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New Documentary on Icelandic Modern Media Initiative – by Paula Lázaro. New Documentary on Icelandic Modern Media Initiative – by Paula Lázaro Kevin Flanagan 25th February 2014 In a time of mass government surveillance, when journalists and their partners are treated like terrorists.

New Documentary on Icelandic Modern Media Initiative – by Paula Lázaro

The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI), one of the few success stories to come out of the economic crisis continues to raise the bar and set the new standards for media law, offering an alternative vision for the future of journalism in the digital age. This new documentary by Paula Lázaro features in depth interviews with the people driving the effort to make Iceland the Switzerland of Bits, a haven for freedom of expression and information, a place where whistle-blowers and journalistic sources are protected and media organisations can publish without the fear of censorship. #P2PDataJam in Review. Vue d'ensemble de l'économie collaborative avec Michel Bauwens.

Out in the Open: Teenage Hacker Transforms Web Into One Giant Bitcoin Network. Most people think of bitcoin as a form of money, if they think of bitcoin at all.

Out in the Open: Teenage Hacker Transforms Web Into One Giant Bitcoin Network

But 19-year-old hacker Vitalik Buterin sees it as something more — much more. He sees it as a new way of building just about any internet application. The bitcoin digital currency is driven by open source software that runs across thousands of machines around the globe. Borrowing code from this rather clever piece of software, independent hackers have already built applications such as the Twitter-style social network Twister, the encrypted e-mail alternative Bitmessage, and the unseizable domain name system Namecoin.

But Buterin believes that many other applications can benefit from the genius of the bitcoin software, and that’s why he’s joining forces with several other hackers to create something called Ethereum.


Design for Open Systems, Processes, Projects, Places. Publications ← P2P Lab. Identifi. The P2P Identity and Reputation Database Martti Malmi 2013 Vision.


Production and governance in hackerspaces: A manifestation of Commons-based peer production in the physical realm? The Open Garden Story. Bitcoin Could Change Voting the Way It's Changed Money. There's a sense bubbling up in the cryptocorners of the internet that the trick to bitcoin might be that it doesn't have to be a currency at all.

Bitcoin Could Change Voting the Way It's Changed Money

Maybe cryptocurrency’s fundamental value is as a security protocol—a safe, anonymous, hack-proof network that decentralizes trust and democratizes power. And maybe a hitherto overlooked use of all that is politics, by using the bitcoin precedent to overhaul democratic voting. Political groups and tech startups are beginning to experiment with digital voting systems based on the bitcoin and blockchain protocol. What does voting have to do with bitcoin? For all its appeal, online voting in its current form— which is already being used or researched in several US states and countries overseas—is very vulnerable to fraud, cyberattack, and government corruption. BitTorrent Launches Private and Secure Dropbox Alternative. BitTorrent Inc. has released a new application that allows users to securely sync folders to multiple devices using the BitTorrent protocol.

BitTorrent Launches Private and Secure Dropbox Alternative

The free application has no storage limits and can serve both as a public backup system and a shared drive. BitTorrent Sync is especially efficient for groups who need to share many large files over the Internet,. Continuing the Distributed DNS System. A Low-Cost, Low-Power DIY Cellular Data Network. SheevaPlug. The SheevaPlug is a "plug computer" designed to allow standard computing features in as small a space as possible.


Commercial products[edit] The following commercial products are known to be based on the SheevaPlug platform: Other operating system ports and stacks[edit] Variants and modifications[edit] A version with an eSATA port for connecting a SATA hard disk is also available and sometimes referred to as SheevaPlug+. Marvell offers a development kit to assist in the development of software for the platform. References[edit] External links[edit] Official website. RetroShare. Distributed hash table. Distributed hash tables History[edit] These systems differed in how they found the data their peers contained: Napster, the first large-scale P2P content delivery system to exist, had a central index server: each node, upon joining, would send a list of locally held files to the server, which would perform searches and refer the querier to the nodes that held the results.

Distributed hash table

This central component left the system vulnerable to attacks and lawsuits. [citation needed]Gnutella and similar networks moved to a flooding query model – in essence, each search would result in a message being broadcast to every other machine in the network.

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P2P Search Engine. P2P Society. Learn. Decentralized social networks. Pour un microbloging décentralisé, libre et indépendant. - D’aucun me pousse à ouvrir moi aussi un compte là bas.

Pour un microbloging décentralisé, libre et indépendant. -

Mais après ? Car quels que soient les avantages fonctionnels supposés ou avérés de cette plateforme de Short bloging (comme elle aime à se définir), elle garde exactement les mêmes défauts que (presque) toutes les plateformes existantes : centralisée au main d’un acteur unique à qui je confie toutes mes données, sans aucune maîtrise dessus en échange de la gratuité d’un service, je donne une part de mon identité et de mon graphe social à une entreprise qui devra bien trouver un modèle économique... [1] je perds tout mon historique et mes connexions quand je change de plateforme (donc quand j’arrive, et quand je repars) la pérennité de la plateforme dépend de la capacité du prestataire à la maintenir en vie le code n’est pas libre, je n’ai aucune idée de sa solidité, de sa sécurité [2]...

Bien sûr est une initiative intéressante qui ne présente pas les deux derniers défauts.

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Koptism. The swedish Constitution Act, Chapter 2. § 1 states that every citizen is against the government guaranteed freedom of religion: freedom, either alone or with others to practice their religion.” A religion is a belief system with rituals. The missionary kopimistsamfundet is a religious group centered in Sweden who believe that copying and the sharing of information is the best and most beautiful that is. To have your information copied is a token of appreciation, that someone think you have done something good. * All knowledge to all * The search for knowledge is sacred * The circulation of knowledge is sacred * The act of copying is sacred. All people should have access to all information produced. Throughout history, various groups around the world have been persecuted by oppressors.

SePP - Secure P2P Framework. Project Kleinrock - OmegaSDG Project Wiki.


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