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Christmas ideas

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1st lesson of the year: New Year’s Resolutions. I’m thrilled to be back!

1st lesson of the year: New Year’s Resolutions

All so full of energy and new ideas! What about you? This lesson is about keeping your 2017 new year’s resolutions through reading a Forbes article by Henna Inam (a contributor) and watching a video clip by Meghan Trainor “All about that change”. I would like to share my latest article about “Teaching Pronunciation” that has been published by Richmond share blog: And my first article “Motivating Adult students” GETTING INTO THE FESTIVE SPIRIT. It’s that time of the year again.


The time to decorate the Christmas tree, do Christmas quizzes, make Christmas dishes, browse through the history and traditions of Christmas, or do lots of other activities related to the ‘jingle bells’ time of the year has finally come, just as the time to share my favourite tried and tested activities to get students into the festive spirit. This year the party will start with a highly engaging oldie but goldie Draw your Wish or Chinese Whispers on paper. Materials needed: an A4 sheet of paper per player. Countdown to Christmas! – tekhnologic. I had the luxury of some time, so I got a pencil and a piece of paper and sketched an image with some traditional Christmas themes.

Countdown to Christmas! – tekhnologic

A Christmas tree, Santa, a holly wreath, tinsel and a snowman. Draw your image in pencil and then ink over the lines. Scan the image and use an image editor to color it in. The final result can be used for your advent calendar. I colored the image in with photo editing software and inserted it into PowerPoint so I could begin making the calendar. ELT Calendar. Holiday Season ELT Calendar It is my favourite time of the year!

ELT Calendar

Christmas and New Year's is right around the corner, so time to start planning for the Holiday season. In this blog post you will find an ELT Christmas calendar. Why so early? Well, some of these tasks need a bit of preparation.I have suggested different types of activities which can be used with your students. December Holiday Season Calendar – My Elt Rambles. Just like last year, I will be sharing with you another holiday season countdown till school break up for Christmas holidays.

December Holiday Season Calendar – My Elt Rambles

So, here are some suggestions for activities you can do with your learners. Where possible I have added an educational twist. Tuesday 1st December Christmas/holidays around the world project: Get your students to find information about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Christmas Communicative Crossword – Tim's Free English Lesson Plans. Image credit: Pexels Follow me on twitter @RobbioDobbio This is yet another Christmas based activity, this one is for low-levels and young learners.

Christmas Communicative Crossword – Tim's Free English Lesson Plans

Students work together to complete a Christmas themed crossword. Little critter christmas. Buster the Boxer. This ELT lesson plan is designed around a short advert commissioned by John Lewis, and the theme of animals and Christmas.

Buster the Boxer

In the lesson students revise animal vocabulary, watch a short film, predict the end of a story and speak about Christmas and Christmas traditions. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. The Christmas gift experiment. Woman: Yes, yes, yes … I’m here to make your day!

The Christmas gift experiment

5 minutes earlier ...Woman: Hello? Woman: Hello? M&S Christmas Advert 2016 (Christmas With Love from Mrs Claus) Larissa's Language Studio: Have you ever...? Christmassy Questions. Charities. The Christmas Quiz – tekhnologic. So, I thought I would release it again.

The Christmas Quiz – tekhnologic

This year however, I have tried to add some improvements based on the feedback I received about the original template. Contents I really enjoy the Christmas period and I have noticed that I cling to certain Christmas traditions. One way I can celebrate Christmas in the classroom is to play a Christmas Quiz. Mobile. Mobile. Jingle Bells Rock: 5 Christmas Songs to Use in Class and Language Activities to Go with Them How to Teach a Christmas Lesson with Video How to Teach a Christmas Lesson Adult Learners Will Never Forget Jazzy January Lesson Ideas For Creative ESL Teachers How to Teach a Perfect Christmas Lesson. Mobile Mobile. 3Exercise 3: Reading (or Listening) ComprehensionAfter students have determined the meaning of each word, have them read the following paragraph (or read it to them). As they read, have students draw a picture of the Rodriguez family’s home as it is decorated for Christmas.The Rodriguez family has a tradition they follow each year at Christmas. At the beginning of December, they decorate their house for the holidays. First, they put up the Christmas tree, and they hang lights and ornaments all over the tree. Lily & the Snowman. Last Minute Christmas Games! Just in case you need a few extra Christmas games for this weekend, have a try of these… Double want for Christmas ===================== A variation on the “Pink Fish” game. Put two sets of Christmas picture cards on two tables at opposite ends of the class.

