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Intenzivnější než předpokládané dopady změny klimatu

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Catastrophic failure of South American Ice Age dam changed Pacific Ocean circulation and climate. The catastrophic release of fresh water from a vast south American lake at the end of the last Ice Age was significant enough to change circulation in the Pacific Ocean according to research published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports today, Friday 12 February 2016.

Catastrophic failure of South American Ice Age dam changed Pacific Ocean circulation and climate

The study, led by Professor Neil Glasser from Aberystwyth University, reveals that the lake, which was about one third the size of Wales, drained several times between 13,000 and 8,000 years ago, with devastating consequences. At its high point the lake extended over 7,400km2, held 1500km3 of water and occupied a basin which now contains Lago General Carrera in Chile and Lago Buenos Aires in Argentina. Held back by a dam formed by a large ice sheet, the lake drained rapidly as the ice sheet shrank in size.

Rising Sea Levels Shown To Slow Down Earth's Rotation. With global temperatures increasing at a truly unprecedented rate, glaciers and ice sheets are melting, causing sea levels to begin to swallow up cities and islands across the world.

Rising Sea Levels Shown To Slow Down Earth's Rotation

A new study published today in Science Advances confirms that changing sea levels also affect the rotation of the Earth. How the Drought Is Changing California Forever. Cambria, a seaside hamlet of vacation homes and wine bars, offers a glimpse of how far Californians must go to conserve water as the most populous U.S. state struggles through the worst drought in its history.

How the Drought Is Changing California Forever

Residents take pails into the shower to capture runoff, then empty them into toilet tanks. Others rarely flush. Once-verdant lawns have yellowed. Residents in this community of 6,000 midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles now use 32 gallons (121 liters) a day on average, less than half than before the drought began in 2011. Mathematical Modelling of Plankton–Oxygen Dynamics Under the Climate Change. Vlna veder zabila v Pákistánu přes 120 lidí. Vedra v Indii zabila už 1700 lidí, nemocnice jsou přeplněné. Jde o nejhorší vlnu veder za posledních 20 let, skutečný počet obětí bude daleko vyšší, než uvádějí oficiální údaje.

Vedra v Indii zabila už 1700 lidí, nemocnice jsou přeplněné

Dillí – Více než 1700 mrtvých si jen za poslední týden vyžádala vlna veder, která sužuje Indii. Jde o nejvyšší počet obětí extrémního horka, jaký byl v zemi zaznamenán za posledních 20 let, uvedla dnes agentura AFP. Nejhůř je na tom stát Ándhrapradéš. The 9 limits of our planet … and how we’ve raced past 4 of them. Johan Rockström says humanity has already raced past four of the nine boundaries keeping our planet hospitable to modern life.

The 9 limits of our planet … and how we’ve raced past 4 of them

Writer John Carey digs into the “planetary boundary” theory — and why Rockström says his isn’t, actually, a doomsday message.We’ve been lucky, we humans: For many millennia, we’ve been on a pretty stable — and resilient — planet. As our civilizations developed, we’ve transformed the landscape by cutting down forests and growing crops. We’ve created pollution, and driven plants and animals extinct. News - Ingenieursbureau Witteveen+Bos. A major coastal protection project in Jakarta, Indonesia, officially kicked off on 9 October 2014.

News - Ingenieursbureau Witteveen+Bos

The first pile for a new seawall was sunk, marking the start of work on the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) project, which is aimed at countering the effects of soil subsidence and rising sea levels. A Dutch consortium led by engineering and consultancy firms Witteveen+Bos and Grontmij prepared the master plan for this unique hydraulic engineering and urban development project.

The urban design plan was created by design firm KuiperCompagnons, the economic feasibility of the project was analysed by the financial and economic consultancy firm Ecorys, and the hydraulic analyses were performed by research institute Deltares. Local partners are also involved in the project. Zima bez sněhu, náhlé povodně. Oceány mění počasí i v Česku. Mega-Droughts Will Severely Threaten Western U.S. By 2100.

It was announced in December that California is currently experiencing the worst drought in 1,200 years.

Mega-Droughts Will Severely Threaten Western U.S. By 2100

Looking ahead to the end of the century, conditions don’t look like they’re going to improve. A new open access paper published in the journal Science Advances describes how carbon emissions and a changing climate threatens to bring unprecedented drought conditions to the western states and Great Plains by the end of the century. Pentagon: global warming will change how US military trains and goes to war.

Global warming is changing the way the US trains for and goes to war – affecting war games, weapons systems, training exercises, and military installations – according to the Pentagon.

Pentagon: global warming will change how US military trains and goes to war

The defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, will tell a high-level meeting of military leaders on Monday that the Pentagon is undertaking sweeping changes to operation systems and installations to keep up with a growing threat of rising seas, droughts, and natural disasters caused by climate change. “A changing climate will have real impacts on our military and the way it executes its missions,” Hagel wrote in his introduction to a Pentagon report out today. “We are considering the impacts of climate change in our war games and defence planning scenarios.” But with Monday’s report, climate change moved from potential threat to an immediate factor in a wide range of operational and budgeting decisions. War games scenarios would now factor in floods or storms instead of assuming optimal conditions, said Goodman.