache. They have to do expensive garbage collections But really, both of these boil down to a single reason: the language heavily encourages too many allocations. First, I’ll just state up front that for all of this I’m talking mostly about client-side applications. I’m going to pick on C# as the specific example here for two reasons: the first is that it’s the high level language I use most often these days, and because if I used Java I’d get a bunch of C# fans telling me how it has value types and therefore doesn’t have these issues (this is wrong). In the following I will be talking about what happens when you write idiomatic code. Cache costs review Why C# introduces cache misses

Hiring for Culture Fit Doesn’t Have to Undermine Diversity Executive Summary The idea of hiring for culture fit has become controversial. But research suggests it need not be. Most of the controversy boils down to a single key issue: the wrong definition of culture fit. Although most managers would agree that it is important to hire people who fit in, the idea of hiring for culture fit has become controversial. Misconception #1: Culture fit is a “nice to have” but not a necessity. The core assumption here is that employees’ skills and competences matter more for organizational effectiveness than how well they fit in. Misconception #2: Hiring for culture fit hurts diversity. The idea here is that hiring for culture fit undermines efforts to increase workplace diversity, because it leads to hiring managers essentially trying to clone their current workforce. Misconception #3: Hiring for culture fit hurts innovation. This misconception relies on the idea that, if everyone is the same, it reduces creative thinking and therefore innovation.

Faut-il mettre en place un réseau social d'entreprise ? | l'Observatoire digital des entreprisesl'Observatoire digital des entreprises Depuis quelques années, le réseau social d’entreprise ou RSE connait un véritable essor dans l’entreprise, notamment dans les grands groupes. Il faut bien reconnaître qu’il a pour lui des arguments très convaincants : collaboration simplifiée et amplifiée au sein de l’entreprise, meilleure circulation de l’information, partage des compétences, réactivité,… Profitons des 1ères expériences et du recul que nous avons maintenant pour (re)considérer l’intérêt de mettre en place un RSE au sein de son entreprise. Voici en 4 points de quoi se faire rapidement une opinion : Présentation en vidéo (3 mn) :Rapport du CIGREF sur le RSE (quoi, pourquoi, comment) : Rapport_CIGREF_RSE Sept avantages d’un réseau social d’entreprise : Les 10 avantages d’un réseau social d’entreprise pour une PME :

How to Ace an Executive-Level Job Interview You've been contacted by an executive recruiter about an opportunity to interview for a position at a successful company. The job the executive recruiter describes sounds perfect for you. You want the position so badly, you dream about it at night. To make your dream a reality, you need to ace the interview. Preparing for Executive-Level Interviews Interview Questions to Avoid Interview Road Kill That's easier said than done. Obviously, you've got to learn as much about the company and the people interviewing you as you can. This story walks you through the interview process, from preparation to follow-up. Prepare Interviews are designed to assess whether you, the candidate, can do the job at hand, whether you'll spring into action once on the job, and whether you fit with the company's culture and management team. What are your strengths? You're certain to be asked about failed projects, so don't get caught off guard when the hiring manager tosses that one your way. The Big Day