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Photography II

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Free photos. How to Learn Photography: 21 Ways to Get Started Today. 10 Things I've Learned as a Professional Photographer. It sort of hit me from out of the blue the other night.

10 Things I've Learned as a Professional Photographer

There I was– hanging out on the couch, watching a hockey game, when I realized I’d forgotten all about my anniversary. Thankfully, I’m not talking about my wedding anniversary, a fact which should be obvious since I’m still alive to tell the tale. No, this was my other anniversary. GoPro. How to Take Sunset Photos Like a Professional. Black S02 25~500X USB Digital Photography Microscope Magnifier w/ 8-LED White Light. To enable volume discounts on this site, use coupon code: BULKRATE during checkout.

Black S02 25~500X USB Digital Photography Microscope Magnifier w/ 8-LED White Light

You will see a discount applied at the bottom of the shopping cart. Competitive pricing is available. Contact us for details. 2013 Photomicrography Competition. 100 Helpful Photography Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals. Photography as both a profession and a hobby is an incredibly expansive topic that covers a remarkably vast range of subjects from science and art.

100 Helpful Photography Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals

No matter where you lie on the professional spectrum, there is simply always more to learn. We spent countless hours scouring the web for the best content we could find and share with you, and today we'll help you expand your knowledge with 100 photography related tutorials! "There are many composition guidelines which can be applied in almost any situation, to enhance the impact of a scene. Below are ten of the most popular and most widely respected composition rules. " "Graphic illustrations [and explanations] of the difference between RAW and JPEG (also called JPG). Top 10 Digital Photography Tips. Compose in Thirds To use the rule of thirds, imagine four lines, two lying horizontally across the image and two vertical creating nine even squares.

Top 10 Digital Photography Tips

Some images will look best with the focal point in the center square, but placing the subject off center will often create a more aesthetically composed photograph. When a photograph is composed using the rule of thirds the eyes will wander the frame. “The Genius of Photography” Documental. Octubre 1, 2012octubre 1, 2012Mónica Careaga Durante los 170 años que ha durado nuestra relación con la fotografía, la forma de arte más influyente del mundo, nos ha movido de diversas maneras; inclusive nos ha motivado, enseñado, deleitado, enfurecido y en ocasiones también nos ha decepcionado.

“The Genius of Photography” Documental

How To Sell Stock Photos – Part 1. This article is the first part of a 2 part series in which you will learn about the basics of stock photography, the license types, what to submit and how to make money off stock photography.

How To Sell Stock Photos – Part 1

I’ll also cover a few insider and marketing tips that will help you get accepted and simply create better stock photos. Simply put, stock photography is a collection of photos that can be used for different purposes under strict or relatively flexible usage licenses. Stock photos include an ever expanding variety of subjects which publishers, advertising agencies or anyone can buy and use. Astronomy Picture of the Day. Incredible Space Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock. Go Discovery!

Incredible Space Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock

It was October 23, 2007 at 11:40am EST when I had my first ride to space on Discovery. She’s beautiful… just sad that this will be her last voyage. Looking forward to climbing aboard the flight deck when Discovery arrives at the Space Station in November. (9-23-2010). Incredible Photos from Space: Larry Tanner, NASA. These 7 Great Astrophotography Tutorials Will Make You Want to Shoot the Stars Tonight. Ritesh is a professional photographer and image retoucher.

These 7 Great Astrophotography Tutorials Will Make You Want to Shoot the Stars Tonight

By Ritesh Saini on in Photography Websites Astrophotography is a specialized field of photography that involves capturing images of celestial objects and the night sky. The range of photographs you can create is really diverse. From capturing star trails using a simple setup to capturing images of the deep sky using a sophisticated setup involving telescopes and what not, there is so much to learn. Though astrophotography requires you to put in extra effort and time, it is highly rewarding when you see the striking results you’ve produced.

Astronomy. Top Photographers Photos From 2013. Tweet Now 2013 is coming to a close we have put together a collection of some of the best photographers photos from year.

Top Photographers Photos From 2013

Take a look and tell us which one you like the most. Photograph by serhei @ Panoramio. Top 20 Real Pictures Made Famous by the Internet. Pop Culture With the current expansion of Photoshop, it can be difficult to determine if a picture posted online is real or fake.

