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Home · OpenRTMFP/Cumulus Wiki. What is a peer introduction service? The RTMFP P2P APIs available on the Flash platform only deal with peerIDs (the cryptographically unforgeable pseudorandom identifiers that endpoints have; the nearID of a NetConnection is the local node's peerID). a peer introduction service, like Flash Media Server 4 or the Codename Cirrus service, acts as a kind of name server to initiate direct communications between peers based on the peerID. an introducer translates a peerID to one (or more) IP addresses and UDP port numbers, and also forwards session initiation messages from an initiator to a target peer to facilitate NAT and firewall traversal using a technique called "UDP hole punching".

what is a peer introduction service?

FMS4 and Cirrus can also perform automatic group bootstrapping when requested (by enabling the "server channel" for the group). Confused over nearid, farid, nearNonce etc. Michael, thanks for the explanation.

confused over nearid, farid, nearNonce etc

I tried what you said and I am getting different results: Issue #1). I connected two users and I find user1.farid = user2.farid. I would expect user1.nearid = user2.farid and vice versa. Here is the output user1: local stream published with nearID = 19f4a43877e0a812dfa25045d96fcee6c8d44792b18ff26fda80262a01f8c65c user1: remote stream received with far id = G:0100010101020103010c0f0e766964656f4368617447726f7570011b00 user2: local stream published with nearID = b7a4995f8e3cfddc5d6f261f3a3ed9facee1d5aea495888e4dade3b009df3256 user2: remote stream received with far id = G:0100010101020103010c0f0e766964656f4368617447726f7570011b00 code is as follows: private function startSendingVideo():NetStream outgoingStream = new NetStream(netConnection, groupspec.groupspecWithAuthorizations()); outgoingStream.publish("abcd"); debug("local stream published with nearID = " + netConnection.nearNonce); return outgoingStream; private function playIncomingStream():void thanks again.

Basics of P2P in Flash. Tutorial GitHub repository.

Basics of P2P in Flash

Introduction Today we have released an update to Photoshop CC that includes Adobe Generator. Read the announcement here. Adobe Generator is a Node.js based server plugged into Photoshop via Kevlar API (ExtendScript). Generator is also open-sourced on GitHub. This extends Photoshop scripting layers to three complementary options: ExtendScript (write and run *.jsx scripts directly from File -> Scripts)Photoshop Server (remote connection to Photoshop over TCP/IP, e.g. control Photoshop from iPhone/Android or other apps on the same machine)Generator Each one of them have a bit different use-case, however ExtendScript is still used in the end for invoking commands on Photoshop.

Relationship between Photoshop scripting layers Primary use-case of Generator is to generate data or connect to resources from inside Photoshop, which is the OUTGOING direction. Your First Generator Plugin Step 0: Install Node.js Go to, download and install Node.js. Node app -f .. Cirrus service for developing end-to-end applications using RTMFP in Flash Player 10. Cirrus:FAQ.

最新Adobe的P2P技术_酷树_CoolTree. Cirrus (previously codename Stratus) 例如一个手机视频程序,允许一个视频用户连接另外在线视频用户,视频音频聊天。


在线测试地址: 离线测试 步骤1: 下载源代码 步骤2: 申请Cirrus developer key 步骤3: VideoPhoneLabs.mxml [Bindable] private var connectUrl:String = "改为你得到的链接地址"; // developer key, please insert your developer key hereprivate const DeveloperKey:String = "改为你得到的Key"; 运行~ Peer-assisted networking using RTMFP groups in Flash Player 10.1. Flash Player 10.1 and Cirrus 2 introduce a host of new features and enhancements to make P2P data flow in Flash Player more efficient and, therefore, more useful in more scenarios.

Peer-assisted networking using RTMFP groups in Flash Player 10.1

The addition of groups is one of the main foundation items that will improve P2P capabilities on the Flash Platform. Groups offer the capability to create virtual groups of multiple Flash Player 10.1 (or Adobe AIR 2) clients communicating efficiently with one another in a number of different ways. A key benefit of all the aforementioned features is true scalability in a P2P scenario without the need for a server, other than helping to establish the proper connections and authorization for group individuals. The following sections outline other key advantages offered by Flash Player 10.1 and Cirrus 2. Network efficiency Using a rendezvous server such as Cirrus 2 enables clients to connect to the P2P overlay network and groups automatically via a server channel.

Secure communications New ways to distribute data.