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US Air Force Watches: Type A-1 to A-17A plus… US Air Force Watches: Type A-1 to A-17A plus… Jaeger-LeCoultre Mark 11 Tracking Page. Professional, Reliable, Affordable Watches. Limited Edition Series. Welcome to Time+Tide Watches - The Australian Watch Authority. D.m.h. – dingemans mechanische horloges. Leather, Nato, Nylon Watch Straps - Crown and Buckle.

The Military Diver’s Watch - A Revisionist View by JAMES DOWLING - TimeZone. SUIGENERIC. Wristwatch restoration, servicing and repair. Another Hamilton on the blog, this time one of their chronographs from the late 1960′s/early 70′s.

Wristwatch restoration, servicing and repair

(Click pictures to enlarge) Before 1970′s styling really kicked in and the design departs were ‘let off the leash’, chronographs from many of the major manufacturers shared the same styling cues as this Hamilton – a simple round case, an uncluttered dial, and standard round head pushers. The resulting watch being functional and stylish. Automatic chronographs had only been introduced in 1969, so the majority of chronograph calibres were still manually wound, the calibre inside this Hamilton being no exception. Although marked ‘Hamilton 643′ on the chronograph bridge, it is actually a re-branded Valjoux cal. 7730, as can be seen under the balance wheel.

The Valjoux cal. 7730 is almost identical to Venus’ cal. 188, produced from 1948 until 1966. Valjoux re-designed the 7730 in the early 1970′s, adding a number of technical improvements, the resulting calibre being the cal. 7733. 1. 2. Some vintage dive love... Vintage Watches by SomeTimeAgo - Watch Classics & Collectables. HEIRLOOM GALLERY - Moonphases :O) GUBELIN tripledate moonphases Extremely fine and rare, automatic SQUARE triple date moonphases by GUBELIN Ca. 1950s D: Matt Silver dial with raised gilt five minute marks with light signs of wear.


Deroshoe on Instagram. Ahwcreations on Instagram. The NEW Tudor Ranger Review (part1) We love watches.

The NEW Tudor Ranger Review (part1)

We really love vintage watches. We really, really love vintage Rolex and Tudor watches! The Heritage watches by Tudor are always interesting for us here at Bulang and Sons as they are watches that we can wear day to day, in all circumstances, but they capture the spirit of the vintage pieces that ignite our passion and connect with our love of the aesthetics of classic sports watches. In early 2013 I had a dream (no, really!) That Tudor were going to release the Ranger as its Heritage piece at Baselworld. Ross Povey and Bernhard Bulang. Watches and more. Bernard Watch Blog. Faszination Uhrwerk. Louis Moinet "Compteur de tierces" The 1st chronograph.

Faszination Uhrwerk

Louis Moinet worked closely with the great Abraham-Louis Breguet, over a period of many years, acting in the capacity of close friend, confidant and intimate advisor. RLT Watches. Faszination Uhrwerk. CasoWatch (dealer) Vintage Watches by SomeTimeAgo - Watch Classics & Collectables. Watches For Sale / Vintage Watch Classics. Watches, US Import Codes. Sfranceschetti on Instagram. The definitive guide to Heuer. This section will include information about the chronographs that Heuer manufactured for other brands, where the other brand was less expensive than the comparable Heuer.

The definitive guide to Heuer

Examples of the "poor man's" Heuers include those manufactured for Aristo Clebar Hamilton LeJour Sears and Tradition, a brand sold by Sears Roebuck Tourneau, the retailer that also markets its own "house brand" Zodiac We point out that in this section, we use the term "Poor Man's Heuer" only to refer to chronographs manufactured by Heuer for other brands. We do not cover other brands that were imitating the Heuers, on their own, the so-called "Look-Alikes" or "Knock-Offs". We also do not cover the brands where the timepieces make by Heuer sold at approximately the same price as the Heuer (for example, Abercrombie & Fitch).

These "poor man's" Heuers represent an interesting facet of Heuer's history and also provide a sensible way for individuals to collect these chronographs on a more reasonable budget. Aristo Clebar LeJour. Escapement - Watch Reviews of high-end watches and haute horology. WATCH BAND SPECIALIST - Watch straps and more from My collection of vintage swiss wristwatches. Vintage CERTINAs ¦ Gallery. Here you can see some photos which I find they show the beauty of these watches very well.

Vintage CERTINAs ¦ Gallery

The pictures in the first section are taken by me. In the second section, you can see some beautiful pictures that i found on the internet and i wanted to show here. Pictures used by courtesy of the photographers. Many thanks to them! Do you have a picture which belongs in this gallery? Zenith Defy 28800. Zenith Defy 28800 (1971) Automatic caliber 2562PC,date, Steel tropic Zenith band + signed buckle and 4 o'clock screwed crown.

Zenith Defy 28800

Here with the original display red plastic "Defy 300m" Zenith Defy "Pop"(1975) Automatic caliber AF 36000 A/h, day + date, leather band + signed crown. Automatic caliber 2562PC,date, Steel original band + signed buckle and crown. Zenith Defy 28800 (1973) Automatic caliber 2562PC,date, signed crown. Watch Snob. Watches and more. Public Forum. Vintage & Pocket watches.