Top 20 Real Pictures Made Famous by the Internet

Every year hundreds of photographs become viral on the Internet, and in most cases we have an opinion over their authenticity. This article will examine 20 real pictures that were made famous by the Internet. In most cases, the photos have caused an Internet debate over their origin. All of the images depict real events, but some have false back-stories.

The Mwanza Flat-headed Agama (Agama mwanzae) is a lizard in the family Agamidae. Anjana is a chimpanzee that lives at TIGERS: The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in South Carolina, U.S. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun. In 2004, a collection of strange pictures surfaced on the Internet of a deer that was discovered atop a 25 foot (7.6 m) tall communications pole. The Week in Pictures: Feb. 20 - 27. These 31 Photography Links Will Keep You Busy For a Really Long Time. Another wonderful week has passed us by in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been looking in all corners of the internet to find links to helpful tutorials, reviews, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share with here with everyone.

This week’s list features the work of exceptionally talented artists, and we hope you enjoy checking out these pieces as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you. Earth and Water | Twelve Apostles | Great Ocean Road by Hadi Zaher, on Flickr Compositing Full Length Portraits into Scenes – this video tutorial is just over 9 minutes in length and it shares some great tips and tricks on this particular technique. The results are quite astounding with a very natural look to them. How to Mix Daylight with LED Light – this informative video presentation discusses the application of LED light mixed with ambient light to deliver a totally natural feel.

DSC_4713_2 by kuhnmi, on Flickr. Plane Crash Survivor Takes Most Intense Selfie Ever. - StumbleUpon. The Top 75 Pictures of the Year for 2013. Update: if you liked this post, you’ll adore our latest post on the 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places on Earth HERE. Following on from our very successful blog “100 of the Best Street Art Images of 2013″ (see HERE), we’ve widened the net and thanks to the guys over at Sifter, we bring you the Top 75 Pictures of 2013.

All credit goes to the individual photographers and their inspiring visions of our beautiful planet. New York Times Photojournalism - Photography, Video and Visual Journalism Archives - Lens Blog - Photography. Pictures. 30 Unique And Must-See Photos From Our Past. Rare Historical Photos Pt. 2 [19 Pics] Rare Historical Photos Pt. 2 [19 Pics] Oct 2 2012 Our first post highlighting rare photos was quite successful (1,300 views). Now you can travel back in time again with our second installment of interesting historical photos. Enjoy! During the Apollo 16 mission, Charles Duke left a family photo on the moon that was enclosed in a plastic bag. Vought F4U Corsair crashes on the deck of a carrier when the arresting gear failed. John F. The following photo is believed to be the last photo ever taken of the RMS Titanic before it sunk in April 1912.

Imágenes increíbles que tenes que ver antes de morir! These 20 Photographs Will Leave You Speechless. Especially The 6th One. There Are No Words. Take a look at these 20 powerful photos that will leave you speechless. Some of these photos are of truly historic moments, while others, are quite heartbreaking. World War II veteran from Belarus Konstantin Pronin, 86, sits on a bench as he waits for his comrades at Gorky park during Victory Day in Moscow, Russia, on Monday, May 9, 2011. Konstantin comes to this place every year.

This year he was the only person from the unit to show. Reddit. 16 photos qui ont marqué l'histoire. Certaines photos resteront gravées dans notre mémoire à jamais, soit car elles ont été prises dans des moments historiques soit car elles reflètent une réalité bouleversante. Voici une sélection de 16 clichés que vous avez certainement déjà vu une fois dans votre vie. Subastan original de la foto más famosa del Che. Un Che Guevara que parece mirar al infinito, con su boina con la estrella comunista.

Una imagen impresa millones de veces tanto como símbolo de la revolución y la contracultura, como para publicitar bienes comerciales como bebidas alcohólicas y pantalones vaqueros. 36 fotos muy poderosas. Una imagen vale más que mil palabras, un dicho más trillado que la frase más célebre de Sócrates, sin embargo no todas las imágenes son iguales, por lo que algunas no valen ni una palabra, mientras que otras pueden relatar lo que un millón de letras.

