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Our Violent Universe.

Space 2o16

Space 2o15. Space 2o14. Space 2o12. Space 2o13. CURIOSITY. NASA Goddard. SLOOH SpaceCamera - Live Event. Hubblecast 67: Of galaxies and penguins — Arp 142. This episode of the Hubblecast explores the violent world of galactic mergers, as shown by the cosmic duo Arp 142 in a stunning new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubblecast 67: Of galaxies and penguins — Arp 142

Galaxies spend most of their life drifting through the cosmic expanse in isolation. But, every so often, two unfortunate galaxies stray a little too close to one another — as is the case with Arp 142. Showcased in a stunning new image from Hubble, these two galaxies uncannily resemble a penguin guarding its egg. The galaxies are in middle of a violent merger, with clouds of gas and dust colliding at breakneck speeds and triggering bursts of star formation. Credit: Astronomie / astrophysique. NASA Science. Picture Album. SLOOH SpaceCamera - Live Event. Picture Album: Entire Collection. Showcase: Entire Collection. Portrait of a Doomed Asteroid.

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