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Joscha Bach: Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality | AI Podcast #101 with Lex Fridman. Deep learning to translate between programming languages. Migrating a codebase from an archaic programming language such as COBOL to a modern alternative like Java or C++ is a difficult, resource-intensive task that requires expertise in both the source and target languages. COBOL, for example, is still widely used today in mainframe systems around the world, so companies, governments, and others often must choose whether to manually translate their code bases or commit to maintaining code written in a language that dates back to the 1950s. We’ve developed TransCoder, an entirely self-supervised neural transcompiler system that can make code migration far easier and more efficient. Our method is the first AI system able to translate code from one programming language to another without requiring parallel data for training.

We’ve demonstrated that TransCoder can successfully translate functions between C++, Java, and Python 3. Self-supervised training is particularly important for translating between programming languages. Something Went Wrong. Survival Library | Survival Library.


Open Cobalt. Open Cobalt is a free and open source software platform for constructing, accessing, and sharing virtual worlds both on local area networks or across the Internet, without any requirement for centralized servers. The technology makes it easy to create deeply collaborative and hyperlinked multi-user virtual workspaces, virtual exhibit spaces, and game-based learning and training environments that run on all major software operating systems.

By using a peer-based messaging protocol to reduce reliance on server infrastructures for support of basic in world interactions across many participants, Open Cobalt makes it possible for people to hyperlink their virtual worlds via 3D portals to form a large distributed network of interconnected collaboration spaces. Open Cobalt uses the Squeak software environment, which is an open source Smalltalk system freely available for Windows, Mac and Unix. Expected uses[edit] History[edit] In early 2008, and with the support of the Andrew W. Goals[edit] Parliament-Funkadelic. By the early 1980s, Clinton consolidated the collective's multiple projects and continued touring under the names "George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars" or "George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic. " Some former members of Parliament perform under the name "Original P".

Sixteen members of Parliament-Funkadelic were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. The etymology of the term "P-Funk" is subject to multiple interpretations. It has been identified typically as an abbreviation of "Parliament-Funkadelic. " Another suggested definition is "Plainfield Funk", referring to Plainfield, New Jersey, the hometown of the band's original line-up. History[edit] The Parliaments[edit] For more details on this phase of the collective's career, see The Parliaments. Funkadelic and Parliament[edit] Bootsy Collins In the 1975-1979 period, both Parliament and Funkadelic achieved several high-charting albums and singles on both the R&B and Pop charts. Modern day Parliament-Funkadelic[edit] Herbie Hancock - Chameleon (FULL VERSION)


The Prodigy -Warriors dance-hq-full version. All sizes | The Twitterverse 2.0. Tau Music - piano solo. Distributed hash table. Distributed hash tables History[edit] These systems differed in how they found the data their peers contained: Napster, the first large-scale P2P content delivery system to exist, had a central index server: each node, upon joining, would send a list of locally held files to the server, which would perform searches and refer the querier to the nodes that held the results.

This central component left the system vulnerable to attacks and lawsuits. [citation needed]Gnutella and similar networks moved to a flooding query model – in essence, each search would result in a message being broadcast to every other machine in the network. While avoiding a single point of failure, this method was significantly less efficient than Napster. Distributed hash tables use a more structured key-based routing in order to attain both the decentralization of Freenet and gnutella, and the efficiency and guaranteed results of Napster.

Properties[edit] DHTs characteristically emphasize the following properties: and. Unreal Tournament - Epic Wiki. Anonym surfen | link to other sites anonymously. In order to produce a single anonymous link, enter the URL you want to link to and then click on "Generate URL". If you want to anonymize all the external links on your board or homepage, we can generate a script for you to deal with this automatically for all your pages. Enter the Sites for which links shall not be redirected to (e.g. your own) and click on "Generate script". The advantages of anonymizing your external links with Webmasters can use this tool to prevent their site from appearing in the server logs of referred pages as referrer. The operators of the referred pages cannot see where their visitors come from any more.

Detailed instructions for the anonymizing script Once the script is embedded in a website, it redirects all the links via - except for the sites that were excluded when generating the script. only disguises what page a visitor comes from. Got SPAM? I don’t, thanks to GFI Max MailEdge | retrohack. Security is all about adding on layers, like an onion, or an ogre, to establish what is called a defence in depth approach. The more layers of security a bad guy must penetrate, the less likely he will succeed, the more likely you will detect him, and unless you are the specific target of the attack, they may just move on to easier pickings.