Brilliant photography from Natgeo archives. National Geographic is the source for photos, free desktop wallpapers of places, animals, nature, underwater, travel, and more.It's a long time inspiration for me but now only the time helps me to bring these awesome photographs for your display.I am very happy to bring those "brilliant photography from national geographic archives" here.The following 60 beautiful photographs has beautiful wild life,nature,people and bird photos. All the credit goes to Nationalgeographic and all the photographers :) About the author. An-opposition-demonstrator-confronts-riot-police-during-a-protest-against-President-Nicolas-Maduros-government-in-Caracas-February-15-2014.-Reuters-by-Carlos-Garcia-Rawlins-e1392669030616.jpg (JPEG Image, 580 × 387 pixels)

Best photography. The world around us: Sublime images of nature at its best vie for top prize in 2012 National Geographic photography competition. - StumbleUpon. lO9OV.jpg 1370×1240 pixels. 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. The child animal whisperers: Mother's intimate photographs capture her sons' special bond with dogs, ducks and rabbits. By Simon Tomlinson Published: 11:23 GMT, 15 January 2014 | Updated: 11:41 GMT, 15 January 2014 These beautiful photos capture the tender moments between two young boys who share a unique bond with animals.

Elena Shumilova, from Andreapol, Russia, began taking pictures of her sons Yaroslav and Vanya in early 2012 when she received her first professional camera. The pair were immediately accepted by the animals from a young age and their incredible bond continues to strengthen as they get older. Most beautiful garden. Beautiful Gardens From Around The World – 13 pictures. 1.Boboli Gardens The Bobobli Gardens, behind the Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy were groundbreaking in the early 18th century for their open design. 2.Rikugien Gardens ”Rikugien literally means ‘six poems garden’ and reproduces in miniature 88 scenes from famous poems. Beautiful gardens. The Most Beautiful Gardens In The World You Have To Visit In a Lifetime. Today Top Dreamer will show you the most beautiful gardens in the world you have to visit in a lifetime!!

Enjoy the travel!! Poppy_field_sunset_hd_widescreen_wallpapers_1680x1050.jpeg (Image JPEG, 1680x1050 pixels) - Redimensionnée (76%) Google Image Result for. Ufufg. 10 Most Breathtaking Gardens in the World - (great gardens, amazing gardens) The Garden of Cosmic Speculation – Scotland Open to the public only one day a year, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation takes science and maths as its inspiration. The world we live in.

10 Beautiful Places In The World That Actually Exist. Enter the Wild » Pulp Vulture. 1187182 355835671214136 685402136 n. WTF photo book - 51 Crazy Pics Caught On Camera. These 25 Photos Were Accidentally Timed So Perfectly That They're Brilliant. I Love The Last One.

Photos to Swoon Over Pt. 2. 24 Animals Sleeping And Cuddling With Stuffed Animals. Japanese paradise flycatcher father and her baby photo. Sky's the Limit. Nature Knows: Amazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes [10 Pictures] Nature Photos Gallery. Nature Photos. Deven Stross / Photos. Most Stunning Waterfall Photos. The Surreal Landscape Of Marc Adamus. - StumbleUpon. 1591454848_1366x768.jpg (JPEG Image, 1366 × 768 pixels) - Scaled (74%) 21+ Of the Most Extraordinary Places To Visit. 1016431 437485739682585 1094241191 n. Earth from Above a collection of aerial photography.

10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe. The 29 Most Beautiful Castles From Around The World. 30 Incredible Views you'd see if you were a bird. - StumbleUpon. Waterfalls of plitvice lakes, croatia photo. Nature Photos Team. 76.jpg (Image JPEG, 700x563 pixels) 28 Happy Photos That Will Improve Anyone's Day - Happiest Photos. 1239601 225902944232873 944919116 n. THE UNBELIEVABLE PHOTOS Taken by the Crazy Russians Who ILLEGALLY CLIMBED EGYPT’S GREAT PYRAMID [PHOTOS] « Secrets of the Fed. 1234779 366771826787187 809012110 n. Gorgeous.jpg. The Most Beautiful and Largest Flower Garden in World. The Worlds 15 Most beautiful Gardens. Japanese Photographer Takes Cutest Pictures of His 4-year-old Daughter. 20 Images That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

The Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards 2008. - StumbleUpon. 20 Gripping Photos of Extreme Weather. Rare Historical Photos Pt. 3 [21 Pics. Photos. Storm chaser Marko Korosec captures dramatic US cloud formations on ca. 40 Weird Must-See Photographs From History. Best Pictures Of The Decade. Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun - August 31. 52 Ways To Monetize Your Photos. Photomicrography Competition. Photoshop. Most Popular Photography Tips, Tricks, and Hacks of 2012.