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Sweet DIY Votives

Sweet DIY Votives
Here’s what you’ll need: 1. Measure the height and circumference of your jar, and cut strips of fabric to roughly fit (approx. 1cm wide – doesn’t have to be perfect). 2. In your small cup, pour in some glue and dilute it with a bit of water (about 1:2), mix well. It should be the consistency of slightly thicker water.. yes, I know I’m being vague but it shouldn’t make much difference to the end result. 3. Note: – I find that it’s ok to have fabric going above the top of your jar because it can be easily cut off after it’s dried. – I don’t mind the look of the overlapping lines of fabric once the candle is lit, but if you do try not to overlap the strips in the gluing process. ** Please only use only battery operated tea-lights (not real candles). Thank you, your sign-up request was successful! Given email address is already subscribed, thank you! Please provide a valid email address. Oops. Other posts you may like: Related:  Christmas Ideas

DIY; Double Bow Necklace I used to be so obsessed with decoden - for those of you who don't know, it's a trend from Japan, see here. Heck, I used to be so obsessed with lolita fashion. But now that I've mellowed out, I've only been enjoying only partially-embellished stuff - and since I've been inspired by a video I seen yesterday I wanted to create some decoden-inspired gear. So I made this double bow necklace out of polymer cay. Polymer clay Cutter Jump rings Jewelry pliers Clasp Chain Oven Pencil Pin It's so easy. You might want to lay out wax paper so the clay won't stick on your surface first. Pinch the sides like pictured above, and then pinch both sides together. Next take a small bit of clay, roll it out and flatten it like in the first picture. To make holes, it helps to put a pencil or any barrel shaped object inside - it's used to hold the shape. Bake your clay according to the directions on the package. I hope you liked it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Repeat - Mason Jars Yes, they are everywhere. Yes, I have posted on them before. And yes, I am still smitten! I should note...I'm a little obsessed with how the matte black came out and have more outside drying as I type this. Then, in my Pinterest crazed obsession, I found this little DIY image. This led me to trying my own version with a milk jar, fabric marker and glue gun.... She's not perfect, but I love that about her. For all you DIYers with questions on how to or the materials used for this project...I did a follow up post that can be found here.

DIY Animal Favor Boxes A great way to incorporate your color scheme is to paint some details of your party to match. A huge trend lately are little plastic animals. Painted and usually attached to various things, these cheap toys are modern and fun. Use them at your next shower or birthday party as favor box toppers. You will need: blank boxes plastic animals primer craft paint or spray paint paint brush super glue Choose animals that sit flat on the box. Once dry, pour out a small spot of paint on a dish and start painting the animals on the bottom. Add a small drop of glue to the bottoms of each of the feet. Fill the boxes with treats and set out for your next party.

6 huiles qui favorisent la pousse des cheveux - Améliore ta Santé Généralement, nous donnons beaucoup d’importance à la santé de nos cheveux, car ils sont exposés à de nombreux facteurs qui peuvent les fragiliser et provoquer des problèmes comme la chute ou la sécheresse. De nombreuses personnes recourent à des traitements commerciaux pour revitaliser leurs cheveux et stimuler leur pousse. Cependant, une grande majorité de ces traitements n’apportent pas les résultats espérés et ils sont trop coûteux pour être utilisés fréquemment. Heureusement, il existe des manières plus économiques et efficaces pour réparer les cheveux afin qu’ils soient en bonne santé. Dans cet article, nous allons vous présenter des huiles naturelles qui disposent de nombreuses propriétés pour prendre soin des cheveux et les rendre sains et épais. L’huile de coco L’huile de coco est composée de triglycérides de chaîne moyenne, qui ont la capacité de pénétrer dans la membrane cellulaire des cheveux pour les nourrir en profondeur. Comment l’utiliser ? L’huile d’olive Comment l’utiliser ?

Gold confetti dish tutorial. I've had this gold leaf pen kit for a while, just waiting for the perfect application. And I think these sweet little bowls and dishes are just right! I have bowls and trays scattered all over my apartment to catch my earrings and necklaces that I seem to shed as soon as I walk through the front door. Place a necklace or pair of earrings in one, tie it up with cellophane, and you have a pretty handmade gift! Gold Leaf Pen Kit with gold leaf sheets. Wash your ceramic pieces well, and remove any stickers or labels. Follow the instructions on the package to get the gold leaf adhesive pen flowing. Starting on one side of outside of the bowl, simply dab the pen across the top rim, concentrating the dots at the top of the rim and staggering them out towards the bottom. Lay some paper down on your workspace for easy clean-up. Using a soft brush (I used a large watercolor brush), sweep it over your gold design, exfoliating the excess gold leaf. That's it!

Astuce naturelle pour traiter les pieds secs et fendillés L’hiver est terminé et si vos pieds sont secs et fendillés, il est grand temps de faire quelque chose pour pouvoir les découvrir et mettre des chaussures ouvertes. Les pieds secs, fissurés, ayant des callosités ne sont pas vraiment attrayants.Si tel est votre cas, ne paniquez pas. Nous avons la solution parfaite. Le traitement que nous vous proposons est simple et facile à faire à la maison. Ingrédients : 4 à 5 L d’eau tiède2 cuillères à soupe de bicarbonate de soudeUn gant de gommage ou une pierre ponceUne crème hydratanteL’huile essentielle de lavande (facultative) Préparation : Ajoutez le bicarbonate de soude à l’eau tiède et remuez jusqu’à dissolution. Faites tremper vos pieds dans ce bain pendant 15 à 20 minutes. Appliquez une bonne couche de crème hydratante contenant de la glycérine, ou tout simplement enduisez vos pieds avec un peu d’huile de noix de coco ou de la vaseline. Ce bain de pieds est relaxant.

DIY: Arrowhead Earrings Trial 1 Whew. After four days without power, thank God it has been restored. So what have I been doing during my down time? Painting, painting, crafting a tiny bit and painting some more. What did I craft? What do you need: A paint stick/stirrer Nail polish/ acrylic paint Small chain Earring hooks Jewelry Pliers Sandpaper (Yes, a paint stick. Measure out 2 1.25" across the paint stick, then cut them up. After cutting those pieces up, measure about 0.25" from the top of the box. Cut it up like so. Sand the edges and both sides of your wood. Drill holes for your jump rings. The earrings should look like this now. Paint your earrings - I always use nail polish to paint small objects because they're cheaper, I have more nail polish color varieties than I have paint and I like the finish. Add your jump rings, chain and earring hooks. And there you have it, your very own arrowhead earrings. What do you guys think of this easy craft?

10 façons de transformer ses armoires de cuisine sans les remplacer Plusieurs d’entre vous ont aimé mon billet sur les transformations de comptoirs. Cette fois-ci, je vous donne de l'inspiration pour donner une deuxième vie à vos armoires de cuisine, sans devoir débourser une petite fortune pour les remplacer! La classique solution de repeindre les panneaux reste dans la mire, mais d’autres options plus créatives vous démontreront toutes les alternatives possibles! Voici 10 idées pour transformer ses armoires de cuisine sans les remplacer! 1. Crédit photo: Crédit photo: Que vous le recouvrez de tissu, de papier peint ou tout simplement de peinture, le fond de votre armoire sera d’un chic fou! Profitez-en pour y placer LE service de vaisselle qui ajoutera de l’éclat à l’ensemble. 2. Crédit photo: Il n’y pas seulement les fonds d'armoires qui méritent un petit makeover; les façades aussi ont droit à une mise en beauté! 3. Crédit photo: Cette cuisine vert menthe fait très européen. 4. 5. 6. Avant