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Philosophical Films
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Meditation 99 “Life is a Dream.” Meditation 99: Life is a Dream Metaphors draw two unlikely suspects together in an illuminating way. The metaphor “Achilles is a lion” is not literally true, unless I have a lion named “Achilles.” Yet it draws attention to the courage and strength of the hero with a punch that straight prose lacks. “X is brave and strong” applies to many people. “Life is a dream” is a well known metaphor. At this point, we might ask why “Life is a Dream” has captured so much attention over the years? Another way I have resisted the life/dream metaphor is by rejecting mysticism as not sufficiently rational. After coming to these dark reflections, I found a question to move forward. First of all, a dream is not illusory on its own terms. From this standpoint, there is a deep identity between dreams and waking life.

Listal - List the stuff you love! Movies, music, books Visual culture Visual Culture as an academic subject is a field of study that generally includes some combination of cultural studies, art history, critical theory, philosophy, and anthropology, by focusing on aspects of culture that rely on visual images. Overview[edit] Among theorists working within contemporary culture, this field of study often overlaps with film studies, psychoanalytic theory, gender studies, queer theory, and the study of television; it can also include video game studies, comics, traditional artistic media, advertising, the Internet, and any other medium that has a crucial visual component. The field’s versatility stems from the range of objects contained under the term “visual culture,” which aggregates “visual events in which information, meaning or pleasure is sought by the consumer in an interface with visual technology.” The term “visual technology” refers any media designed for purposes of perception or with the potential to augment our visual capability.[1] Visualism[edit]

Q&A with Cindy Gallop: Tackling porn, feminism and big dreams Advertising whiz Cindy Gallop delivered one of the most talked-about talks at TED2009, so before it was posted the TED Blog had to snag her for an interview. Spirited as usual, she did not disappoint. Keep reading for answers on what people thought of, Gallop’s bold position on feminism, her new project IfWeRanTheWorld and the story of her success. What sort of feedback have you gotten on What do people think of it? What MakeLoveNotPorn has in common with my other ventures is that when I encounter something that I feel very strongly about, I do something about it. As I make clear in my talk, MakeLoveNotPorn is designed to address an issue that would never have crossed my mind if I had not encountered it within my personal life and specifically, because I date younger men who tend to be in their twenties, who are part of Generation Y. I will say that I was extremely nervous before I gave my TEDTalk, and I was nervous for two reasons. So I did.

Quantified Self: The Ultimate Beginner's Guideand List of the Best Personal Data Tools Out There) A transformation is happening. People, like you, are taking control of something conventional wisdom has told us is not ours to understand: our health. Why are we fat? What makes us feel sluggish? What causes our disease? How can I improve? Watch Ari Meisel explain how he cured his Crohn’s disease by following data. This is the Quantified Self. This is not new. The only difference today is the technology. Self-trackers are pushing the limits of personal health. As self-trackers are pushing the movement forward, entrepreneurs are helping it scale. Why this matters Where there are trends, there are opportunities. Crowdfunding sites are often a good indicator of market trends, and quantified self tools are among the most successful. Making it personal Are you becoming happier over time? Unfortunately, happiness, performance, productivity, and other variables in our lives are complex, confusing, and chaotic processes. What about your startup? Our daily lives are no different. Let’s begin

AVweb » The World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource Combustible Celluloid - Guide to Cult Movies and Cult Films Army of Darkness (1993) The third film in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy features more zombies, more action, more laughs, and more kisses. With Bruce Campbell. "Gimme some sugar, baby!" Basket Case (1982) Frank Henelotter's amazing low-budget splatter comedy showcases Siamese twin brothers -- one normal, the other a squishy little beast who lives in a basket -- searching for revenge on the New York doctors who separated them. Battle Royale (2000) This mind-blowing Japanese film is endlessly entertaining, by turns gory and hilarious, disturbing and exciting. The Big Lebowski (1998) Any of the Coen Brothers' films could qualify as cult classics, but this one is both the most underappreciated and has the most fanatical following. Big Trouble in Little China (1986) John Carpenter's goofy kung-fu comic book adventure revels in its own silliness and features an amazing John Wayne-ish performance by Kurt Russell. The Black Cat (1934) Edgar G. Black Sunday (1960)Black Sunday (a.k.a.

How Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health My favorite book is War and Peace. And I know what you're thinking: "Oh, another writer wanting people to think he’s all intellectual and highbrow." But it really is my favorite book, only not because it has 1,500 pages of unforgettable characters or a generational plot that is more compelling than that of any other book I’ve read. It’s because right before I started reading it, my life was in a rut. I had recently been passed over for a promotion at Apple and I had just been rejected by a graduate school I applied to. Two months later, I finished the book and immediately knew I had a new "favorite." But according to Dr Josie Billington, deputy director of the Centre for Research into Reading at the University of Liverpool, my experience wasn’t so odd. "Reading can offer richer, broader, and more complex models of experience, which enable people to view their own lives from a refreshed perspective and with renewed understanding," says Billington. Advertisement Billington agrees. 1. 2. 3.

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'Female Schindler' who saved 2,500 Jewish children, has died aged 98 By Richard Pendlebury Updated: 12:21 GMT, 22 May 2008 She smuggled out the children in suitcases, ambulances, coffins, sewer pipes, rucksacks and, on one occasion, even a tool box. Those old enough to ask knew their saviour only by her codename "Jolanta". But she kept hidden a meticulous record of all their real names and new identities - created to protect the Jewish youngsters from the pursuing Nazis - so they might later be re-united with their families. Her finest hour: Irena Sendler rescued thousands of Jewish children By any measure, Irena Sendler was one of the most remarkable and noble figures to have emerged from the horrors of World War II. When the Germans finally caught her, the Roman Catholic social worker had managed to save 2,500 Jewish babies and toddlers from deportation to the concentration camps. She had spirited them out of the heavily-guarded Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, and hidden their identities in two glass jars buried under an apple tree in her neighbour's garden.

Flight Controls - General - AirSimmer Support 2.3.4 Speedbrake Control Speedbrake function is achieved by spoilers 2, 3 and 4. The pilot controls the speedbrakes using the speedbrake lever. Speedbrake is inhibited if: - Both SEC 1 and SEC 3 fail - An elevator has a fault (in this case, only spoilers 3 and 4 are inhibited) - Angle-of-attack protection is active - Flaps are in CONF FULL (A320 and A319), or CONF 3 (A321). This does not apply to the A318. - Thrust Levers are above MCT position - Alpha Floor activation When these conditions occur when the speedbrakes are extended, they are automatically retracted and stay retracted until the condition(s) disappears and the pilot resets the speedbrake lever. Note - If a speedbrake on one wing fails, the symmetric speedbrake on the other wing is inhibited. - For maintenance, the speedbrake lever will also extend number 1 spoilers on the ground Ground Spoiler Control All spoilers (1 through 5) are used for the ground spoiler function.