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Formula for success in 2016: Work smarter AND harder. I was inspired to write this blog post after noticing a tweet by LeadDesk, one of our successful international clients.

Formula for success in 2016: Work smarter AND harder

We all know there’s no magic bullet for success. To succeed these days the truth is, you need to work smart and hard. Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead? Log In. 5 Things You Should be Doing to Have an Insanely Productive Week. A productive week depends largely on what you focus on every working day and how much time you allocate to activities that take up your time (i.e. busy work).

5 Things You Should be Doing to Have an Insanely Productive Week

Working harder does not necessarily mean you are being productive. There will always be a better way to complete that task. The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need — StackStreet. Businessinsider. 5 Things You Should be Doing to Have an Insanely Productive Week. How to destroy Programmer Productivity. The following image about programmer productivity is making its rounds on the internet: As Homer Simpson might say, it’s funny because it’s true.

How to destroy Programmer Productivity

I haven’t figured out the secret to being productive yet, largely because I have never been consistently productive. Ever. Joel Spolsky talks about this in one of his blog posts: Sometimes I just can’t get anything done.Sure, I come into the office, putter around, check my email every ten seconds, read the web, even do a few brainless tasks like paying the American Express bill. I’ve read that blog post about half a dozen times now, and It still shocks me that someone who we see as an icon in the programmer community has a problem getting started. I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m not here to share any secret methods to being productive, but I can tell you what has kept me from being productive: Rules that have no reason are just obstacles. Productivity We all abide by many spoken and unspoken rules every day; while some of those rules have good reasons, plenty more have no reason and possibly a negative outcome.

Rules that have no reason are just obstacles

They stifle us, they rob us from imagination and they contain us. Why do we follow rules that stifle us? Well, most of the time because it’s the easy thing to do. It saves us from thinking, and from challenging our assumptions. Two minutes to make you happier at work, in life ... and over the holidays. Paolo Cardini: Forget multitasking, try monotasking. 5 Things We Need For Sustainable Performance At Work. We all want to perform well at work and live a fulfilling life.

5 Things We Need For Sustainable Performance At Work

It all gets down to these two simple needs. If we take a minute to contemplate that a bit more, those two simple needs further get down to a few simple actions. What multitasking does to our brains. Why You Need a Daily Prioritization Meeting. We live in a culture of urgency, constantly throwing our emotional energy into the latest public scandal, emergency, or cat video.

Why You Need a Daily Prioritization Meeting

Most of us work in always-switched-on companies where everything feels urgent. Call backs, emails, and meetings are wrought with peak energy. How quickly do you expect a response to an email or changes to a report? Because of this, I believe that prioritizing is the most essential skill a creative can possess. Alone Time. 37signals is spread out over four cities and eight time zones.

Alone Time

From Provo, Utah to Copenhagen, Denmark, the five of us are eight hours apart. One positive side effect of this eight hour difference is alone time. There are only about 4-5 hours during the day that we're all up and working together. At other times, the us team is sleeping while David, who's in Denmark, is working. The rest of the time, we're working while David is sleeping. Guess which part of the day we get the most work done? When you have a long stretch when you aren't bothered, you can get in the zone.

Getting in the zone takes time. Set up a rule at work: Make half the day alone time. A successful alone time period means letting go of communication addiction. Get Into the Groove We all know that knowledge workers work best by getting into "flow", also known as being "in the zone", where they are fully concentrated on their work and fully tuned out of their environment. Ignore Details Early On. We're crazy about details.

Ignore Details Early On

The space between objectsThe perfect type leadingThe perfect colorThe perfect wordsFour lines of code instead of seven90% vs 89%760px vs 750px$39/month vs. $49/month Success and satisfaction are in the details. How to Make Things Happen. This is an excerpt from Making Things Happen, my bestselling book on leading project teams.

How to Make Things Happen

One myth of project management is certain people have an innate ability to do it well, and others do not. Whenever this myth came up in conversation with other project managers, I asked for an explanation —how to recognize it, categorize it, and, if possible, develop it in others. The only thing we usually identified—after considering many of the other topics covered in this book—is the ability to make things happen. Jason Fried: Why work doesn't happen at work. Article Archive. 10 Commandments of Productivity.

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