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Open money manifesto The problems with money stem entirely from how conventional money is normally issued - it is created by central banks in limited supply. There are three things we know about this money. We know what it does - it comes and it goes. These three characteristics, common to all national currencies, determine that we constantly have to compete for a share of the limited amount of the "stuff" that makes the world go round. It is simply the nature of conventional money that by its coming and going it creates conditions of competition and scarcity, within and between communities. So we have to scramble for money to survive, we are forced to compete for it, often ruthlessly. As a society, as a generation, it seems we are determined to have everything ourselves no matter what consequences our excesses and negligence bring for others, now and in the future. We rely on this money. And what's it all about? the problem of supply - how much money in circulation is "right" for the economy?

Bienvenue au pôle de compétitivité mondial FINANCE INNOVATION Blog Archive From The Information Age To The Connected Age « [qi:078] Jason Calacanis launched yet another discussion of the future of the web with his official definition of web 3.0, in which web 2.0 cake is spread with a liberal frosting of people, but not just any people — “gifted” people. Aside from its introduction of magnet-school speak into tech talk, this definition is curious in that it mentions layering. But the web is a network, or as some gifted people already knew, a “graph.” The web is less a cake needing frosting than a stew mixing everything together, allowing for the possibility of any one ingredient touching another. digg Today’s version of the web, whatever you want to call it, is notable because people and hardware and information and software and conversation are all mixed together into a hyperconnected network. Knowledge Worker (Information Age) vs. The Information Age is the age of the knowledge worker. It’s not just individual workers, though, that take a primarily Information Age approach or Connected Age approach.

OpenTransact Open Money Open = Project to develop a software and infrastructure to enable peer-based multiple local currencies. URL = "The open money project aims to create the global infrastructure, tools, governance mechanisms and platforms that will give communities the capacity to create their own currencies[1] with just a few clicks and thereby liberate their wealth potential. This will become the most important evolution for society in the coming years." "Money is making a fundamental evolutionary step into community currencies. The open money project aims to create the global infrastructure, tools, governance mechanisms and platforms that will give communities this capacity. “Open money is a means of exchange freely available to all. How does open money work? You treasure what you measure, and you measure what you treasure. Throughout history, wealth acknowledgment evolved by becoming more abstract and less substantial. Open Money has to be: "Peer-to-peer Viral Democratic

Le VIE Volontariat International en Entreprise avec UBIFRANCE Le Volontariat International en Entreprises (V.I.E), instauré par la loi du 14 mars 2000, permet aux entreprises françaises de confier à un jeune, homme ou femme, jusqu’à 28 ans, une mission professionnelle à l’étranger durant une période modulable de 6 à 24 mois, renouvelable une fois dans cette limite. Vous pouvez confier tout type de mission aux Volontaires Commerciales ou techniques, les missions sont décidées par l’entreprise : études de marchés, prospection, renforcement d’équipes locales, accompagnement d’un contrat, d’un chantier, participation à la création d’une structure locale, animation d’un réseau de distribution, support technique d’un agent... Vous pouvez choisir votre V.I.E dans notre vivier UBIFRANCE met à votre disposition en permanence un vivier riche de très nombreux candidats aux profils et formations très variés, ayant souvent une première expérience de l’international. Nous vous aidons à trouver un profil spécifique Vous bénéficiez d'avantages financiers

Wikinomics -- A Study of Collaboration Stays True to Its Cause | The MetaCurrency Project OpenCoin = anonymous virtual tokens URL = "The OpenCoin project is about creating anonymous virtual tokens, by providing a set of standards (formats and protocols) and a GPLed reference implementation of these standards. Tokens can be used for different kind of purposes, including online payments and voucher systems." Joerg Baach: "Opencoin is a system to create digital cash - that means one can have an issuer mint electronic coins, which are handled by the wallets of clients. Opencoin provides everthing to deal with the coins - creating them, wallet software etc. The system can however not create/built the social side of an (complementary) currency - trust, social agreements etc. The initial project was funded by the LDA, and brought together a team interested in law, cryptography, software, money theory, mobile phone development. July 2011: "We created a first draft of the protocol, which was reviewed by our crypto experts, and no obvious flaws were found. Cryptography