Email is often what I like to call a drive-by shooting victim…spam, phishing attacks, and malware are not so much targeted at your company as they are at your users inboxes. In is not personal; they just happened to leave their email.addr out somewhere that got noticed. Exchange systems have a lot of options for screening incoming mail. Forefront for Exchange can be implemented at the edge transport role, Forefront TMG has some layered protections, and even Outlook contributes to the goal of keeping users spam free. Setting it up Reduce the TTL on your MX records to a value that allows you to revert quickly; 300 works well. User Self Service Setup. Best Smooth Jazz (22nd March 2014) host Rod Lucas. Live Streams | radio reddit. Which infinity is larger: the number of planes or the number of points? : askscience. NoSQL. "Structured storage" redirects here. For the Microsoft technology also known as structured storage, see COM Structured Storage.

A NoSQL (often interpreted as Not Only SQL[1][2]) database provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modeled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. Motivations for this approach include simplicity of design, horizontal scaling and finer control over availability. The data structure (e.g. key-value, graph, or document) differs from the RDBMS, and therefore some operations are faster in NoSQL and some in RDBMS. There are differences though, and the particular suitability of a given NoSQL DB depends on the problem it must solve (e.g. does the solution use graph algorithms?).

History[edit] There have been various approaches to classify NoSQL databases, each with different categories and subcategories. A more detailed classification is the following, by Stephen Yen:[9] Performance[edit] Examples[edit] Graph[edit] Friend Within - The Trouble. Energy Courses. OCW Scholar. FAQ: OCW Scholar. Solar cell research. There are currently many research groups active in the field of photovoltaics in universities and research institutions around the world. This research can be divided into three areas: making current technology solar cells cheaper and/or more efficient to effectively compete with other energy sources; developing new technologies based on new solar cell architectural designs; and developing new materials to serve as light absorbers and charge carriers.

Silicon processing[edit] One way of reducing the cost is to develop cheaper methods of obtaining silicon that is sufficiently pure. Silicon is a very common element, but is normally bound in silica, or silica sand. Processing silica (SiO2) to produce silicon is a very high energy process - at current efficiencies, it takes one to two years for a conventional solar cell to generate as much energy as was used to make the silicon it contains. Nanocrystalline solar cells[edit] Thin-film processing[edit] [edit] Polymer processing[edit] MrSuicideSheep. Study Finds Random Electrical Current May Help Folks Learn Math. Mathemati-phobes rejoice. You may one day swap coffee and cramming for a trusty set of head-mounted electrodes. According to a team of researchers, hailing from the UK and Austria, non-invasive electrical brain stimulation may improve math learning.

However, the results, while intriguing, require a few requisite grains of salt: The trial was small, and as yet, there is no proven physiological explanation. The technique, called transcranial random noise stimulation (TRNS), sends weak electrical impulses racing between electrodes attached to the forehead. An early study using the technique suggested TRNS works by stimulating the brain’s ability to generate and propagate electrical potential, thus making it easier to forge new neural pathways. The five day experiment tested shallow cognitive processing—students memorizing their times tables, for example—and deep cognitive processing, or the ability to learn a mathematical principle and apply it to solve a novel problem. SuperheroYou | Boost Your Brainpower.


Movement. Code. Web development. Higher-Order Perl. PDF, Let Me Count the Ways… In this post, I show how basic features of the PDF language can be used to generate polymorphic variants of (malicious) PDF documents. If you code a PDF parser, write signatures (AV, IDS, …) or analyze (malicious) PDF documents, you should to be aware of these features. Official language specifications are interesting documents, I used to read them from front to back. I especially appreciate the inclusion of a formal language description, for example in Backus–Naur form. But nowadays, I don’t take the time to do this anymore. While browsing through the official PDF documentation, I took particular interest in the rules to express lexemes. Building a test file Before I show some examples, let’s build a test PDF file that will start the default browser and navigate to a site each time the document is opened. Opening a web page from a PDF file can be done with an URI action, like this: This is the same type of object used in the malicious mailto PDF files.

Name representation Or #55#52#49. Networks. In mathematical terms, a network is a graph in which the nodes and edges have values associated with them. A graph is defined as a pair of sets , where is a set of nodes (vertices or points within the graph) labelled and is a set of edges (links (vi, vj ) that connect pairs of elements vi, vj within ). The degree to which the nodes of a network are directly connected is called connectivity. Is the number of edges and is the number of nodes in the network, the following equation is used; The degree of a node in a network is the number of edges or connections to that node (Newman 2003).

Shortest average path length The average path length, ( ) of a network is the average number of edges, or connections between nodes, that must be crossed in the shortest path between any 2 nodes (Watts 2003). Where is the minimum distance between nodes i and j. The diameter of a network is the longest shortest path within a network. A common property of many social networks is cliques. Consisting of the set of nodes. Mind Map - Index. Visualizing Hash Functions. I've been working on some static visualizations of hash functions, starting with SHA1 and MD5 (images here and here , respectively). The two sample images show the process of computing the respective hash functions on the input "denny" (with ASCII encoding -- i.e., the input in hex is "64656E6E79"). A portion of the MD5 image is included below: Notes about these two particular algorithms and their visualizations: Both algorithms are mostly defined in terms of operations on 32-bit "words", which essentially means 32-bit integers.

