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101 Handmade Holiday Tutorials

101 Handmade Holiday Tutorials
Decorating for Christmas is always a blast! I’ve gathered a few…well, maybe more than a few holiday tutorials for you to create a festive handmade holiday. I love handmade decorations! That should seriously keep you busy for awhile! Hey, if you use all of these I’m sure you could charge admission to your home this year. If you are looking for beautiful holiday ornament tutorials you’ll love this list of 101 Handmade Ornaments!! Other posts you might enjoy: I really appreciate all your tweets, stumbles, Facebook likes and pins on my previous 101 posts…you rock!!! If you love creative links, please subscribe to Everything Etsy! I usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving. ~Kim There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Related:  Christmas Ideas

Felt/Zipper crafts These wonderful creations are made by Odile Gova, a very talented stay at home mom from Canada. It was very hard for me not to continue putting up pictures, because everything she makes is so wonderful. Please visit the artist's Etsy shop to see more of her work, and perchance even buy something. There is also a large collection of her work on her Flikr photostream. I think the bees are my favorites. 101 Handmade Valentine’s Day Ideas I’ve gathered some creative tutorials, free printables and just plain fabulous ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet this year! There’s a little something for your home, gifts for friends and ideas for your children to share at school. It doesn’t have to cost you a ton to make Valentine’s Day super fun. Many of the ideas here can be made without another trip to the store! Make it a handmade holiday! That should give you some ideas and make you look like the Creative Diva you really are…right?! New for 2013 — 101 Valentine’s Day Printables {Free!} You’ll also find tons of sweet printables for gifts on this list of 101 Pretty Printables. Looking for something for that special man in your life? Feel free to share it with your friends…they’ll think you are the bestest friend in the world! ~Kim Hooked on Tutorials?

DIY {doily canvas bag} & Thankfully everyone seems to be making a switch from plastic to lasting when it comes to shopping bags, so here’s another fun little tutorial on customizing one to make it oh so cute. You might notice a lot of doilies in my recent diy projects. Since I was getting so many ready for A Christmas Gathering I used a lot of the same materials…monograms seems to be pretty popular now too. My friend Cindy called while I was working on this and suggested I just go ahead a put a “W” on it for her, I happily obligied. Canvas bag ($2.00 when on sale at Hobby Lobby), fabric paint, paper doily, Krylon Paper Finishes Adhesive Spray : Spray doily with paper spray adhesive and press down on the bag (not shown). : Gently paint over the holes – I recommend paint meant for fabric, not crafts. : Peel back doily before paint dries. Bag after doily is removed I traced on my letter and filled it in with paint. For a cook: fill it with cooking supplies For a gardner: fill it with gardening supplies

MONDAY INSPIRATION | diy christmas projects! I compiled a list of really fun and inspiring holiday DIY projects. I’d love to do some of these but right now my life is travel, travel, travel, work, work, work. I’d love if you would share your holiday projects with me so I can vicariously live through my readers . Enjoy! Doily garlandFabric-covered potsNewspaper Christmas treesUnique snowflake ornamentsPretty gift-wrappingSnowflake lightGingerbread house for your mugPinecone picture framesPrinted tableclothPaper Wreath

♥DIY craft: Lace Tape♥ My next Craft is a simply one but a fancy one. :) A while back I stumbled upon these Lovely Pastel Lace Sticky Deco Tapes My heart leaped and i just had to have them!! But being on a budget, means having to get a little creative.. :) Just take a look at all the lovely things you can make with them And now My Version is Born: I remembered I had somevellum tapethat i got on sale for a dollar a few months back.. Remember how I used it on my DIY Papel Picado Garland?? Then found some pretty ribbon lace.. ..i put them together.. and made my very own Lace Tape!!! You have to press down nice and hard and leave the back side of the tape on until you are ready to use it. see how the sticky side stays on when you peel off the covering !! You could Do SO much with it!! What will you do with your new pretty lace tape??? xoxoKeren I’ll take one of these please :) Luke 17:6

101 Green Handmade Gift Tutorials These crafty green gift tutorials are going to make you recycle, reuse, upcycle or repurpose like never before…you’ll see. Whatever you want to call it, going green is the way to go! There’s a little something for everyone and I know you are going to find the perfect gift for your neighbor, brother, mother, sister…you get my drift…there are 101 tutorials here, people!!!! They’re not just ideas and pretty photos, but these links will lead you on the path to creating fabulous green gifts that are simple and require minimal supplies. You might need to grab a few extra recycling bins, but it’s worth it! Why spend a ton on gifts when you can go green??? If you love creative links, please subscribe to Everything Etsy! Thanks so much for all your tweets, stumbles, Facebook likes and pins on my 101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials and Free Printables posts…you are the coolest crafty friends! Here’s a little something extra for your home… Have you finished a green project lately? ~Kim