Everyone shouts out “What would you like for Christmas?” One kid from each group runs to one table and picks up a card, then to the next table and picks another card. Snowball Wipeout! Put some Christmas picture cards on the board. Buy me! This is a fun game we had on the blog the other day. Tower of Presents =============== Based on the “Tower Game“. Plus of course don’t forget all the regular Genki Christmas lessons. After jetting from Africa to the UK to Japan in the last two weeks, this evening I’m going to a carol concert in Bethlehem. Easy 12 Days of Christmas Song. Update: I just added pdf mini cards for VIP members! Wow, Trevor’s comics were certainly popular! Here’s something else that might also be ….. it’s a version of the 12 Days of Christmas, but with easy vocab items. Christmas Ladders Game. This is a great game I used for classes (or parties) where I didn’t see the kids that often, so their skills weren’t that hot yet, but I still wanted to do some long form listening with them.

And it’s also one of those games where I first though “meh” but then tried it myself and realized just how much adrenaline gets released! 1. Teach the kids some new Christmas words ( Ninja Tip: The Genki Christmas song is the easiest way) 2. Have the students make two lines. 3. Tell them to turn so that the two lines are facing each other. 4. E.g. One Christmas, Santa ( 1st kids run!)

7. Bottom a) stand up b) run down the middle of the ladder, over the “rungs” towards the “top” of the ladder (into the screen in this case) c) come back down the outside of the ladder (from the top to the bottom) d) From the bottom go back up the rungs to reach their own place. e) sit down in their own seat. 8. 9. Ninja Tips: OH, and if you assign one pair as “Christmas” they end up doing lots and lots of running!

P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS (WICKED VERSION): YANKEE SWAP, DIRTY SANTA. We had a merry granny Christmas last year. We ate chocolate, played wicked games, but there was one thing missing – gift exchange. This year Granny is back with a new add-on – A White Elephant Gift Exchange or Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa. Eat Chocolate and Play Wicked Games Step 1. Start the Party “Greetings from Granny O’Grimm” Ask your students the following questions: Have you been naughty or nice this year? Play Granny O’Grimm’s Christmas Greeting Step 2. You’ll need an assortment of small chocolate bars, or candies (of different types).

Chocolate Confession Chart Chocolate [1…e.g. Chocolate [2] = share any funny or embarrassing experience that you had this year Chocolate [3] = tell about a fun experience this year Chocolate [4] = tell about a wicked person you met this year Chocolate [5] = tell about something new you learnt this year Chocolate [6] = tell about a prank you watched or played on somebody Chocolate [7] = tell about your wish that came true this year Step 3. Step 4. We need gifts. 2. ICE ICE, BABY: WRITING A CINQUAIN. Christmas lesson plans for ESL/ELT Teachers: eslflow webguide. TOP 5 Bizarre Christmas Traditions From Around The World. A British Christmas.

Papadeligames. Christmas specials. Play Free Christmas Games - GoGo Christmas Games. Santa Claws - Simon's Cat. SANTA CLAUS and CHRISTMAS GAMES at SantaGames.Net. Christmas. Seasonal Resources: Christmas. Search. Genki English » Last Minute Party Game! Christmas worksheets, Christmas flashcards, printable Christmas games, Christmas cards, Christmas party supplies and lesson plans materials to print.

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