They define the input/output conversion from sequences of bits/bytes to words, but this step is not covered in the diagrams. Probably the most confusing thing if you examine them in detail is that SHA1 uses a big-endian conversion from 4 bytes to 1 word while MD5 uses little-endian. See Appendix A for more. If you're curious about any other details of MD5 or SHA1, the specs are fairly readable, hopefully even more so with the diagrams to follow along with. Baking Pi - Operating Systems Development. This course has not yet been updated to work with the Raspberry Pi models B+ and A+. Some elements may not work, in particular the first few lessons about the LED.

It has also not been updated for Raspberry Pi v2. Welcome to Baking Pi: Operating Systems Development! Course by Alex Chadwick. You can now help contribute to this tutorial on GitHub. This website is here to guide you through the process of developing very basic operating systems on the Raspberry Pi! This course takes you through the basics of operating systems development in assembly code. Rather than leading the reader through the full details of creating an Operating System, these tutorials focus on achieving a few common tasks separately. 1 Requirements 1.1 Hardware In order to complete this course you will need a Raspberry Pi with an SD card and power supply. 1.2 Software In terms of software, you require a GNU compiler toolchain that targets ARMv6 processors. 2 Lessons.

MapReduce. Overview[edit] MapReduce is a framework for processing parallelizable problems across huge datasets using a large number of computers (nodes), collectively referred to as a cluster (if all nodes are on the same local network and use similar hardware) or a grid (if the nodes are shared across geographically and administratively distributed systems, and use more heterogenous hardware). Processing can occur on data stored either in a filesystem (unstructured) or in a database (structured).

MapReduce can take advantage of locality of data, processing it on or near the storage assets in order to reduce the distance over which it must be transmitted. "Map" step: Each worker node applies the "map()" function to the local data, and writes the output to a temporary storage. MapReduce allows for distributed processing of the map and reduction operations. Another way to look at MapReduce is as a 5-step parallel and distributed computation: Logical view[edit] Map(k1,v1) → list(k2,v2) Examples[edit] Design Patterns.

It has been highly influential to the field of software engineering and is regarded as an important source for object-oriented design theory and practice. More than 500,000 copies have been sold in English and in 13 other languages. The authors are often referred to as the Gang of Four (GoF).[1] History[edit] Introduction, Chapter 1[edit] Chapter 1 is a discussion of object-oriented design techniques, based on the authors' experience, which they believe would lead to good object-oriented software design, including: clients remain unaware of the specific types of objects they use, as long as the object adheres to the interfaceclients remain unaware of the classes that implement these objects; clients only know about the abstract class(es) defining the interface Use of an interface also leads to dynamic binding and polymorphism, which are central features of object-oriented programming. The authors admit that delegation and parameterization are very powerful but add a warning: Formatting[edit]

Copyright Does Not Exist. What is Bitcoin? - We Use Coins. Xin Che Jian: a Hackerspace in Shanghai. Recyclebot v2.2. RetroShare. Tor Project: Anonymity Online. Phreaking. About Darknet. CrackingForum - Cracking Downloads, Cracking Tutorials, Premium Accounts.

DCOM Server Process Launcher.


Wikiversity. Courses. Free Online Course Materials | MIT OpenCourseWare. Creative. Media. Derivative. Random. Stuff. Lance. Gaming. Dive Into HTML5. Prototype v1.7.1 API documentation | Event.observe. C# Tutorials (C#) Learn HTML5 - Game Development Course Online. Design Patterns Library. Nine-board Tic Tac Toe. Easylearntutorial. Hardware. Node types. Welcome to X3DOM — X3DOM 1.4.0 documentation. 0.1.1. X3D-Edit 3.3 Authoring Tool for Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics. Getting Started with Three.js | Aerotwist. Bamboo & Organic Cotton Plain T shirt: Clothing. IEEE Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, and Science News.

Smoke control, ventilation, solar shading & climate control experts - Colt International. Declarative 3D for the Web Architecture Community Group. Operator Precedence - JavaScript. Swarm-dpl - A transparently scalable distributed programming language. Swarm: Distributed Computation in the Cloud. FANTASY / REALITY | Glorious Trainwrecks. The Innovation of Loneliness. 50 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels That Everyone Should Read. Moloko - Eleven Thousand Clicks - Concert. Ready Player One. Frameworks For Collaborative Works | Collaboration. | First Person Chat Network | Collaboration.

Cyberspace/Metaverse/asset portability API | Collaboration. 3D Javascript library for rendering HTML? | Oculus General Development. Game Engines · bebraw/jswiki Wiki. Demoscene. Edit this Fiddle. Random Boolean Networks. Anti-pattern. The Disasters of War.