Christine Chitnis: Pretty Pots This might be my favorite craft so far, and I got the idea after seeing one too many beautifully patterned pots that were just out of my price range! Nothing a little Mod Podge and pretty fabric can’t fix! The total cost of this project was about $3 a pot. Materials:Terracotta potsMod PodgeBrushFabric This works better in description form, rather than step-by-step: Start by cutting a length of fabric that will wrap once around your pot. Leave extra room for folding it over on the top and bottom. I would avoid using these pots outside, because if they get wet, the glue will most likely wash off! ***I picked a new winner for the INDIA Giveaway *** The new winner is: Please email me so that I can send you your gift!! Like this: Like Loading...

DIY striped paper ornament My Christmas tree needed more orange (of course), so I made this little thing. It appears to be a spaceship which has crashed into a circus tent. To make your own circus spaceship, you'll need two colors of regular paper, scissors, needle, thread, pencil, ruler, and two beads. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. My ornament has a bit of a gap on one side where the papers meet at different levels.

Mi dulce tentación 101 Simple Handmade Wedding Ideas What could be more beautiful than a handmade wedding??? These simple handmade wedding tutorials will help you create your dream wedding without going into debt! Many of these wedding ideas are simple, no-major-skills-needed kind of ideas. Simply Beautiful…that works for me! Gather up your sweet bridesmaids and enjoy an afternoon of planning the perfect projects for your big day. Create a wedding that’s perfect for you and your budget. If you love creative links, please subscribe to Everything Etsy! Thanks so much for all your tweets, stumbles, Facebook likes and pins on my Handmade Gifts and Free Printables posts…you are the coolest crafty friends! Got a friend getting married soon? Have fun making your Handmade Wedding Day fabulous! ~Kim

Curb Chain Ring While browsing important web sites the other day, I stumbled upon some pictures of Gwen Stefani and fell in love with a curb chain ring she had on. Long story short I decided to make my own version and recycle some broken rings while at it. Inspiration My DIY version Now, if you can handle a torch and silver you can make a similar version with silver curb chain and some solder. You will need: - plain rings (I used some broken adjustable rings I had laying around) - curb chain (best if the width is the same or larger than the rings) - E6000 glue - pliers - toothpick and an old ring box cushion or a piece of styrofoam You can use brand new or recycle old rings. Start by wearing the ring you will use. Continue by placing your ring on a piece of styrofoam or an old ring box cushion to keep it stable while working on it. Apply a little amount of glue on the toothpick and spread it along the top of the ring. Carefully put the chain links over the glue on the surface of the ring. Mix it up and enjoy!

Gifts for the Office « Minted Life I always struggle with what to get people at work. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I still want to get them something cute. And, I like to get everyone the same thing, but since there are guys and girls in my office, sometimes it’s hard to figure out a gift that everyone will like. Well, this year I decided to get them some mugs and mint hot chocolate. Then, dry thoroughly. Then, I broke a piece of a mint chocolate candy cane and stuck it inside. I also made a cute little tag to tie on the gifts: And, for easy transport, I stuck them inside the mug: Ta da!

Spaghetti Sauce Jar Moroccan Lanterns I don't know about you guys, but from where I'm sitting (Minnesota) the snow is getting really old. Like not even pretty any more. Sort of a cadaver/concrete color. I need some summer, some heat, some beer. Like an Anthony Bourdain special where it's late at night and everybody's outside and sweaty and eating some sort of rolled up meat chopped cilantro spicy pepper street food from a vendor's cart and drinking cold beer. So I got some spaghetti sauce jars. And added gold dimensional paint. Or you can make little dots, which looks sort like weird little nails. And then poured some glass paint into the bottom of the jar. Here's my color inspiration. And so now I can fantasize about summer nights, about putting these lanterns on my white metal table on the deck, Jon can barbecue, the kids can chase fireflies, aaaaahhhhh.

101 Handmade Summer Tutorials Looking for fun summer DIY projects?? You’ll be thrilled with these simple tutorials and free printables that will make your summer sizzle! Map notebooks, patriotic wreaths, beach cover ups and BBQ party printables for easy entertaining…there’s lots to see! Summer is full of fun road trips and days at the beach. These tutorials will fit in with your relaxed summer days perfectly. Check out these fabulous 101 handmade summer tutorials… This is an awesome time of year! If you are looking for more summer projects you’ll love this list of 101 Sewing Tutorials for Summer!